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Hanan Faiz ➖حنان فايز  🌘Yoga teacher ૐ 🌗Hoakalei Yoga Studio- Jeddah 🌖Come back to you Upcoming retreats Bali August

We have let our awareness shift from the world around us to the world we have made.
The world of maps, strategy, deadlines & end points.
We have forgotten how to live in the world around us...

Join us this August in heavenly Bali. Learn how to connect inwards. That’s where all the healing begins...
Check out the highlights above for our last retreat. DM me your email to receive an info pack📩.


You are alive.
Feel the air fill your lungs & the sun kiss your cheek. These things are enough & enough is everything...
• • •


Transformation is sometimes painful but it doesn’t mean you’re falling apart; your just falling into something different, with a new capacity to be something beautiful...


Don’t act like you aren’t enough for this...


In my Hoakalei pants in black.
DM to order.

Acknowledge the pattern & trends. It’s all for a reason. The deepest healing happens when we understand why this pattern is there in the first place...


...Inspiring... The word triggers me. I was sharing with Haytham a few nights ago I don’t like it when people tell me “you are inspiring”. He looked at me with a confused face & asked me why? & of course he assumed that I don’t think I’m inspiring or that I’m lacking confidence.
The truth is I’m not more inspiring than you are. I’m not more special than you are. Maybe my asana seems good (Asana; meaning yoga poses). & trust me I know that inspiring is a beautiful thing. The fact I can inspire people to try yoga or put on their seatbelt or whatever it is that I’m sharing is fantastic.
I would rather have someone try a class even if they are scared. Or explore anything new out of their comfort zone & share it with me.
Things that are more actionable.
If I simply inspire you to watch me through this screen. What’s so special about that?
You watching me telling yourself “I will never be able to do that” or “ her life seems so peaceful”. FYI both are not true.
Give it some thought do the people you think inspire you really do?...


...يوميات حنان…
ماكنت احب يوم الجمعة زمان كان يذكرني بأيام ما كان الجمعة اخر يوم في الويكند والسبت مدرسة. وماكنت أحب المدرسة.
يوم الجمعة الأن من احلى أيام الاسبوع. اليوم الوحيد الي اقدر اشبع فيه نوم. ولمن اصحى عندي احساس راحة وسكون. اقوم من السرير على مهلي بدون استعجال. اشرب مويتي الي اكون معبيتها في زمزمية النحاس وبرضوا اشرب عل مهلي وأنا جالسة واسمح لنفسي احس بالمويا وهي بترويلي عطشي. مرة أحب المويا.
واستحمام يوم الجمعة غير. اتخيل انو كل شئ ضايقني، نرفزني، عصبني بيروح مع المويا. واتصور صفحة بيضاء وسبحان الله بعدها بدقايق أحس اني مرة خفيفة.
عندي طقوس يوم الجمعة ابخر البيت بالصندل او المستكة او اللبان.
و أفتح الشباك شويا و وأنا ببخر اتصور أنو الاشياء السلبية الي ممكن تكون صارت من مناقشات حادة او مخانقة او حزن يطلع من البيت وكمان ستديو اليوجا، يمكن تتصورو الناس الي تيجي و تفك عن نفسها في المساحة الحقيقية دي. مرة أحب البخور بأنواعها.
زوجي يصحى بعدي أتاكد انو على قد ما اشبع نوم اصحى قبله. اسمح لنفسي انو أكوّن مساحة لنفسي لحنان. احياناً المساحة دي تكون ساعة واحياناً تكون ٥ دقايق. بس المساحة دي الي تخليني استوعب وأحب نفسي عشان اقدر اعطي غيري. الواقع هو مانقدر نعطي من مكان فارغ لازم يكون عندي عشان أعطي. لو اعطيت من مكان فارغ اولاً ما حيكون حقيقي وثانياً بأستنزف نفسي. وأومن إ نو ولا أهل ولا شريك ولا اصحاب حيكونوا يبغوا يستنزفونا. إحنا نستنزف نفسنا ونلوم الاخرين. بس لمن نستوعب انو القرار في يدنا حياتنا تتغير. مرة أحب موضوع حب النفس. شغوفة فيه جداً.
نرجع ليوم الجمعة. اسقي الزرع وايوا اتكلم معاهم أسلم عليهم واقلهم قد ايش هما حلوين وأنوا مابستخدمهم لغرض الزينة بس، أنوا هما يعطوا حياة لبيتنا. مرة احب الخضار.
ناكل اكل مرة نحبه. يا نخرج يا نطبخ يعتمد على مزاجنا. بس ناكل بنفس مرة حلوة. مرة نحب الأكل.
مو شرط نشوف ناس في مرات نقعد في البيت كأننا بنشحن نفسنا. نعمل الاشياء الي تسعدنا و هواياتنا.
كل ما بأكبر كل ما حبي لليوم هذا بيزيد. احس انو اليوم هذا ارجع فيه لنفسي عشان اقدر ابداء الاسبوع الجديد مشحونة وأقدر اعطي العالم من من مكان حقيقي.
أحبك يا يوم الجمعة…جمعة مباركة على الجميع


