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aisha hinds  LIFE, the (me)aning of her name ~Wonder

•| S T A N |• #InsecureSunday
“Know better, do better. Bloop!” - @yvonneorji

•| I S S A • N E W • S E A S O N |• #911onFOX Season ✌🏾9/23 & 9/24
It’s a new season, it’s a new day....

M O O D. 🎼 @officialresound 🎼

•| C O V E R • H E R |• @kyrzayda_
She endeared me with her fashion...
She moved me with her faith.....
She unearthed me with her FIGHT!
Dear @kyrzayda_ THANK YOU for your incredible, fierce, unimaginable beauty that runs depths and dimensions beneath the sum of its surface. You have generously and genuinely shared your soul and allowed your “followers” access inside your personal, sacred, intimate battle with cancer as you selflessly inspire, educate and empower with each breath you take. Garbed in grace and grit, you are the walking definition of triumph. Your heartfelt honest offerings accessorized by your day to day determination has truly been your best #OOTD. You have SLAYED this journey like no other!!!! May you KNOW how much of a blessing to more lives than likes could ever count that your life is, as you celebrate the breaths towards your 40th birthday on 8/18.....and counting.....each day, each breath, a new gift. Join me in covering this beautiful soul with loads of light, love, prayer and gratitude. P.S. To all the publications trending Minority Magic, her story is one that definitely needs to be COVERED! ❤️

•| G O D Z I L L A | • #GodzillaKingOfTheMonsters Who is the real monster? Them or Us?....Coming to theaters May 2019
#Godzilla #GodzillaMovie #Gojira #Mothra #Rodan #Ghidorah #Monarch

•| U N P A I D • I N • F U L L |• @leaninorg
#RP @traceeellisross @kerrywashington
LISTEN UP! Did you know that black women are paid 38% less than white men? 38 PERCENT. I support equal pay—because #38PercentCounts. #BlackWomensEqualPayDay

•| M Y • N I N E • O N E • O N E S |•
Who’s joining us for the TWO-NIGHT Season 2 Premiere on SUNDAY September 23 & MONDAY September 24?

•|B L O O M • W H E R E • P L A N T E D|•
Where AI AM is exactly where I’m supposed to be right now, cause according to the enemy Ai ain’t even supposed to BE here 🙏🏾🙌🏾 @911onfox #FOXTCA

•| G R A T T I T U D E |• #FoxSummerTCA #911onFOX - Very, very grateful....

•| I • P R O M I S E |• 🙌🏾👑🤓📝🎓🤜🏾
“We all have that possibility, that potential and that PROMISE of seeing beyond the seeming” - Maya Angelou - May this mighty seed planted by @kingjames bear much fruit and birth GREATNESS that transcends the wildest dreams of the young people who will move through the halls of the #iPromiseSchool 🙏🏾🙌🏾

•| D O P E • S H O T |• #WheresTheLie #TreasureHer #Bonnie🖤
#Repost @dimedavis with @get_repost
typical ash. @ashleyblaine @wale

•| I N • B L A I N E • S I G H T |• #BlackBonnie @ashleyblaine @wale
Comprehensive List of things
Ashley Blaine Featherson cannot do:

1. 🤷🏾‍♀️
2. See Number 1

Write the vision and just make it BLAINE!!!! So proud 🖤Ash🖤 of the irrefutable beauty, boldness, blackness and brilliance you bring to EVERYTHING you DO....#OHITS 🤜🏾 Also, OH SO!! 👀

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