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  Archive Seeds Deleted at 141k Space Screens Freeze Dry Accessory

Deleted again. Shit gets so old. Time to start this youtube channel I guess.

Seems fair to me. I've changed my mind. Isnt that what arguing with someone is about? Changing their mind. Y'all win, so lets do this damn thing!!! Haha

More heat from the phenohunt #archiveseedbank

Incredible resin on this one. I forgot to look at the tag but just look at that beast! No marlon blando stalky prentendica beaster resin over here!! Real juicy trichomes not a buncha stalky white shit on a purple nugget. #nofilter

Some really juicy resins forming on this #lostcause (amnesia haze x dosidos), selections for our partners over at @connected.california Zero haze smell in this one. Smells like over ripe sour d strawberry #smuckers on top an incensey chem cookie funk. The resin is that super tacky visible trichome on the finger type, gonna wash amazing I bet. #archiveseedbank

Clones on clones on clones.. always on deck @archive.portland #archiveseedbank

Lil something new at 6 weeks. Cant wait to show off the more than 300 phenotypes from this rounds hunt! Some serious bangers in here. A couple old school mashups that Ive been waiting 10 years for something to combine right with them. #onthehunt #tunnelvision

New line presale going on @artizenshop and many other retailers. #archiveseedbank

@vmrcaregiver17 - uncured, freshly dry-trimmed island girl smells bright like the ocean, salt water taffy, sweet plumerias, and a mellow tart hazy gas.
island girl (malawi x (95’ nl5 x haze f2) x (sensi star x molokai frost)) x dosidos bred by @archiveseeds selected and grown by @smallworldfarm in vermont.
#vtcannabis #vtmmj #vtcraftcannabis #archiveseedbank #artizenseedshop #smallworldfarm #islandgirl #malawi #sensistar #molokaifrost #dosidos #mouthstain #tropicalterps #shootraw #mediumformat #hasselblad #hassyglass #southendsessions #theregoestheblock #btvloudpacks

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