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Out on the town, celebrating our first month xo He encourages me to get grilled cheese while he has steak, reminds me that celebrating blessing is as valuable as honing disciplines, and that above all else- the glory goes up. #UpperWest

1 month in! Arm in arm, smiling at everything we can, learning how to laugh at everything else! Haha. Ryan helps me learn how to express through my 'mess,' and I bring him ice packs for his neck sprain. This is both literal and figurative. :) Marriage is like the ocean. It's powerful, intimidating, & magnificent! It's worth the wait, and the wait is necessary. It's bigger than me on my own, and certainly requires Ryan there with me (He's the stronger swimmer). Undoubtedly. :) I feel good about this analogy. 📷 @yvonnegollphotography

@burgerlounge & The Good Wife only kind of make me happy.
Tussled hair & makeup by the very fresh @jjfreshy from today's shoot.

If you happen to be reading this, I encourage you to name on thing in the comments you're thankful for🤓. I find writing, and speaking thankfulness helps to form tangible gratefulness • Shooting today with @Prana was like eating ice cream and calling it work. I'm feeling overwhelmingly blessed to work with wonderful people. Missing my hubby while he's shooting with another company, but I couldn't be more proud.

When someone across the table says they don't like sauces.

We. Love. This. Woman! She's seen us through every part of our single and coupled journeys. She's championed for Ryan & I, not just together, but first individually from the heart. She's walked, prayed, and encouraged me through the best and toughest times. She's a dancer in the known and the unknown, she lives powerfully and exists humbly. To celebrate her is an honor, to call her friend is even greater so. The people in your life who have helped to change yours, celebrate them :)

Today's work thangs has us like ••• #trunkltd #omodels

In this picture I've mastered the art of illusion. 🌀I've made it appear that I'm convincingly not flexing 🌀 even tho I might be. A little. Very difficult. Don't try at home. #myhusbandmakesmefeelbuff . It's been a busy and awesome work-filled 3 days back and we cannot wait to see what doors are opened! Dream big, work hard, surrender more my friends!

I'm in love with his style. We love reading, taking naps, and wear blue floppy hats. As overwhelmed by gratefulness and excitement as we were to walk into our wedding day, we've also been overwhelmed by the beauty of rest and quality time here away from everything else! Thank you so much everyone who celebrated us, loved on us, and have been a part of our story. To many of you, we cannot wait to see you back at home soon!! Until then, we remain 99% off the grid, and recommend it :)

I Mrs. Him even from 5 feet away....

A normal photo progression 📷

You and I, we as people, walk in and out of new things every day. New chapters, new theories, new understandings, new 'clothes.' We know so much, we've lived so much, but then again we only know what we know, because of course we can't know what we don't know. I don't know a lot. One of my repetitive phrases during most of my conversations of any meaning is, " I don't know a lot, but from the little that I do.." This preface continues to be only more true every time I say it. There truly is quite a bit I know, from life, from my story and past, but there's also so much that I don't. Each day I'm learning to count it as gold when I learn something else I realize I've never know before; about myself, about my fears, about my boldness, about Love. This morning in stillness I had a revelation: as people we are accustomed to waiting in daily life. We wait to get the call, we wait to make the call. We wait to get the job, or wait to end the job. We wait to find the one, or wait to be the one. We wait to feel more, or we wait to feel less. We wait to remember, or we wait to even forget. Some of the things we wait for expand us, and some of the things we wait for expose us. Do the things you're waiting for expand your practice of honor and self-control? Like waiting for sex, even if you've already had it, or had it taken from you? A friend of mine once said to me, "Hope lives in the waiting for those things that we know in our hearts are needed to wait for." Don't listen to me, but ask from your heart- it's the life force that beats inside of you after all- what shall I wait for? Ask.

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