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ᴀ ǫ ᴜ ᴇ ᴇ ʟ ᴀ ᴢ ᴏ ʟ ʟ  Incredibly grateful lady

My most successful submission hold on set of #FightingWithMyFamily . Working with @stephenmerchant and such an awesome team of people was nothing short of a blessing! We worked, we wrestled, we laughed, and we created. Day by day we get to learn how to be fearless and free, every set (literal and figurative) in life is a new opportunity to be so.

What can we say...we go hard in #Portland . Escape rooms are healthy for marriage prep. #weddingerrands

#repost ••• @therock ••• Day 2 of #FightingWithMyFamily was an awesome success! Early, early morning, lots + lots of physical exertion + sandiness (tomorrow we'll be sore for sure!).. but the #Divas (@florencepugh@ellie_gonsalves@kimbpics ) are remarkable women that I'm over the moon to get to spend so much time with. I'm so grateful to get to work alongside such an incredible team of people! The cast + crew alike are absolutely amazing + it's an absolute pleasure to get to work with @stephenmerchant as our director! It has certainly been a year of tons of grounding, heart change, + tough inward revelations, but thank God it was all filled with so much promise + divinely timed purpose. Whoever is seeing this, thank you for being along for the 'ride' in any capacity lol. I've realized it's a blessing to get to share in celebrations, I'm celebrating :). What in life, big or small, is a celebration for you right now? Share it with someone you know will celebrate alongside you :) Forget any lies of comparison, if it's a celebration to you, allow someone to celebrate you too. xx #SevenBucksProductions @sevenbucksprod

Today is all smiles for DAY 1 of @sevenbucksprod new #FightingWithMyFamily . So joyful to be a part of the team! Let's go! @stephenmerchant @therock 💪🏼#SevenBucksProd #Divas

I used to have no idea how to release what was going on inside me, let alone understand it. I know we all carry things sometimes we don’t even see or know. Stuff that has to do with us, others, jobs, money, truth, lies, etc. A lot of the time we hold it in even when no one’s around because we shame ourselves into thinking that’s what we ‘should’ do. I’ve asked myself, so when did you start believing that? When did you start believing being strong meant not feeling - + ultimately lying to yourself? We weren’t born thinking that, we learned or saw it from somewhere… If you sense you’ve got something to mourn—-big, small, understood or not— be honest + don’t hide from it anymore….A suggestion: run up a mountain, get winded, make your emotional align with your physical, then don’t quit. It’s really tough to lie to yourself about what your experiencing when your freaking exhausted + pushing into it. Cry out what you’ve been holding in. Release it, + know that there is no shame in that, we just ‘think’ there is. You’re not alone. I tried + did just that this morning (#thispost ). New life was on the other side.

My heart is intrigued by a radical truth. I bless you to receive it over yourself: I am not more or less based on anything of the world.; anything I put on or take off. I am one of a kind, uniquely made, + destined with purpose. Love will prosper me! I am worthy to be loved.
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Life is a blessing. Not because things make sense, or because they always feel good- or even just okay- but because, in this life, we are built to experience love that surpasses all knowing + defies all understanding.
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He kills my fear, he protects my dreams, he pursues my heart. His mission was to make me feel like a queen... mission accomplished! #soontobemarried #spylife #escaperoomla

The best birthday I've ever had started with an overtime wiffle ball game + all of these amazing friends!! #birtdaywishcometrue #ithadbeenyears

New addition Ellie Iris is the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. Proud baby angel to @mollygunnz + @kj_gunnz

2016. There is so much hope for anyone who's adopted and searching g for family. My mom waited 54 years + this year met her sister!! Praise God

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