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  All my cats are my alter ego. :)

"Hey, who are constantly trying to hack into Aquacat's instagram account? Stop immediately or I'll punish you black hackers!" Yeah Jiwan, they are really bad. πŸ˜‘

On April 26, a year ago today, Wenmaan left us. That day is as vivid as yesterday. For the last one year, not a day went by that I didn't think of Wenmaan. I think there's nothing as painful as not being able to see our loved ones again. Right after I lost Wenmaan, I felt so sad and painful that I thought it would have been better if I had not met Wenmaan. Of course I know how stupid it is now. Wenmaan, thank you. Thank you for staying with us for a long time. Thank you for loving us. And never forget that there are two people, S and I, who love you the most in this world.

"Nothing like a Sunday afternoon nap...πŸ’€" :)

Yeho is a real picky eater. But recently we got to know one of his favorite foods. It's chestnut! 🌰 Yeho pesters us whenever he sees boiled chestnuts. I've never seen a cat that likes chestnut before. 😳 맛밀 λ³€νƒœ 예호.

April 20, today is Yeho's 3rd adoptaversary. πŸŽ‚βœ¨πŸŽ‰ (I assume that he was born in August 2013.) 3 years ago, when Yeho was a street cat, we found his right hind leg broken. So we caught him and he had an operation on his leg at the animal hospital. After the surgery, he adapted to life with human very quickly so we couldn't get him back to the street. Yeho is not as shy as Saero. He always expresses affection to every member of the family, especially to S. I hope Yeho will be healthy and happy with us for a long time. :)

"Hey human, stop pat my hip and open the door..."

"Hi, IG friends! It's been a really looooong time. How are you all doing? We are all well and fine. Lazy Aquacat just didn't post pics. She needs to be scolded, doesn't she?" Sorry... πŸ˜‘

"I'm sick to death of this red dot! I can see it, but I can't catch it! 😑"

"Hi, IG friends. It's a bit late, but Happy New Year to you all! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ We have one good news and one bad news. First, the bad news is, I think some people would already know it, current political situation of Korea is a mess. So, in the meantime, Aquacat has been busy to participate in the weekly demonstrations for impeaching the president. The good news? Two days ago, I had a medical checkup and the results were all OK. It made Aquacat very happy. I think I really deserve to be praised."
Right, Jiwan. But why do you always rave with anger at the vet when you have your blood taken for the blood test? I am ashamed for you. πŸ˜‘
"I hate the vet and injection needles. And the vet with an injection needle is 100 times more hateful! πŸ‘Ώ"

Saero also likes to be patted just like other cats. 5 years ago, I never thought this day would come. :)

Happy Adoptaversary, Saero boy! πŸŽ‚ Oct 26, today is Saero's 5th adoptaversary.
For 5 years, Saero has always been healthy, but in July he had hard time due to FLUTD. However, his condition didn't become serious because we took him to the vet quickly. (Though it took almost an hour to put him in the carrier. πŸ˜‘) He is now OK. For preventing a recurrence of FLUTD, we give Saero subcutaneous fluids once a week and feed Cystaid. Saero is more gentle than I expected when I give SQ fluids.
Saero is a really good boy, we always think it's very thankful that he became a member of our family. Saero boy, the only thing we want is your health and happiness. We will always do our best for you. We love you Saero. :) πŸ’–

October 2, today is Jiwan and Wenmaan's 15th adoptaversary. They always marked their adoptaversary together, but Wenmaan passed away, so Jiwan marks his adoptaversary without Wenmaan from this year. Wenmaan's absence makes me feel lonesome and my heart ache, but I'm happy that we can celebrate Jiwan's 15th adoptaversary. Jiwan, I hope you live a long, happy and healthy life with me. You and Wenmaan was the best gift in my life, and will be. My wish is that you stay with me longer than Lady Hyang did.

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