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amanda victoria | 🌱EGAN  nutrition + dietetics student, fitness + lifestyle blogger, chocolate/granola/avocado toast fanatic


Although it doesn’t have any jelly, this stack of banana pancakes covered in peanut butter sauce is my jammmmm😛😛 it’s made with simple, good for you Ingredients that kept me satisfied all morning! What made this even better is that my boo made em for me 💕💕 .
Try this one out next time you’re looking for a good easy vegan recipe: ✖️1 ripe banana
✖️1 serving of your favorite plant based protein powder (i love @livevegansmart @vega_team and @drinkorgain)
✖️1 cup of oats, blended into a flour OR if not using protein powder, 1.5 cup oats
✖️1-2 tbsp Coconut or date palm sugar
✖️1.5 cup almond mjlk
✖️1/2 tsp baking powder
✖️1 tsp vanilla extract
For the peanut sauce:
✖️2 tbsp pb2 or pbfit
✖️1 tbsp maple syrup or agave
✖️water, to desire consistency

☀️health is wealth☀️ here are 10 steps you can take today for a healthier you:
1️⃣drink a tall glass of water
2️⃣move your body! yoga, walking, running, lifting, gardening, whatever gets you active
3️⃣make a list of five things you’re grateful for
4️⃣put ten minutes aside to meditate (there are a bunch of guided meditations on YouTube i like to follow)
5️⃣eat plant foods. lots of them
6️⃣hug someone
7️⃣tell someone you love them and really mean it
8️⃣tell yourself you love you and really mean it
9️⃣read one chapter of that book you’ve been meaning to read
🔟come up with some “healthy tips” and share them with others. health is wealth but the point of wealth is to share with and uplift others
Save this post for times you feel stuck in a rut and really want to feel good again. I promise just one of these will bring a smile to your face 💕💕happy Monday y’all!!

Ps. vegan lashes by @en_beautie

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A veganized version of afritada (Filipino beefless stew), from @sweetsimplevegan & @consciouschris’s ebook! It’s so nice to have recipes that bring me back to my childhood. What’s one dish that brings you back to yours? 💭👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 #vegan #whatveganseat #bestofvegan #afritada #filipinovegan

* thinking about what’s for dinner *
also, thinking about how much i love my lashes done by my dear friend Ann from @en_beautie ❤️❤️❤️ I think what I love the most is that the while I was getting my lashes done, she was telling me that her passion in doing lashes and semi permanent make up is actually with cancer patients. she loves when people who have lost their hair from treatment come in for semi permanent make up and come out feeling not only happy and beautiful, but also hopeful for life again. hearing about people’s passions and what drives them to do what they are doing inspires me beyond words to do the same and give you guys my 100%. btw Ann does vegan and organic beauty care so please check her out if you are in the SoCal area and considering lashes and a good conversation ❤️

Try this smoothie bowl as your post workout/study/nap/school/movie/breakfast/second breakfast/anything idk just try it:
✖️2 cups of spinach
✖️2 frozen bananas
✖️1 serving of your fave plant based protein (why not whey or casein? Keep reading to find out👇🏽👇🏽)
✖️chia seeds or flax seeds
✖️3-4 ice cubes
✖️water or plant milk to blend
✖️topped with more bananas, chia seeds, @sweethomefarm.granola one of my favorites at the moment, and chocolate chips bc balance 😜😜
NO WHEY JOSE🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️
If you’re not ethically rooted in the anti-dairy movement, you’re probably curious about what is so bad about whey or casein for protein supplements. Here are some reasons to consider a plant based alternative next time you’re at the supplement store: 1️⃣whey protein is acid forming and can cause calcium to be leached from your bones, weakening them and putting you at a higher risk of osteoporosis 2️⃣because it is acid forming, dairy protein leads to inflammation—definitely something you want to avoid especially after a workout when your muscles are torn uppp and just need some anti oxidation 3️⃣ A Consumer Reports study found that several of the major whey protein powders on the market exceeded the safety limits for heavy metals recommended by the USP. Heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury were found in surprisingly high amounts in whey protein powders. Cadmium is a known carcinogen found to damage DNA and also disrupt DNA repair systems.
Those are just three of many more reasons I choose to stay away from whey. as always, I suggest doing your own research before you make a decision of what to buy and intake. Take care of your body and it will take care of you 💕🌱🌱🌱

@forge.fit and I are collabing (at this point would you even consider it a "collab" though 🤔🤔) to giveaway this amaaaZINNGGGG pair of leggings 😍😍 all you have to do is:
✖️follow both @forge.fit and me (please keep your profile open so I can check it!)
✖️tag two friends in the comments
✖️look at yourself in the mirror and say "you are a beautiful creation, a blessing to this earth"

