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  All my cats are my alter ego. :)

"I'm sick to death of this red dot! I can see it, but I can't catch it! 😑"

"Hi, IG friends. It's a bit late, but Happy New Year to you all! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ We have one good news and one bad news. First, the bad news is, I think some people would already know it, current political situation of Korea is a mess. So, in the meantime, Aquacat has been busy to participate in the weekly demonstrations for impeaching the president. The good news? Two days ago, I had a medical checkup and the results were all OK. It made Aquacat very happy. I think I really deserve to be praised."
Right, Jiwan. But why do you always rave with anger at the vet when you have your blood taken for the blood test? I am ashamed for you. πŸ˜‘
"I hate the vet and injection needles. And the vet with an injection needle is 100 times more hateful! πŸ‘Ώ"

Saero also likes to be patted just like other cats. 5 years ago, I never thought this day would come. :)

Happy Adoptaversary, Saero boy! πŸŽ‚ Oct 26, today is Saero's 5th adoptaversary.
For 5 years, Saero has always been healthy, but in July he had hard time due to FLUTD. However, his condition didn't become serious because we took him to the vet quickly. (Though it took almost an hour to put him in the carrier. πŸ˜‘) He is now OK. For preventing a recurrence of FLUTD, we give Saero subcutaneous fluids once a week and feed Cystaid. Saero is more gentle than I expected when I give SQ fluids.
Saero is a really good boy, we always think it's very thankful that he became a member of our family. Saero boy, the only thing we want is your health and happiness. We will always do our best for you. We love you Saero. :) πŸ’–

October 2, today is Jiwan and Wenmaan's 15th adoptaversary. They always marked their adoptaversary together, but Wenmaan passed away, so Jiwan marks his adoptaversary without Wenmaan from this year. Wenmaan's absence makes me feel lonesome and my heart ache, but I'm happy that we can celebrate Jiwan's 15th adoptaversary. Jiwan, I hope you live a long, happy and healthy life with me. You and Wenmaan was the best gift in my life, and will be. My wish is that you stay with me longer than Lady Hyang did.

"Look, Saero boy. My legs are longer than yours." "I know, but your hips are much bigger than mine. You have a perfect pear-shaped body." "So what? It's an ideal body type for cats!"

Jiwan, Saero, both you boys are much bigger than Yeho, but why do you lose the rug to Yeho every time? I can't understand. "We are pacifists who hate fighting." It just sounds like both you are born to be losers... πŸ˜‘

"I hate you who don't respect elders!!!" says Saero. (Jiwan the innocent bystander almost gets hurt in a fight. πŸ˜‘)

It's been a long time, IG friends. Now I'm back to Instagram. Although many people have asked after me and my cats, I couldn't post any news. I'm sorry I worried you IG friends. After Wenmaan passed away, I was so sad and exhausted in mentally and physically that I couldn't do anything for a long time. Just looking at my IG page made me miss Wenmaan so badly and burst into tears, so I couldn't even login to IG. Still I feel my heart break whenever I think Wenmaan, but little by little I've been back to normal. BTW, several things happened during this time. Jiwan and Saero had got conjunctivitis, and Saero had received medical treatment for his urinary tract problem(FLUTD). Now they are all fine so you don't need to worry. I'll keep posting to IG. Once again I'm sorry I worried you. And thanks for all kind comments and DMs.

Wenmaan's behavior in this video was what he only did to S. So I always thought that Wenmaan loved S more than me.
Since Wenmaan was diagnosed with lymphoma, everyday I told him a thousand times that I love him. 10 days before Wenmaan passed away (April 16), in that evening, I was resting on my desk chair after I finished cleaning house. Then Wenmaan slowly walked toward me. He rubbed his cheek on my foot and gazed at me quietly. It was not the first time but I felt something unusual. Wenmaan seemed to have something to tell me and I could realize what he said. I am sure he said 'Aquacat, I love you too'. Only after then, I realized that Wenmaan loved S and me just the same.

I am truly grateful for your kind words of comfort, IG friends. Your words were a great consolation to us.

Wenmaan. Born about the year 2000 (maybe) - April 26, 2016.
Wenmaan passed away in my arms and S's at 4:15PM, April 26, 2016. Until his last breath, we stroked him and told him continuously that we love him, love most in the world. We put a lot of effort to fight back our tears while we held him. Putting Wenmaan to sleep was the hardest and most painful experience in my life.

Wenmaan, my love, my dear little boy, you and Jiwan were like a pair of wings to me. Now you have left me and I've lost one of my wings forever. My special boy, the kindest, most amiable, most patient and bravest boy, I have lost you forever.

It's 3:10am now in Seoul. And maybe tonight will be the last night with Wenmaan. In the meantime, Wenmaan had his pleural effusion removed 3 more times and we used steroid but it didn't work out for him. The vet said there's nothing we can do for Wenmaan, except making him sleep. It's very painful that we are standing in front of such a choice, but Wenmaan is suffering from his every breathe so I agree that we should not leave him in a lot of pain any more. Tonight will be the most painful and the longest night in my life. But I should cherish this time I can spend with Wenmaan.

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