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  It's been one year since we lost 22 angels☁ We will never forget you, we love you and thank you for guiding Ari and us ♡🌈👼 Love wins🙏

the struggle is real

we will never let that smile to be stolen again🙏🐝💡

22.05.2017 🥀
comment 🐝 for our angels

this is so sweet🐝🙏☁ owner: @arianagrandedolll

i just saw how some selenators or mendes army or beliebers changed their profile picture into this picture, so i want to thank to all the fandoms out there who changed their profile pictures or they post it just to support us and everyone involved, this is truly emotional so we, arianators, thank y'all who support and understand us and ari🙏🐝☁

somewhere over the rainbow🌈

my people

raindrops is that you? 👀☁
(idk if the 1st one is called "feel it" its just my guess so stop)

i can't choose between B n C😻
*ps i wanted to add Coachella too but i can add only 4 videos on college :')

ƃuᴉɯoɔ sᴉ ʇɥƃᴉl ǝɥʇ

¿ssǝɹp llopʎqɐq ɥɔᴉɥʍ


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