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“I give my best. The rest is out of my hands.” #ShotoniPhone by Muh N.I. @muhnikhsann

Capturing Mt Tam on iPhone Xs.
Commissioned by Apple.
#ShotoniPhone by Jake M. @jokemichaels

"Exploring Alaska from above was breathtaking. The older the glaciers, the bluer they are." #ShotoniPhone by Diana A. @diana_shx

Highlights and shadows on the new iPhone XS. Commissioned by Apple.
#ShotoniPhone by… Micaiah C. @micaiahcarter, Jake M. @jokemichaels, Jason N. @jason_nocito_studio

“Finally getting out there.” #ShotoniPhone by Anya F.W. @i_am_gonna_live_forever

“As long as I’m in nature, my mood is great.” #ShotoniPhone by Mariko K. @mariko_klug

🐫 #ShotoniPhone by...
Andrey S. @svistal13, Hannah G. @gogogadgetguns, Erika P. @erikapineros, Timon N. @timon.j.n, Nasser A. @nalkhlaifi, Daniel R. @dantheiphoneman, Aleksey Z. @aleksey_zhbankov, Sebastian H. @sebastianhuber, Charles C. @spydarmancc, Dan D. @dandonaldson, Tània P. @pana_tpt
Music: “Surf” by Surf

“What drives me crazy is everything I haven’t captured yet.” #ShotoniPhone by Nastaran F. @nastaran_farjadpezeshk

Showcase 19: #TheReflectionSeries
Swipe for favorites from last week’s Community Brief. #ShotoniPhone
1. Emilia K. @emilia____photographe
2. Varun A @varun.aditya
3. Anton K. @_manusual_
4. Ivor L. @jawdoc2
5. Kyra L. @kslubell
6. William G. @willkhalifaman
7. Fazil K. @fazil.insta
8. Penni J. @pennijam

“It was like exploring an incredible new world.” With Support From Apple. #ShotoniPhone by Andrew K. @andrewknapp

A first look at how the new iPhone XS lets you freeze a moment in time. Commissioned by Apple #ShotoniPhone by… Micaiah C. @micaiahcarter, Jake M. @jokemichaels

Portraits shot on the new iPhone Xs including adjustable depth of field. Commissioned by Apple 
#ShotoniPhone by... Micaiah C. @micaiahcarter, Daniel B. @danieljbenson, Laura C. @laurajanecoulson, Jake M. @jokemichaels

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