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April Vokey - Anchored  Flyfisher, bowhunter, podcaster, closet dirtbag. Business owner of Fly Gal Ventures & Loka Swimwear. Conservation driven life between 🇨🇦 & 🇦🇺 #chaseit

The latest episode of Anchored is live and featuring Bob Hooton! Bob is one of Canada’s most informed and long-standing steelhead advocates. As a BC government fish biologist, he spent almost 40 years in office fighting to save our fisheries. Recently Bob has published another book titled Days of River’s Past. In this episode we discuss Bob’s career, his books, and where our fishery is headed today. You can find Bob’s book at the @bcfederationofflyfishers , where all proceeds will be donated to the organisation and steelhead related projects.
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The 2018 TU Teen Summit trailer is OUT!! Watch for a glimpse of the incredible week we had in Virginia. TU Teen @carterabramson produced this trailer, and be sure to keep an eye out for his edit of the full version coming soon! #tuteens #conservation #flyfishing #syriavirginia #catchandrelease @troutunlimited

Good stuff being back at iCast... I’m stoked to have gotten a ton of new episodes and can’t wait to share. I think this is going to be the best season so far.

I’ve always associated great BC steelhead rivers with passing trains; their “chug a lug” and screeching rails. Such an ironic relaxation. Recently I discussed sounds with @tom_brown3 in an episode of Anchored where we spoke about how animals get used to the sound of trains and how they barely move when the big engine passes through. But enter the sound of a human voice or the closing of a car door and all things scatter. I also get tense and wary when I hear people and cars... but not trains. Is it that we just get used to them? Is it the rhythm? Is it the gradual fade in and out of the sound? You’ll have to tune in to find out! Ps, I am so excited to share this episode. 😉💃🏻 @adriennecomeau 📷

Motherhood and fly fishing... Delighted to be included in this article. Thank you @vonhoffr ❤️. Link in my profile. @globeandmail @highcountryflygirl

Lol, the face says it all. There are days when I feel like I have two arms, two legs, and a Stihl as permanent limbs. I go to bed with my hands still numb from the vibrations, my neck itchy with wood chips, and pants/socks soaked in sweat from my safety gear. I always wanted to be the woman who kept camp functional with a chainsaw... until I was exactly that. Several years ago I was given chaps/head gear/boots, etc. as a main gift for Christmas by both my parents and my husband (a set per country). Fishing days now take a back seat to scouting, falling, bucking, loading, chopping, etc. When my sweet hubby is in town and I ask him to do the chain work, he promptly dives the saw tip into the ground, doesn’t know where the chain brake is, or cuts in alignment with his body (causing me to panic about kickback). I promptly just mutter “here, I’ll just do it” and he obliges just as fast. At first I thought he was just a city boy, but he’s a stud on other power tools. I think I’m quickly starting to figure out that I’ve been taken. 😑 #carefulwhatyouwishfor @adriennecomeau 📷

The latest episode of Anchored is live and featuring @sydfly ! Brought to you by @cellhelmet
If you’re looking for a fly-fishing guide in Sydney, it is almost a guarantee that Justin Duggan is the man you’ll be referred to. Justin has brought fly-fishing to thousands of anglers across the world through regular radio, TV and magazine appearances, fly-casting schools, and one on one tuition — and that’s without factoring in his guiding career. Justin has been guiding five days a week for close to twenty years and has witnessed more angling skills and errors than we could fit into one episode. I fish with Justin often and thought it was about time to sit him down and pick his brain here on Anchored.

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Thank you for listening!

Writing an article for @flyfishermanmagazine about MRO and found this photo of my big taimen. Love it @davemccoyewa 📷 #chaseit

@skeenaspeyfishing - one of my favourite places on earth. Excited to sit down with @whistlerflyfish to hear his story this July! 📷 by @adriennecomeau

A lot of work went into getting this ‘ol boy clean enough to mount on my cabin. He’d been hit by a train and killed, poor guy. @adriennecomeau 📷

So. Damn. Close. See you soon BC. ❤️

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Stories like this make me tear up. I am so proud of you @ebifisher !!
I would like to talk about my fly fishing history I’ve been wanting to tell my story for a long time now that my English is good , when I started fly fishing in Iran I lived in the city of Shiraz we never had any fly fishing stores in my city , I seen on tv fly fishing I did much research mainly focused on British and Canada , ten years ago someone gave me some fly fishing reels I made a fly fishing rod from a regular fishing rod , I made flys with anything I found lying around it was fun , I used the bag from the chips and made the flash to make it shine I also used women’s hair from the salon to have different colours I was happy , this happened ten years ago this is still happening in Shiraz till this day , with my newly made fishing  flys I caught many large fish such as rainbow trout
 After six years of fly fishing in Iran I tried to move to Canada with one back pack and a fly box and my fly fishing rod it took me two years to arrive in Canada  Looking back I always in awe  of @aprilvokey She was my fishing hero someone to look up to and watch , it’s hard to believe I’m in British Columbia when I seen my first fly shop I started crying I was so so happy I could not believe what I seen , I’m not a professional fly fisherman but I was it so much it’s my life  it took a long time to get here as I was a refugee on the way I tattooed my arm fly fishing name and I’m so proud to be part of all the fly fisherman, when I arrived in Canada I only had five dollars to my name , I started working hard and built up my fly fishing equipment , my other dream was to get a Siberian Husky I adopted Skipper from Iran he goes where ever I go Dreams do come true thank you every one so much


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