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amanda victoria | 🌱EGAN  nutrition + dietetics student, food + lifestyle blogger, chocolate fanatic I make YouTube videos and stuff👇🏼👇🏼


Believe it or not this was the last smoothie bowl I had about 5 days ago and I haven't really been missing them lately as I've been trying out new things. It's really not that big of a deal but I just think it's interesting how when new things and change come into my life, I begin to let go of others to make room for a newfound happiness aka new food obsessions lol. I love life how it is now but that shouldn't stop anyone from opening up their hearts (and stomachs) to something new 😌😌 this smoothie bowl ^^^ was just a couple bananas, frozen berries, 2 scoops of @livevegansmart vanilla, Maca powder, a couple handfuls of spinach, and water to blend it all up. Topped with strawberries, more berries, and a sprinkle of super food burcha (thank you @lonijane you genius) to make your body do a little happy dance 💃🕺

I'm not that into shopping but leave me in a mall for long enough and you'll find me at the @barnesandnoble. I can easily spend all day in there #notsponsored #plssponsorme #willreadforcash

How gorgeous is this desert cacti bowl by @palettesnplants !? And she had the genius idea of adding quinoa to the top of it I mean if this doesn't say #extrahealth idk what does. I love finding new accounts and food ideas you best believe I'm going to do that sometime soon!! Find this picture on her page for the full recipe😛😛 and I'll be featuring some more pages for my little 80k appreciation celebration ! Just repost any of my pictures and tag me so I can find you and find some more food inspiration ❤️

Healthy to me used to be eating clean and in small portions, and no junk foods. Then it became eating 10 bananas in a meal, sleeping exactly between the hours of 10 pm-6 am and no less, and 2+ hours of cardio. Somewhere along the way, my definition of healthy became skewed. To me, #HealthyIs more than just what you eat and do with your body, it’s a mindset. It’s a balance. It’s being able to go out and not constantly think about your body. It’s being able to enjoy what you eat without wondering, “will this tofu bowl from @TheFlameBroiler fit my macros?” It’s enjoying life through the vessel that our soul comes in instead of MAKING life about the vessel. If we stress out about every detail of our car every time we drive, we miss out on seeing the scenic route around us. I’m not saying that taking good care of your body is not important— it is extremely important. But some of us begin to neglect the mental side of healthy, the side that includes balance and moderation. To me, healthy is being able to say, “this tofu bowl is dank!!! how awesome, there’s another vegan option out in places that i can go with my friends. the world is making strides. i’m happy.” #ad

How amazing does this look!? Eating vegan can be as boring and tasteless or fun and delicious as you make it! @badassvegan posted a photo earlier that said "people who think vegans only eat salad are the same people who think the only furniture you can have sex on is a bed." Get creative and colorful :) @tutusandtofu shows us how to make food look and taste good! Check her page out for more inspiration❤️ also, I'm featuring four more pages as my little 80k shoutout celebration! All you have to do it repost a photo of mine and tag me in it so I can find you and share your page with everyone 😊😊

I came to a realization yesterday that, stretching and rolling out my muscles is one of the my favorite feelings in the world. No wonder my body literally craves yoga daily and I feel an itch to stretch out on the days I don't have time to flow... What keeps you sane? 🎶@amarantemusic

A perfect day is incomplete without a smoothie bowl 😍  one of my favorite things about "bowls" is that you can play around with different toppings and hemp hearts have been one of my favorites to put on because they have a nice, soft, creamy texture and can be sprinkled onto almost anything--smoothies, oats,  cereal, yogurt, even blended into dressings and sauces! @ManitobaHarvest has fun "toppers" that are made to be on my bowls.  Fun fact: hemp hearts contain 10 grams of omegas 3 and 6 per 30-gram serving (twice the amount of protein compared to flax or chia) AND they contain these essential fatty acids in a perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio, which is the same ratio found in our cells. I love plants because i can find everything i need from them without byproducts and toxins that come from fish, meat, and dairy. i'll take  hemp hearts for omega 3's over fish (that contains mercury, PCBs, etc) any day!

It's only been a couple weeks since the cut and my hair is already growing longer and will need a trim soon 😩 this damn whole foods plant based nutrient rich diet is ruining everything!!! #vegan

I could put chickpeas and/or hummus in every meal I love it 😍😍 especially in this beautiful bowl! what's your favorite legume!? All credits for this photo goes to Bella, @thebananabowl, so check out herpage for more! I have five more pages to feature in celebration of hitting an 80k landmark--a small sign of appreciation I have for all of you wonderful people. All you have to do is repost any of my pictures and tag me so I can stalk, I mean, check out your page 🙃😁

is it easier to eat animal products than switch up your whole diet? probably. is it easier to find more protein in meat dairy and eggs like (if) you have all your life? yes. is it easier to keep your eyes shut and keep walking than to make a change? most likely
please, take your easy and convenient and comfortable. i don’t want it. if it means aligning my morals and values with my actions, difficult is okay. if it means a little extra education in what to eat instead of animals, difficult is okay. if it means endless vegan jokes, jabs, and criticism of my lifestyle because i'm doing something I believe in, bring it on. if it means having to change my lifestyle completely so that i could live a life that doesn’t require taking the lives of the silenced and innocent, i’ll take difficult over easy every day of my life. will you join me?

iPhone quality photo (blogger violation #12: forgetting your camera), but high quality taste👏🏼👏🏼 highly recommend the Summer Celebration Salad, especially if you're in denial about it already being September. It has BBQ tofu, tabbouleh, avo-kale hummus, fire-roasted corn + tomato salad over arugula + romaine, citrus vinaigrette and optional-but-completely-necessary-as-a-human-being flatbread. I'm usually not a big fan of arugula but it went pretty well with the whole salad!

How I feel, mid-photo taking, realizing that Monday is Labor Day😁😭😁please stay safe everyone and eat some good 🌱vegan🌱 food (@veggiegrill is an excellent choice if you can decide and you're in the LA area)

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