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You drew the night sky, and now you have been called back to it. @astralizey a light has gone from my life. I will never see a full moon or pick out a constellation with my eyes without seeing you. You deserved so much more than the twenty-eight years the world gave you. It isn’t enough. You gave us all so much and got so little in return. I’m so sorry. I love you so much. 🌑

Casual fetish vibes the other day 🖤 (Holster is @beezeescloset since so many of you asked 💋)

Loose skin is normal. Stretch marks are normal. My whole body jiggles when I dance, and that’s normal. I model, and I so automatically go into “flattering” poses when I take photos - the poses that minimise the cellulite and fat and scars and stretch marks and loose skin and all of these wonderful, NORMAL things that society condemns so it can profit from our insecurity. But it’s important that you see all of me, not just “model” me. I genuinely love my stretch marks and loose skin. And it takes time, but you can too.

Today I watched a video of someone attractive dancing and my glasses literally fogged up. I am a cartoon. That is all. ✌🏻

Tell me a secret in the comments! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Aaaaand now I’m sick 🤒 Next week has to be better, right? Here’s a snap from my set with @atlanticlungs out NEXT MONTH!!! Also what do you think of my fresh hair by @peach_industries at @mermaid_salon_ here? I have an appointment coming up soon... should I go back to this beaut pink and purple look or try something different? Let me know in the comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Hey frienderinos. On Monday I got a lot of super stressful news all at once, and between that, my little kiddo having his first ever cough and me having PMS (which for me means headaches, anxiety and insomnia) I’ve not been coping too well, which is why I didn’t post yesterday and why I haven’t been responding to messages (but will be doing my best to get back to as many people as possible today) ✌🏻 I appreciate the patience of those who have been patient and those who have been sending me new messages for every five hours I don’t respond: You gotta remember that we’re real people with real lives and we don’t just exist inside Instagram and live to respond to you. (Alternatively, if you messaged me more than a week ago with something important and I haven’t responded please bug me so I see your message - my messages move so quickly and it can be easy to miss a lot.) Sorry for the boring housekeeping-esque post! Let’s make it interesting: if you got this far, leave me ANY question in the comments and I’ll answer it!! Q&A time! ✌🏻

I’m a pretty healthy critter, but diet Red Bull has to be my big unhealthy vice - what’s yours? ☕️ (side note: it is so hard to take a selfie wearing glasses without glare ruining it)

I know ~sexy photos get more likes, but I also know that so many of you appreciate genuine insight into my life. This is my son Eli! He’s sixteen months old, he’s the most crazily perceptive baby any of his family has ever known, he calls geckos “kk” and is so excited when he sees them, and is growing seven teeth at once right now, which is why he’s not smiling here. ❤️

Oldie but these high waisted knickers by @wearesilentarrow are 10/10 cute and I wanted to put them in your face again ✌🏻

What I actually look like on a standard night ✌🏻

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