Best of luck!! I love you guys so much❤️❤️ #giveaway #forgefit #bepartofajourney #fitnessapparel #applesandamandas #liveheatedbeformed

Call me the toast master.... or toast monster? Cause all I do is eat bread and various toppings? I’m also a granola monster 😈😈as shown in my latest what I eat in a day video! Click here: https://youtu.be/zt1abJgQ16U or my bio to see what I put in my mouth that day lol 😂 #whatveganseat #whatieatinaday #vegan #bestofvegan #avocadotoast #applesandamandas

In a conversation I had with @Dre_brito today, I talked about fear and I thought I’d share it because so many of us (me included!!!) can easily be ruled and limited by fears that we conjure up in our minds. I said:
Letting go of fear is what helped me be more confident in sharing my fitness journey and workouts with you guys. Letting go of fear allowed me to open up my heart to the love of my life. (And I’ve never been happier). When I let go of fear, only good things came forth. I still have so many fears to overcome but I can attest to the fact that once we stop letting it control us, we open up our hearts and minds to amazing opportunities. While fear is essential for our literal survival, most of the fear we deal with is made up by our minds and is a barrier to the full potential we have. I like to just say “what’s the worst that could happen?” “Is it worth losing out on what COULD be?” “Fuck it let’s do it”
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What’s your favorite smoothie bowl recipe? My main base is frozen bananas 🍌 and today we’ve gone through the bananas I literally got a couple days ago 😭 I think it's time to start getting boxes of bananas again 🎁 If you are planning to have a vegan household in the future, be prepared to go through food like nobody's business😂😂

Some things about this picture:
✖️I never knew muscles like this existed on my body
✖️I never knew it was possible to do what i can now do with my body today
✖️back in the day i used to think having upper body muscles like this was manly and as far from feminine and desirable as possible, but when i saw strong women lifting all i could think about was their undeniable confidence. it’s crazy how things change
✖️seeing this now makes me feel empowered and strong and accomplished
✖️the progress is addicting and makes me love my body more with every set and rep (and even when I decide to hit zero sets and reps at the gym and superset the bed to the fridge instead)
✖️it was taken by my #1 who not only supports me but pushes me to be my best and helps me feel comfortable and confident in any way shape or form I happen to come in
✖️I know there are guys out there (and even women) who think that a woman having muscle is “gross,” and that stops girls from attaining the feeling that I have with weightlifting. My arms don’t look like this all the time. To be honest most people can’t even tell I lift a weight unless I’m actually doing it at the gym. My point is, it’s silly to let what other people think dictate what you wanna do with your body. You can be (or have 😜) the ripest 🍑 in the world and still, someone will not like peaches. So i won’t/don’t care who likes this or me or whatever. Cause I like me. #loveyourselfeverydamnday

Avocado🥑🥑🥑 toast is definitely a staple in my diet! If you eat toast with butter to start the day, try switching to avo next time :) Avocado toast has around the same amount of calories There’s about 100 calories in 1 TSBP of butter, which is 99% fat and 1% protein and LETS BE HONEST you’re gonna slap on 1 tbsp on EACH piece of  bread. half an avocado gives you around 120 calories, but you get 360 mg of potassium, 10 g of fat (7 g of which is monounsaturated—the good fat!), 13% of your daily need of calcium, and many more minerals. It’s also much more filling and has 0% cholesterol. Add some salt and pepper, or nutritional yeast, or (my personal fave) Tajin and you got some #extrahealth #extrafiber #extraflavor #extralife

And if youre into more switches, try out these sandwich thins from @ozerybakery. 1- theyre crustless for all u fussy crust-haters. i personally love crust but sometimes a little switch is fun 2- they are free of preservatives 3- each thin has 7 g of plant based protein in each one! so… they’re sandwich thins but can also help u if you’re on that thicctrain lol #dathass

anyway, i just edited another vlog for the vlog channel (whos’s subbed?) and i’m about to go train legszszssz. i hope you are all making good use of your saturday, whether it be running crazy errands, studying, working out, or finishing up that last episode of Black Mirror😌😌😉 #ad #ozerybakery #vegan #bestofvegan #avocadotoast #applesandamandas #veganbreakfast

Shoulders and arms today 🔥my arms are so tired i can’t even hold my phone up properly🤳🏼lol. It’s the slow controlled movements that really get the burn in your workouts! The main focus of today’s workout was rear delts, the small muscle in the back of your shoulders that don’t get enough love IMO. I didn’t even know what they were until a couple months ago 😂😂strengthening these baby muscles is important for posture, as they help pull the shoulders back when sitting or standing up. They also help round out that full defined shoulder look! We went live on Instagram story to share some tips and tricks about rear delt work so you can check it out if the video if it’s still up, but if not, stay tuned for a shoulder workout video coming in the near future 👀👀