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Ashley Ray  Taking in all of RVA (and photographing it as I go). In love with COTU beer.


When you already have @eatsmartrva in the fridge for lunch but you pop into @redcappatisserie and are offered soup, you have that delicious cup of broccoli cheddar for breakfast! Look for Red Cap soups all fall and winter!

I just can’t stand how sweet she is!!!!!!!!!

“I... the royal we, you know, the editorial...” #BathrobeBash #cotubrew #ElDuderino

Bathrobed up and ready to go! Who’s coming to the Bathrobe Bash tonight?

We ran out of pickle juice and this guy was all... no problem! He pulled out a baggie of his own pickles and then shared some with another runner!

Slinging that juice at the Richmond Marathon today!!! #artisanpickleclub #picklejuice #picklelovers

Fall feels. 🍁

Pickles for brunch? Hell yes.

Happy Halloween! #pinball

The best. We definitely made Halloween great again.

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