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Robert Perez  Bassist for Diremption "I'm hoping I can find where to leave my head behind"- Alone I Break- Korn

If this ain't me

Lmao, what I'd give to have never moved out of cali

"This is what we have become, A self absorbed population of scum, The vision of the future is like staring at the sun"

I love playing this song

Here's "Heavy Metal Groove"

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Argyle Goolsby has to be my all time favorite bassist, not only does his playing style influence me but his stage presence is what I strive to throw down on stage with the many jumps and sick ass headbanging, he's my all time bass hero

Heres another old one of me fucking around

Well I'm too much of a lazy fuck to record a new video, so heres an oldie, enjoy folks

This was a good day in all aspects of my life, i miss it

Oh how i love being on stage, where all the pain in the world goes away, even if its just for a little bit, its definitely worth it😧

Last night was a fucking blast, thanks to everybody that came out
Our name is Diremption
Don't forget that name

@cawantz @matty.larson @zaneneiss_ @paladingrishnakh

#Throwback with zaddi😤

Life is a truly mysterious and unpredictable thing, I never thought I'd be where I am today, I never thought I'd find the woman I wanted to spend my life with only to end up not even conversating 8 months after meeting her, then finding another woman who I deeply love and want to spend my life with only to mess up and cheat on her, Yet I am so very lucky for her to still stick by my side and love me as much as I love her, I would have never thought I'd join a band let alone 2 bands in a matter of a year playing an instrument I always thought as lame (Bass), and to be playing gigs with these bands? Building strong friendships and bonds through music? That is a truly amazing power that music has. All in all I'm just looking at my life and seeing how unpredictable it's been, and sure it has it's bad times but because of those bad times I've had better and that's not so bad I suppose

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