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So there’s this man we knew, Jimbo, who lived on our block, across the street with his door unlocked. Very much like his heart, it was open to anyone who came to visit. I was only two years old when we met, like many of the kids on Garetal street, Jim was there for every life event: communions, quinceañeras, graduation, games, and the beginning of our adult lives. He took many of us and our families to the lake, to a play, to a game, took us to eat real good; most importantly we knew we could find our Jimbo on the porch smoking a cigar. He called us his girls his shweety and named all of our homes a ranch: Espinoza Ranch, Canchola Ranch, etc. All our dads came home from work and almost immediately went to Jimbos. When we wanted an ice cream we could walk in and grab one and sneak out, not that it really mattered. He scolded me like I was his own when I got tattoos and I was just as scared to show him as I was to show my mom. Jimbo wouldn’t let me give him a painting, he had to pay for a study. This loss is so hard to realize, and our street will never be the same. I hope we can do justice to your legacy and all the stories that came with it. Rest easy Jimbo 🖤 #rip #garetalstreet

Teaching is said to be such an admirable job, yet the compensation says otherwise! This keeps future educators away from the teaching profession so they can survive! What happens when our teachers are worn out or can’t afford their livelihood?! #fightforfairwages #smallerclasses #morenurses #morecounselors #UTLA #istandwithteachers ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

This weeks farmers market bouquet 🌷#sundayvibes #selfcaresundays

In case you missed it: Scarlet Isabella donated your donations of socks and blankets to a safe house for youth who are homeless due to abuse, trafficking, or were kicked out because of their LGBTQ status. There are plenty of Covenant Homes around the country that you too can donate to. Be still my heart and keep fighting the good fight bugs 💙🥰 #itsascarletworld #covenanthome #lgbtqyouth #homelessyouth #communitystartsathome #ssb #girlshavetherighttofightsocialjustice

A few weeks ago, scarlet did some minor drag with lipstick. She gave herself a beard and mustache to look like her Tio Vinny 🥰😂 can’t wait to make these kinds of memories with her future cousin 💙 #itsascarletworld #tiachely #babym #primahermana

“All of which woman is capable”
“Inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold”
The first quote is from my high school, and the second from my work place. Feminism is encouragement to reach our goals, to break the glass ceilings, and to fight the systems that wish femme identifying people to stay and feel oppressed. It is an honor to witness and now create teaching moments for our youth to talk about. To teach our boys that girls and women are capable and they are strong, smart, and bold. To teach our girls that they are not limited to what is in front of them. This is a passion I live for! The day that we have to stop convincing others that we are worthy is when this sexist war will be over. FIGHT THE MACHISMO POWERS! BREAK GLASS CEILINGS! #herstory #ssb #girlshavetheright #feminismisnotadirtyword

Working with life as I process death 🌱☠️ #urbangarden #propagation #succulentpropagation

2018: we gained a new brother-in-law, waiting for our new niece/nephew to arrive, we saw friends get married (near and far), grew professionally, learned more about each other, found solutions that work for us, and most excitingly we got engaged! All in all, this year was about our growing family/friends and their growing tribes. We couldn’t feel more loved and connected to our loved ones, thank you for your continued support 💙🍺 #happynewyear #reflection #chenteychely

Bestie Girl #losmeads

Finally got to spend Christmas with the Meads 🎄🎁 #chenteychely #sonnystrong #losmeads #family

Christmas in Missouri 🎄#chenteychely #sonnystrong

Tia Chely kicked off her winter break by getting snuggles from Chanthavy 💙 #tiachely #winterbreak #chanthavymaat

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