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April Nienhuis  Photography blogger & teacher. Planning my hobby farm. Enjoying the simple things.


Everybody's posting their snow photos and stories and I'm over here drumming my fingers, a little jealous we don't have any. I love that we don't get constant bitter cold weather but some snow every now and then would be nice. It's been a couple years.

You see that plant stand there? That's a beautiful weathered galvanized chicken feeder found at a nearby antique store. My love for antique stores started when I was in high school. My mom would bring me along on her creative shopping adventures and I'd snatch up all the old cameras I could find, long before photography was a thought in my mind. Now, I'm bringing my kids along on my own hunts although Zoey is the only one that enjoys it.

Even as the petals die, I won't stop photographing all the flowers.

This is my first venture into bulbs. We'll see how it goes and if I can get this Amaryllis Apple Blossom to bloom in its pot indoors. I'm thankful for my sweet Zoey (who does not like the nickname Zoey Bologna by the way) and her eagerness to help me pot this and some Paperwhites.

When I wake up tomorrow, our first frost will have come and summer will officially be gone. There are many wonderful things about fall but I'm always sad to leave the summer behind.

Princess Purple and Hermione the broken-legged cat. Thank goodness the cast comes off Monday!

Last week, one of my fears as a firefighter's wife became Liz's reality. Her husband, James, responded to a fire call and gave his life fighting a wildfire in Alberta. James was a husband, father to four very young children, volunteer firefighter and rancher. Please consider supporting Liz and her babies by donating via the GoFundMe account linked in my bio. Liz, I'm heartbroken for your loss and praying for you and your sweet babies ❤️

Believe it or not, Christmas is in 66 days. And that means the decorations come out in 35 days (yes, I always decorate the day after Thanksgiving). So we decided it was time to start foraging for pine cones🌲

I have roses, clematis, zinnias, cosmos and baby's breath planned for next year. What else should I add to the mix?

I wasn't planning on putting any yellow in next years garden but maybe I should.

Me: "What animals do you want on our farm?"
Zoey: "A tiger."
Finley: "A T-Rex."
Zoey: "Can we have a shark?"
I'm not sure they get it 🙄

Y'all, I lost my cool today. As I sat outside, enjoying the breeze on this abnormally hot October day, it flew into my lap. A red wasp. The biggest jackhole of all the bugs. A miniature flying Satan if you ask me. Shockingly, it didn't sting me but I suspect it flew away laughing hysterically as I flailed my arms in fear, screaming in a pitch only dogs could hear. I fully realize my ridiculousness in responding this way but man, wasps and freaky looking clowns are my weakness. #funnynotfunny

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