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amanda victoria | 🌱EGAN  lover of all things chocolate, peanut butter, and açai 💌

Happy Friday!! This weekend is going to be super busy with @vegfestla right around the corner. I will be working the @vegetaryn booth all day so come say hi ☺️☺️ (if we're not ambushed by people tryna spread the plant message by buying punny t shirts like this #LettuceEatPlants one)

I've been hooked on these chocolate 🍫🍫pancakes since I figured out how easy they were to make! (Recipe in previous pancake photo). Like most people, when I find something I like and know how to make, I will make the same thing over and over again because I'm comfortable with the recipe. I think that's important to keep in mind if you're planning on making the switch to a plant based diet. It may seem overwhelming because of all the changes you think you will have to make but once you find a dish that you like and know how to make, it gets easier and more enjoyable! ☺️☺️

Someday I will look at someone the way I look at food (particularly banana bread French toast smothered in chocolate and strawberries), but I don't see it happening for a long time. Food will always be bae ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 📸: @sweetsimplevegan

I grew up eating quesadillas. As I got older and learned how to make them for myself I started to get more excited about what I can put in quesadillas other than queso.... I can't believe I never experimented with refried beans the way @cheftarapunzone did at @realfooddaily 😫😭👏👏 if you haven't tried beansadillas u r missing out gf!!! And if you're too lazy to make them... My friends at RFD can help you out 🙃🙃

🌱🌱🌱🌱 it's the motto #vegan #LettuceEatPlants

IG story saw it first🌱🌱 just a bowl of rice, sweet potatoes, zoodles, tofu, peanuts, on a bed of greens with a red curry sauce 🔥a new, highly requested room mate video is now up on my channel☺️☺️I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday!

Who knew that saving the environment could taste so good and be so easy?! This is my second earth day as a vegan and I can honestly say that this change in lifestyle has brought so many positives and benefits in my life... And barely any negatives. The pros? Eating amazing food and really learning about the way nutrition affects our bodies as well as learning new ways to cook and combine food, more energy, a greater understanding of the world around me, feeling good after every meal, eating as much as I want with no guilt or feelings of restriction, reducing the amount of suffering of other beings and, most important for today, reducing my carbon footprint by choosing foods that require less resources to supply
D I D Y O U K N O W: 🌏Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation.🌎Growing feed crops for livestock consumes 56% of water in the US. 🌍2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef🌏477 gallons of water are required to produce 1lb. of eggs; almost 900 gallons of water are needed for 1lb. of cheese🌎 Livestock operations on land have created more than 500 nitrogen flooded deadzones around the world in our oceans.🌏Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon destruction.🌎82% of starving children live in countries where food is fed to animals, and the animals are eaten by western countries
Whatever diet you choose to follow, I hope that today for at least one of your meals, you could feel inspired to try eating meatless. One meal may not seem like much, but small acts of kindness really do add up. Let's be kind to the earth, it's the only planet we have (for now)
Thank you @cheftarapunzone for creating this wonderful sandwich at @realfooddaily and inspiring people through your delicious meals to eat more earth-friendly 😌😌🌱

Pancakes are the perfect way to end a long week. Recipe is kind of loose because i didn't keep measurements but it was about 3/4 cup of rolled oats, ground up into a flour mixed with 1/2 tsp of baking soda and 1 scoop of vega sport chocolate protein. Mix with enough liquid (mylk or water) to get your desired batter consistency. you could make waffles with this mix too and add in chocolate chips if you're feeling a little crazy 😛😛😛😛honestly I'm sure there are better recipes for pancakes out there but j know some of you will ask for this one so here you go. I'm still a pancake noob so don't roast me for this and ~good luck~

"When nobody else celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody else compliments you, then compliment yourself. It’s not up to other people to keep you encouraged. It’s up to you. Encouragement should come from the inside."
-@joelosteen #loveyourselfeverydamnday #vegan 📸: @arshmallow

I'm always looking for ways to add more variety into my diet since I tend to fall into the "make the same thing everyday" trap a LOT. As a student in the dorms (no meal plan, shared kitchen in the hall) i tend to gravitate toward getting the same groceries everytime because I know what works especially under a time crunch. @grubmarket thanks for helping me eat the rainbow and switch up my food, and save me some time grocery shopping as well!! 🍌🍏🍎🥑🥒🌈🌈 speaking of groceries, check out my latest video for my laziest grocery haul yet :)

Food makes me happy. Especially from one of my favorite LA restaurants @realfooddaily 🌱❤️ @cheftarapunzone's creations in the new Spring menu blew @sweetsimplevegan @consciouschris and me away last weekend!! 🍜🥙🍔Contrary to popular belief, i've actually not gone to too many vegan restaurants in LA so when people ask me for my recommendations I just tell them what I know is good (which is usually @realfooddaily). Which is your favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurant? Tag them so we can all see :) #realfooddaily #eatplants #vegan

A meal I've been having a lot: brown rice ramen noodles, tofu, steamed veggies, greens, and peanut sauce ❤️❤️ not only does peanut sauce taste delicious (it's been my absolute addiction) but peanuts also have so many health benefits! 🌱daily intake of peanuts or tree nuts can extend longevity, 🌱cut the risk of having a heart attack in half, 🌱decrease the risk of dying from hear disease, 🌱and help reduce cholesterol🌱peanuts and tree nuts have also been shown to inhibit cancer growth in in-vitro, and help decrease the risk for fibrocystic breast disease. don't feel too guilty for having some of that natural crunchy peanut butter or extra bomb AF peanut sauce 😜😜

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