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This should be a wake up call for all you guys who pretend to be Pro2A but then poke fun at those who are legitimately concerned about it and say stuff like “Don’t be dumb, they aren’t coming for our guns”. The end game for “common sense gun control” is not safety for our citizens. It is gun confiscation for the safety of our government control. They don’t care about what makes sense otherwise there would be common sense conversations that lead to better security at our schools, mental heath care improvements, etc. And if @repswalwell had his way he would force you to turn in all of your guns and then NUKE anyone who refused to do what they’re told. Sounds like “common sense” to me. -
P.S. How does someone like @repswalwell even get elected to Congress? It’s hard to believe there is a portion of our population that would even vote for this guy. -
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It’s jaw dropping that elected government official, democratic congressman, calls for basically nuking US Citizens who are exercising their 2nd Amendment rights...yes, you read this right and yes, this is true story...
I said this over and over again, elections have consequences people... 🤦‍♂️
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When my wife comes home and finds me building a gun instead of fixing something around the house. 🤣🤣
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So looking forward to this new Ambi Charging Handle from @BattleArms. Totally new design, no roll pins, no pivot points , etc. -
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The Pre-Order is LIVE!!! The RACK™ Ambidextrous Charging Handle (AR15) PREORDER! PACKAGE #1: FOUNDERS EDITION RACK™ Individually Serial Numbered Limited from #001 thru #100 and Custom Laser Engraved “3 LETTER INITIAL” per Customer - $150/ea. PACKAGE #2: EARLY ADOPTER SPECIAL RACK™ at only $125 MSRP with a $26 OFF Coupon Code*! See website for details and disclaimers. #bad #badrack #rackcharginghandle #pewpewpew #rackit #nicerack #rack

@RadianWeapons MultiCam goodness for an awesome cause. These drop on Monday so keep your screens on and your cards ready. They will sell fast. .
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Introducing “The Pioneer” Veteran’s Day Raptor / Talon combo. These feature multi-cam cerakoted handles, clear anodized shaft, and a noteworthy quote from Daniel Boone. We are raising money for @duskin_stephens foundation with the proceeds, look for the combo to drop on Monday! -
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Happy 243rd Birthday Marines!! -
From @magpul
Magpul was founded by a Recon Marine and is proud to count many Marines among our ranks. On this day in 1775, the United States Marine Corps was born. Enjoy that cake, you've earned it. 🇺🇸

From @mrgunsngear
Once again a violent felon scumbag went on a killing rampage in a gun free zone and was able to kill as many innocent, forcibly unarmed, Americans as he wanted to until a good guy with a gun showed up to stop the rampage.

This happened in the "gun free" paradise of California and it appears the "strict gun control" laws were ignored by the killer. Almost like violent criminals don't care about laws?🤔 How many dead innocent Americans is enough for the anti-gun crowd? When will they step out behind their dogmatic illogical views and accept the fact that the only way to stop a madman with a gun is for a good guy with a gun to do so? Madness....
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First test run of the new @CrossMachineTool PCC build. I was pleasantly surprised with how soft it was shooting using the CMT 7.7oz PC Buffer and a .308 Carbine Buffer Spring. Was worried that removing the bcg weight to accommodate the @LawTactical Folder would offset it but it didn’t and ran super smooth. It’s not as smooth as the Hydraulic buffer setup I have in my 9mm SBR but its the next closest thing and I’ve run a ton of different setups in my SBR. @ETSGroup 30rd 9mm Mags run great as always. Really digging the BUIS only too. -
*Note: the CMT lower does not have LRBHO. These are designed to be a top tier looking Billet Set that is affordable.

Not just as a gun owner but as an American citizen, your most powerful ammunition is the ability to VOTE!! Do something epic today and take part in what is considered the most important midterm election of our lifetime. .
Sure it’s inconvenient, sure you could sleep in another 30-45 mins, sure it’s cold outside ... stop making excuses and and make the time to do it. Don’t say “I’ll get to it later today” or “I don’t have time”. Just do it! I personally was up before 6am today, took kids to school and was trying my very best to be one of the first people in my area to vote because I was excited at the opportunity to do so. .
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☠️ MK107 DIABLO ☠️
@PrimaryWeapons MK107 DIABLO Long Stroke Piston in .223 Wylde
@MaximDefense CQB Brace
@RadianWeapons TALON Ambi Safety and RAPTOR Ambi Charging Handle
@BravoCompanyUSA Grip
@AimpointUSA T2
@Geissele Aimpoint Mount
@FortisMfg SHIFT Angled Grip
@ArisakaDefense 600 Series Scout Light and Offset Scout Light
@CloudDefensive Light Control System

💀 𝟗𝐦𝐦 𝐓𝐑𝐔𝐂𝐊 𝐆𝐔𝐍 💀 .
Been working on this new little @CrossMachineTool 9mm PCC Truck Gun this week. Love how it turned out. .
If you’re still reading ... I’m trying out something different for this one. Obviously I used the new CMT 9mm PCC Lower, Billet Upper and 4.25” Handguard. I’m also using the new CMT 7.7oz Pistol Caliber Buffer. What’s different is I’m trying out a .308 Carbine Buffer Spring to see how it does at reducing the recoil. Might not help at all, might be perfect. We shall see. .
Also grabbed some of the new @KCI_USA Glock 33rd and 15rd 9mm Mags. These even have the internal metal reinforcement sleeves like OEM Glock mags have. Looking forward to seeing how well they run.

I got in a set of these from @fixitsticksshooting to add to my range bag. You can never have too many quality tools. Check out this cool video that @Defensemk did for them recently. -
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Our AR Field Maintenance Kit in action!

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