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April Alison  uo. visualist. not a public figure. 📍 los angeles

birfday selfie, obvi.
thank you for another year & for riding with ya’ girl! 🏄🏼‍♀️🤘🏼

keep going. keep loving.
keep your head up.
keep your mind open.
keep giving.
keep learning.
keep getting better.
#thankful 🎈

mini vacay starts now... #birfday week 🎂

these days, the steps i take are filled with less apologies, and more intent.
these days, the steps i take are fueled by my intuition, and not your opinion.
my growth is much louder than your projections — i’m not here to be a sponge for your insecurities.

#fbf 🍦🍦🍦

menswear inspired babes 🤘🏼

some of my best changes aren’t for show;
but i feel the difference.

i did it all for the cookie 🍪

got back from vacay, but already planning my next getaway for my birthday.
just a few of my must-have travel accessories, including my new @jordwatches.

i’ve never had to unscrew another woman’s lightbulb in order to shine.

she got my back like chiroprac 👊🏻

because when you know that
universal language,
it’s easy to understand that someone
in the world awaits you.
whether it’s in the middle of the desert
or in some great city.

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