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April Vokey - Anchored  Flyfisher, bowhunter, podcaster, closet dirtbag. Business owner of Fly Gal Ventures & Loka Swimwear. Conservation driven life between 🇨🇦 & 🇦🇺 #chaseit


Cleaning out my computer and found this old clip from Fly Nation days @vpmediahouse
Six months & counting... #flyfishing #chaseit ❤️🇨🇦

Home at the moment. Even a photo of it makes me tear up and get a lump in my throat. Don’t get me wrong, I love my time in Australia (Charles and I split our year between his home and mine), but this little four walled structure is where my heart is most of the time. Little Adelaide and I will be there soon enough when it’s “my” time of the year, and I cannot wait to show her all the things that left such an impression on me when I grew up. My acreage runs alongside the river for quite a ways, so it’ll be a full-time job “safety proofing” everything (on top of the full-time job of camp living/prepping/cooking/building), but it’ll be worth it in the end. I fully expect it to be challenging, but have worked hard over the last six years to make it possible to bring her with me. I won’t be able to cut firewood without a friend (in case, God forbid, something should happen to me and she’s left alone in the truck) @samc_v0j2n0 you’re my guy!, hunting will be possible with sitter Aunty @danavokeymorrow , as will fishing home water with the help of baby carriers - just like @anette.lauder has proven to me when she fishes out front (I’ve been taking notes girlfriend!), firetop cooking while Adelaide is in the new lean-to that’s being built this spring, safety check ins to Dad with @spot_llc (poor daddy is going to try to get out as much as he can this year), some solar (!!!) with @goalzero , and we’re rigging the outdoor shower to run a tap indoors for baby baths. We’ve got the wood stove dialled, crib en route, guard dog Colby flying back with us, a whole army of game cams rigged, and a shaded playpen that won’t be left unsupervised for half a second because of that bear (a well behaved boy, but a bear nonetheless)... the 🏹 won’t be far at any time. We’ve arrange to stay at the lovely @katywat @northernoutbackadventures on the way up, and have been working on “travel training” since before kiddo was born (she’s a star on a road trip). I’ve ordered every piece of technical apparel @patagonia makes for children, and my neighbours have a spare cabin if we need some help. She’ll be nine months when we arrive and a handful I’m sure. Any prep I’m overlooking? 🇨🇦 🙏🏻

I found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #firstlove #loveatfirstsight

The latest episode of Anchored is live and featuring @carterandrewsfishing
Carter is Mr. Personality, but he is also one of the most talented anglers in the fishing industry. A jack of all trades, Carter is well-versed with both fly and conventional gear, and he has put in his time as a guide, lodge owner, television host, and world-traveled angler.
This episode is brought to you by @yeti
Photo by @snapshot_eric
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Tried, tested, and awesome. Guide extraordinaire @alecgerbec @alphonsefishingco 📷 @andrew_burr #flyfishing #chaseit

This little lady and I will be spending several months alone in my BC camp again this year, so we’re in early outdoor training (otherwise known as “ironing out the wrinkles”). While we won’t be able to hunt together in BC (bears and cats are too much of a worry), we’re quite safe in the AUS bush. This weekend’s deer stalk taught me several lessons: that barbwire fences make things tricky with a bub and a backpack, that a maternity (or zip-up) shirt under the carrier is a must, that my breathable Baby K’tan carrier is a dream come true (a breathable shirt tied around it adds extra support, camouflage, and a way to cover her feet from bugs), and that Adelaide loves hiking around outside & sleeps quietly through it all (for now - she’s only eight weeks old as of today, so I’m expecting some major changes). We had one outburst while desperately trying to lift my t-shirt high enough under the carrier, but I think she sounded enough like a billy or piglet to be a real worry. Obviously no arrows can be slung while wearing her (just in case), so we’ll need to figure that part out (@kimmigreentree or @kathlevett wanna play pass the buck while hunting bucks?) Being a portable milk bar is truly a blessing. 🌲🍼💃🏻

A rod malfunction and some serious teamwork. 🙏🏻 @davemarshall07 📷 @andrew_burr #flyfishing #chaseit

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