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Ariana Grande 💧  💙✿ Hey y'all Moses here. I love singing. ✿🌫 Posting Ariana pics ☁️✿ Follow if you're obsessed with Ariana!💫

Hey guys. I’m very sorry but please don’t expect many posts from me for a while. Ily guys with all my heart. I just won’t post as often. I’ll be okay. As Ariana says. To just keep breathing. Ily all very much and I wanna hug all of you so tight. #arianagrande

@deemthacreator and @arianagrande smile is my whole world.😩💕#arianagrande #gainpost

QUICK. Comment the the first Ariana song that pops into your head right now. Mine is bad decisions. #arianagrande

I’m craving Starbucks so badly I haven’t had something from there in a MINUTE. #arianagrande #starbucks

Please take all the time you need! Thank you for letting us know you’ll be taking a break. I love u so much💙 #arianagrande @arianagrande

THEY SO GORGEOUS OH MY GOD #arianagrande #gainpost

Goodnight everyone💕 #arianagrande #gainpost

Hi everyone💜hope your day is going well. I’m off to work now! #arianagrande #gainpost

Guys... let it be. It’s her personal life let her focus on what she has to focus on. We’re here for you @arianagrande just take care of yourself please. #arianagrande

What time is it where you guys live? It’s 6:45pm here. #arianagrande #gainpost

When you see someone you know in public but really don’t want to get in a convo with them. #arianagrande #gainpost

Shorty you can get blazed💡⚡️#arianagrande #gainpost

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