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Happy New Year to everyone around the world.🌎🌍🌏 May God Bless each and everyone of us. May we come together and offer peace, love and kindness. 2017, you were very good to me and I am truly thankful for everyone and everything. Looking forward to another year with my loved ones. God Bless & Thank you to each one of you for the kindness and smiles.🙏 Gezuar Vitin e ri te gjithve. Ju uroj gjith te mirat. Photo credit: Adriatik Berdaku #Thankful #Goodbye2017 #BlessedForAnotherYear #2018

Happy birthday @ermal_hadribeaj 🎉 Love you shum 🤗 Edhe 100 🎉🎉 Blessed to have @theeaglemma & you in my life. #MyBodyGuards 😂 lol jk

...and one more 🙈 🇦🇱 Veshje Tradicionale Shqiptare (traditional Albanian clothing) #WeddingDay #JuneEleven #VeshjeTradicionale #Albania #shqiperia

Happy Independence day Albania 🇦🇱 Urime 28 Nëntorin Shqiperi and congratulations to my husband on being the only professional fighter in United States who represents Albania. #Shqiperi #KuqEzi #AdrianHadribeaj #TheEagle #Albania #mma #ufc #bellator #fighter #TeamHadribeaj #AdrianTheEagleHadribeaj
Photo credit: Vera Camaj

Adriatik Berdaku 📸

***UPDATE*** Goal has been reached. God bless the person who started the GoFundMe [ @miga_c_m ]for the family & everyone else who helped. Together, we can make make positive changes. 🙏 Zoti bekoft kete bote.
#Please take a moment to read/view this post.* With the holidays approaching, it is important that we open our hearts and help those in need. 🙏 Please find it in your hearts to donate to this family who is in desperate need of everyone's help. Every little bit counts. 🙏Thank you & God bless everyone. [Link to donate is in my bio]
"This family of 6 located in Koplik, Albania, lives under a main dumpster where all Shkodra dumps its trash! No home no money and no relatives or government willing to help, my heart goes out to this family and my goal is before Christmas to provide a roof over this family’s head! The family consists of Husband , wife and 4 children the eldest is 7 years old one of the children is handicap unable to walk! The family is fed by whatever they are able to find in the dumpster and sleep all night outside next to the dumpster! As the harsh winter approaches along with the snow all this family has are a few blankets to keep warm no walls no roof NO HOME! So I am asking you find it in your hearts this Christmas to have these children sleep inside a home “their” home for Christmas ! The family was introduced to me by Tv Koplik Albania , I contacted them to get more information which was provided to me by them . Mid december I myself will fly to Albania and along with the staff at Tv Koplik will present the family with the donations and hopefully a home for them! The whole Story will be documented on Tv Koplik. Tv Koplik will mention and publish all the donors along with the amount . Every little bit helps!! God bless" #Albania #donate #helpthoseinneed

Photo Credit: Adriatik Berdaku 📸

Faleminderit shum per artikujt/Thank you for the articles 💕 (Link in the bio) #Albanian

I felt bad 🤷‍♀️ sooo I let him win😌 lol #demek @theeaglemma #mma

Happy birthday Adi 🤗 Cheers 🥂 to many birthdays together full of love, health and happiness. God made you unique, he gave you talents & gifts. And, most importantly, he gave you his love and salvation. May you be blessed this day and throughout your life. Gezuar edhe 100🎂 @theeaglemma

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