Feels great to be back home in Jeddah.
Bali was so good to us. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. The retreat was a success. The people we met along the way were true blessings. The food we ate nourished us. The conversations we had enlightened us. The whole experience was so refreshing. I feel reenergized & so ready for Ramadan... Our August retreats are officially open for bookings.
First retreat (FEMALES ONLY)
4th Aug- 11th Aug
Second retreat (MALES & FEMALES)
11th Aug - 18th Aug..
To receive an info pack DM me your email & I’ll send you all the details you need to know ✨...


Born in Hawaii.
Hawaiian father & Caucasian mother. The eldest of 5.
Her Hawaiian name is Hoakalei her English name is Danadine. She left the islands when her parents separated to move with her mother to the main land. It wasn’t easy leaving paradise island to a completely different environment & not having the tight family bond she once had. Time passed. She is 16 & meets the love of her life. A young Saudi man that is in Indiana to study. They both knew they had something special. They got married. She moves to Saudi Arabia. Was it scary yes but love makes you do crazy things & she trusted the feeling inside her telling her this is your path. Jeddah becomes her new home. She learns Arabic. She adapts. They have their first child now is she is “Om Hanan”. She taught me everything I know. She made sure I never felt confused & that I belonged to both worlds. She taught me kindness & never to judge a book by its cover.
But the most important lesson she taught me is to love unconditionally. Which is the meaning of Hoakalei. Happy Mother’s Day.
love you mom...

I named my Yoga studio after her. I also have the honor of sharing her name. In Hawaiian tradition the eldest daughter is named after the mother to keep the blood line strong. How blessed am I ✨

Water temple visit was amazing. Didn’t have the chance to experience this in my last visit.
So happy that I experienced it this time with these very special women.
When people gather so very humbly around water. To cleanse, to heal, to shed, to ask for blessings. It just proves what simple creatures we are. We don’t need very much.
Our next retreat is in August. DM me your email if you would like to receive an info pack✨...


Half way through our Bali retreat🌴. It has far excessed our expectations.
The weather, resort, staff, food, people. Honestly I wouldn’t change anything...
I feel so blessed to be able to do what I’m doing right now.
Sharing, teaching, enabling & loving. The fact that I wake up each day & teach along side my teachers is a big honor & I can finally say I feel I can enter this space with confidence & infinite gratitude.
To everything that led me here thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you..
For more details about the upcoming retreat DM me your email & I’ll send over the Info pack which contains all the details you need to know.. Love form Bali💜.


Our Bali retreat has started & running on full force. Everyone has made it safe & sound to the magical Ubud 🌴🌴🌴.We kicked it off with a beautiful greet & meet that was full of gratitude the energy in the shala was so powerful. Shortly after we had a soothing restorative yoga class & our yummy vegetarian dinner.
Tomorrow we start our day at 7am with breathing, meditation & yoga.
So much to look forward to.
Feeling so blessed I’m typing this with happy tears running down my face.
I love you Bali. I love you Gaurav & I love you @kate_in_india. I love everyone here. So much love!!...


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