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ᴀ ǫ ᴜ ᴇ ᴇ ʟ ᴀ ᴢ ᴏ ʟ ʟ  Incredibly grateful lady

We barely drank any wine and soberly laughed until I almost cried in the garage doing nothing but talking funny. Thank you Jesus. Amen. #husband @sirgunnarson #neighbors @awesomertheo and #nappers @josell 📸 by @renew.media 🙌🏼✨

Little to go coffee. Little prayer time this morning to get my head on straight and geared for brilliance. :) Blessing your Monday 🙌🏼👌🏼

Mighty warriors, atmosphere changers, bridges, enforcers, silly ones — identities we’ve always had. We learning to be who we’ve always been.

Life doesn’t have to be about striving to be better than the never ending competition, or reflection. It doesn’t have to be about comparison, or imitation. It does need to be about faith, and action. The smartest voice I know said to me recently, “Babe you think too much. You need more faith.” If that’s you lay down your self-control, pride, or stubbornness, get more faith, and then run to win. ✨
📸 by @renew.media

Sister— you make me smile bigger, dream braver, and believe stronger! When I started my first ever journal 2 years ago, the first thing I ‘wrote’ in it was a sketch of you lol. Obsessive? Maybe lol but the truth is I admire your heart, your loyalty, your drive, and your brilliant love.
Photography by the one and only @yvonnegollphotography


I want to be all in, all the time. Fearless in faith, unstoppable in Truth.
Starting something new today and feeling pumped!! What is something you want to start and just haven’t yet?? 👇🏼Tag a friend to have them answer as well.

Ive realized again yesterday that life will keep moving whether we’re engaged in our true identity or not. I want to be inspired and see others into their true identity. Today begins a new inspiration, and so does each tomorrow. What are you inspired by today?
Pic cred to hubs @sirgunnarson

Mexico • Seeing new places, new homes, new people, making new friends, growing new perspectives. I'm honored and grateful to have come here, & been so welcomed and invited into each new city and location we traveled to. Hearing life stories and dreams from people from all kinds of walks of life is inspiring and fulfilling. Thank you @prana for the opportunity to join your team these 9 days, to see new places, to be moved in love for new people, and new lives in new ways. I know there are so many people who will have to continue to process through, heal from, and try to mend day by day from the tragic effects of the quakes here. My heart and prayers of comfort, unity, love, and aid are with you.
#unitedontdivide #mexico #nofilter

This has been such an adventure of a week so far! 5 flights in 9 days is a new record para mi. Being so close to what happened in Mexico City is both eye, and so heart opening. God be with each family so affected. Let's never forget to kiss our loved ones, appreciate even the strangers we meet, and embrace each day with gratefulness -- we may have something others do not. Rather than being consumed by fear from news, let's be moved in compassion to pray for and do anything we can on behalf of those around our neighborhoods and homes that is needed!

That time you may have let your hair go a little too long and green in the wild. @mariiahzoll You understand, of course. Thinking about dreads on set.. haha

• Happy 2 month anniversary My Love • We are in a new season of adventure, grace, humility, and power. You have continued to love me for all parts of myself, good and bad. You're patient, kind, extraordinary, and a true warrior for us. You teach me how to love greater, and how to love well. I believe in you, and I believe in our story unfolding. Thank you God! We are certainly not perfect - especially me haha - and you are seeing all my flaws, but I choose you and you constantly make me feel chosen. I want to honor you, and celebrate the commitment we made on our wedding day, every day in big or small ways, now and again in every tomorrow. ❤️ Thank you @yvonnegollphotography for blessing us with such incredible memories captured in so many moments ✨📷✨

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