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April Alison  uo visualist. fl stylist. human-itarian.


i want a real love.
that jada and that will love.
that leave a toothbrush at your crib love.

some people are together
just so that they are not alone;
but some people want magic.
i am one of them.

you attract the right things
when you have a sense of who you are.

the universe does this thing;
where it aligns you with people,
things and situations that match
your vibration.
the higher you’re vibrating; —
the more you will attract things that
are beneficial to your well being. ✨🙏🏼🙃✨

there’s still so much to do.
so much inspiration to be found.
so many people to love & to hold on to.

the people we meet are either reflections of a repeated cycle or guides towards a new start. —notice the difference.

you will be too much for some people; —those aren’t your people.

demand more for your life.
don’t force anything that won’t fulfill you.

we have to unlearn and grow through who we thought we had to be, —so we can just be. 🧡
#selflove #loveis

walking into the new year like.... 🚶🏼‍♀️✨

let this new year consume you.
let it guide you.
and let it give you the hope you need to move forward.
#cheers to #2018

give yourself permission
to wait for a love
that doesn’t feel mediocre.

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