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A new habit I'm trying to adopt is spending at least 30 minutes ALONE immediately after we're done schooling for the day. I'm finding I NEED this time in order to stay sane and be able to love well. I've also been working on getting active each day for at least 30 minutes, so meshing these two together works quite nicely 😊 // Today it was GLOrious out and I went for a walk. Originally I set out for 30 minutes, but I'm solar-powered and wanted to keep walking in this marvelous sunshine. ☺ And then things got real crazy. I started running, ya'll. 😮 I haven't been able to run without mega pain in my legs for YEARZ because of my weight. But seeing as I've been able to shed over 20 pounds my tiny frame is not as burdened and my legs didn't hurt today! 🙌🏼 My lungs were in fire BUT I RAN, GUYS! This gave me so much hope of becoming a runner again!

It's Friday and it's been one heck of a week. Camping out in my favorite spot in our house ... my bed ☺ Gonna do some reading and call it a day for this tired mama. What are YOU doing tonight? (Or if you are catching this on Saturday, what DID you do?) // Do you spy #TradesofHope? I L❤VE my Mosaic Clutch and Guatemalan Turtle Backpack. Both are one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces that are helping women become free from the grips of poverty. I mean, that makes these beauties even MORE amazing, right?! #fairtrade #fightingpoverty #sustainablejobs #guatemala #givehope

Post 2 of 2 // Okay, I get the message loud and clear ... Guys, we don't have to be a part of the rat race, the American way of life, the noisy & busy life. A slower paced life is beautiful! #slow #growslow #slowdown #simplicity #simpleliving #thesimplelife 📷: @laracasey

Do you ever see things and your first impression is "meh?" At first glance I wasn't crazy about the Lia Earrings but I must admit I like them in my ears WAY better than in the catalog. This is why home parties with Trades of Hope are so fun! You get to try everything on! Shopping on-line is fun, but live parties sure are a blast! Message me so we can get YOUR party on the calendar! 😍 #trynewthings #fairtradejewelry #fairtrade

Post 1 of 2 // Well this was awfully timely to stumble upon today ... 📷: @simplifiedplanner

Part 2 of 2 // Ponderable thoughts from The More of Less by Joshua Becker #minimalism #itsnotwhatyouthink #simplicity #joy #deown #lessismore #freedom

Part 1 of 2 // Ponderable thoughts from The More of Less by Joshua Becker #minimalism #itsnotwhatyouthink #simplicity #joy #deown #lessismore #freedom

I used to worry so much about whether or not my kids would be disappointed on Valentine's Day with how we chose to celebrate our love for them, but the past 2 years or so I've gotten real with myself. My kids don't need me to go all out (and go broke in the process) trying to lavish them with gifts, candy and junk food (that I'd rather them not have but feel obligated to get them, can I get an amen?). My kids need ME - speaking in to their hearts, teaching them and modeling love & kindness, and being present in their day-to-day lives. February 14 is just a reminder of what I show them the rest of the year. // So this year we have some more-healthy-than-not gluten-free treats ☺, Valentine's from the pets ☺, and handmade hearts with some of the many things Patrick & I think make them so unique and special to us. It's simple but meaningful. That's what #valentinesday is to us. #loveissimple #simplelove #simplicity #simpleholidays #loveday #hearts #valentines

Venturing in to new fashion territory ... #whitejeans ya'll. #datenight // Adventure Plaid Scarf from Trades of Hope 😍#scarf #fairtradefashion #fairtradescarf #tradesofhope

Life is too short to spend your free time staring at a screen. Depression, anxiety, false view of self & discontent are so closely connected to the amount of time you spend mindlessly scrolling a phone/tablet/computer screen. Choose the real, friends. // #choosereal #chooserelationships #chooselife #wakeuptoyourreallife #joy #depression #anxiety #discontent #content #contentment #contentmentchallenge #lifeisshort #lifeostooshort 📷: @laracasey

This. Trying to formulate some thoughts in to words to share but for now this is all I've got. Waking up to my real life the past few weeks/months has been incredibly eye-opening, sobering and life-giving. Can't wait to share more soon ...

Holy Schnikies, guys! So the February promotion thing we have going on has SO FAR resulted in over 1 THOUSAND trees being planted in Africa! 😮 And this also means we have ZERO Geo Bracelets left 😞 BUT rather than end the promotion (because hey, the more trees the merrier, right?!) you now have the choice of one of these 3 bracelets when you spend $75 or more ... AND a fruit tree will be planted in Africa when you do, too!!! Shop via the link in my profile or mytradesofhope.com/aprilemery #tradesofhope #fairtradejewelry #fairtradefashion #endpoverty #bracelets #wristbling #accessories #costarica #haiti #thailand #february #fruittrees #africa