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Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.
-Anne Lamott

She's amazing.

He's home, and I'm so happy. Time apart gives us space to grow, learn and reflect; but there's nowhere I like being like in his arms. This last month has been hard and packed with really new challenges; he's been by my side and carrying me when I wasn't sure how to walk by myself. These next 2.5 months are going to be adventures continuing; there's no one else I would choose to be partnered with forever. I love you Ryan x my champion + best friend. You honor my heart, see my humanness as well as my divine, and love me still with fierce grace, steadfast patience, and brave joy. You're more than I could have ever dreamed of, but God knew, and outdid himself on you my love.

This little bean is a gift to my heart right now, truly. Love is so needed and so good, powerful, and pure... God made it so sweet in such a tiny body haha. @misslildick I loved seeing you this morning.

I'm blessing anyone whose had a heavy week in any capacity. Thank God for Ryan, friends + community. Reshoots are next week for #FightingWithMyFamily I'm so excited to see everyone for a squeeze. :)

Hair flips + blowing kisses. Thank you @grace_loves_lace and @toofaced for an amazing night of bridal beauty!! So blessed to be with this ultimate beauty @ariannaamerica

Little bit of closeness, little bit of smirks, lots and lots of books 📚 #Portlandhunny

It's felt like Ryan & I have been traveling all around lately for work + wedding :) so getting to be with family to celebrate the beautiful Montgomery's wedding in San Diego was so amazing! Thank you @mollyghandbags for the lovely Marty black #mollymuse to go with the evening x it was a blessing to get to meet new family and be a part of celebrating a new marriage beginning!

Hey you bombshell goobers, with your unique and brilliant minds, personal and vibrant gifts, I adore and cannot wait to see your faces again! @ellie_gonsalves @florencepugh @kimbpics #FightingWithMyFamily
This accompanies a constant and solid gratefulness for our awesome and non-Albino director @stephenmerchant@sevenbuckspro@therock • Kevin Mischer • @film4 • our producers • and the amazing crew! • . I'm filled with enthusiasm and thanksgiving for being a part of this!

My most successful submission hold on set of #FightingWithMyFamily . Working with @stephenmerchant and such an awesome team of people was nothing short of a blessing! We worked, we wrestled, we laughed, and we created. Day by day we get to learn how to be fearless and free, every set (literal and figurative) in life is a new opportunity to be so.

What can we say...we go hard in #Portland. Escape rooms are healthy for marriage prep. #weddingerrands

#repost ••• @therock ••• Day 2 of #FightingWithMyFamily was an awesome success! Early, early morning, lots + lots of physical exertion + sandiness (tomorrow we'll be sore for sure!).. but the #Divas (@florencepugh@ellie_gonsalves@kimbpics ) are remarkable women that I'm over the moon to get to spend so much time with. I'm so grateful to get to work alongside such an incredible team of people! The cast + crew alike are absolutely amazing + it's an absolute pleasure to get to work with @stephenmerchant as our director! It has certainly been a year of tons of grounding, heart change, + tough inward revelations, but thank God it was all filled with so much promise + divinely timed purpose. Whoever is seeing this, thank you for being along for the 'ride' in any capacity lol. I've realized it's a blessing to get to share in celebrations, I'm celebrating :). What in life, big or small, is a celebration for you right now? Share it with someone you know will celebrate alongside you :) Forget any lies of comparison, if it's a celebration to you, allow someone to celebrate you too. xx #SevenBucksProductions @sevenbucksprod

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