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Aradia Naware  Mistress of a Menagerie of Mystical Makings. Divinely Inspired Designs from a Fiber & Wire Artist. Priestess. Oracle. Healer. WOC. Pan. Queer Femme.

Joining @myteaandbrie for some #Saturdaynightcraftalong .
Humble beginnings...
It's funny that the yarn I picked was named Shuri. I didn't even put it together at first. She was one of my favorites from Black Panther I loved her brilliance!
Finally working with some @madtoshtutorials (this is the third colorway I've added to my stash). .
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So every now and again I'll enter a giveaway because they're awesome...and I'd love to het my hands on the poison print and Weird Sisters tote by @mlm_illustration so fingers crossed y'all!!

While I generally rest on the weekends I decided to sort out a little paperwork that needs doing.

I found a little note on a post it reminding me about my planner and I realized I didn't gwt around to sharing it with y'all!

Each year I get my Fanklin Covey planner inserts. I favor the two pages per day because I write a lot. I use it as my viz planner and it helps me keep on track (provided I use it). Do you use a planner? What kind?

And finally done!!!!! My first bit of bobbin lace jewelry, my first design!

I'm so proud of this and I love how it turned out!

#AradiasHand #AradiaGoseling #bobbinlace #lacejewelry

And finally all ready for the post!

I've had this shawl made for a few years so it's good to see it finally finding a forever home!

#AradiasHand #AradiaGoseling

I should have started on this already but I might have gotten distracted shopping for rolled hem presser feet (see that black cloth in the top left corner...that's one of my hankies!!!) This is the third bracelet like this, and me making sure there is no waste of excess thread. The bracelets will be making their way to the shop in the coming weeks once they are finished.

#AradiasHand #AradiaGoseling #bobbinlace #lacemaker #lacemaking

Working on the listing copy for this fluffy beauty today. Still at the beginning stages choosing a name and mullibg on the energy of each set of letters.

Name Advising is something I do with my business Danaus Divine. (You can learn more here:!) This cowl has some wild and frenetic energy, so I'm hoping for a combination that uses 5, but I'll settle for 3.

#AradiasHand #AradiaGoseling #DanausDivine #numerology

Waiting on an oil change so it's sock time. Hopefully I can get a couple of rounds in begore I get Lucy back.

I'm at the point of the sock where it's just knitknitknitknitknit!

I did try the sock on for a second after the heel was placed, but I will wait to assess the fit until it's fully done.

#AradiasHand #AradiaGoseling #sockknitting #toeupsocks #magicloop

HEELS PLACED!!! Now in to the longest part...knitting till I run out of yarn!

Since this yarn is new to me I can't be sure how long these will be. But as is my wont I will be making them as long as possible!

#AradiasHand #AradiaGoseling #sockknitting #toeupsocks #magicloop

Woohoo finally back to join @myteaandbrie for the #Saturdaynightcraftalong !!! It's been a couple of weeks since I've really picked up my socks. I've been spending most of my time working on my bobbin lace.

My first heel is placed. Working on my second one right now! Then it's back to two at a time!

#AradiasHand #AradiaGoseling #sockknitting #toeupsocks #magicloop

Ready to work on a third lace bracelet. Definitely overestimated the thread winding...but that's okay because it means more bracelets for sale!

#AradiasHand #AradiaGoseling #bobbinlace #lacemaker #lacemaking

Nearly three quarters done with this one! As you can see I've got the first one done & hanging out with me.

I opted to go sit for a bit of making at @danceswithwoolrva, so hopefully I'll be able to get this all finished by the weekend!

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