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Bailey Whitcomb  Raised by ℳermaids in Rosecity. If you like water than you already like 72% of me 🐙🍷🛀🎤📷 👭👫

I hope this gives me supernatural powers. Mermaid tail, teleportation or something 🔮

And though I never said it with words, there was love in the silence. Even now after all of these years, you're the light in my darkness.
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Ferngully 📷 @cressmas @alexiverpdx

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.”—Ray Bradbury
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Not the best haha but my faces are amazingly amusing

All of my life I've been told, "what do you mean you're depressed, you're the happiest girl in the world" "there's nothing wrong with you, you're always so positive." It was comforting yet also displeasing. I loved that no one could tell I was struggling but hated the fact that in those moments of time had little to no one to relate to. I felt so alone and so passionately, my emotions were either amplified or close to nothing, numbness. We all have those days where we feel the need to put on that happy mask and act like everything's okay when in reality it's not okay and on the inside you're screaming.
I want to start this series (more professionally) and let everyone know that it's OKAY to not be okay, it's healthy to cry, you don't have to be happy all the time and when you're at your lowest, push those ugly negative thoughts out as much as you can and count the things you're greatful for. The world is a beautiful and ugly place, choose to see the beauty and positive things; easier said than done, I know but you have the power :)

The happiest girl in the world ❤

About to plant lavender and leave this handpicked bouquet at leo and I's spot. I decided to pick both dead and living flowers for his bouquet since today is his birthday and he isn't physically here anymore; this bouquet repressants both life and death. I was honestly planning on going earlier today but have been procrastinating this time for the fear of feeling deep emotions. I have some of my best friends here with me for emotional support which I am so grateful for. All of you who truly know me, know that I hate crying and feeling negative emotions but today the sadness of going back will be reprogrammed to the happiness of it all. I am going back to the place where we fell in love, over and over again, where we spent most of our days, basking under the sunlight. Where we met beautiful people and shared food and stories with. The place I will always feel the most connected to him. I love him more than he has ever and will ever know.

Happy birthday to this amazing, beautiful, positive, talented, sweet, energetic and loving soul Andrew Lee Miller (leo) not a day goes by where you don't cross my mind. I find the touch of your hand in the breeze and the light on your smile in the sun rays. You should know I hear the sound of your voice in music, so I speak with you everyday. You are forever loved by so many and we will celebrate your life the way you would have wanted us to. ❤🎙🎸🍻🌱🌳 Ill be planting some lavender with you in my mind at "our" spot. I haven't been able to visit it yet but today I feel confident and positive enough to do so. I miss licking your face, singing and dancing with you, making music, laughing uncontrollably because we were equally weirdos, our days spent in greenway park on the hammock with the guitar snacks and drinks, adventures filled with wild flower picking, always picking up liter on our walks, building fairy houses with you (he was the best fairy house building partner) swimming and jumping off of things, cooking us bomb ass food, your soft little snore and how loud it could get, how you rarely ever had a shirt or shoes on, letting me read you bed time stories, no matter how ridiculous they were, letting me paint your toe nails even though you took it off 40 min after :) how you only had good things to say about people. You made me to be a better person and inspired me to treat the world better, I admire and love you for that. I miss you man, so much. We all do.

So i found a thousand spring-times in her eyes and I learned to play games in the rain 📷:@black_dahlia789

Good morning world, have the most beautiful love filled day ❤

My little antidepressant

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