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This song got me in my bag!
Happy Sunday ❤

Look at my dab!

Hey Mrs April can I take a picture with you? Me...... can I take you home? 😩🙈 okay I want a baby! I 💙Kids

Me watching Me

Wait for it! #NewBalance #ShoeCity #YCMC

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Shoutout to all my babies who sat on live kept my company while I cooked this long ass meal 🤦🏽‍♀️ that potato took like 3 damn hours 😩 lol.... Baked Potato
Fresh Broccoli
Alfredo sauce
White & Yellow Cheddar

Don't take it out on us because your ass woke up wit a attitude go lay back down for a minute and try over! ☺🤦🏽‍♀️ it's time we spread love so if your ass ain't in a loving/smiling mood go lay back down for a second. ❤
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Often times We don't get the support... knowledge... or help... from other women because most may feel if they give you something you might surpass them in life.
Then you have some that may wanna see you doing good but just not better than them!
It is also sad that you may have women that don't like "You" just because you're "you" some women be a little jealous of that!
Your whole situation bother them and It don't have to always be about money or material things, some women could be jealous of your happiness and the peace you have in your life... And some are envious of the love others have for you.
You also have to watch out for the pretenders! They're the most dangerous. They wear a mask every time they are around you pretending to be a friend when they have a full agenda.
Some people want to be you so they get close to you and when they feel they've gotten enough from you eventually they'll runoff thinking what they learned from you immediately will benefit them.
Most women don't understand 9 times outta 10 that don't workout either because those blessings aren't theirs but yours. Sometimes your success blind people and cloud their minds and they forget they just have to wait their turn. Most will even try to rush their turn just to try and keep up with you.
I ALWAYS GET ASKED "WHY YOU DONT HANG WITH FEMALES?" And I have my reasons. I have a lot of great relationships with other women Bosses & Dolls but In all honesty I learn a lot from "Men". I chose to hang around them... I look up to them.... And ALL of my idols are "Men". I use to pray to God about this female situation so many of use are facing but what I got from it was.....
I HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE! In order for us women to see that its okay to spread love and pour into each other first we have to set that example AND I AM NOW FULLY DEDICATED TO THAT. My mission is to change culture and the way we're being viewed as Black Women. #WeGottaHelpEachOther & #StickTogether 💗✊🏽 Goodnight -AprilDivahStyles "Sims"

Only female in my crew and I kick
S?$! Like a ni$$a do pull the trigger too F?&@ you! 💯
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