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“All I was hoping to catch was a nice sunset.” #ShotoniPhone by Beth M. @xeyedcat

“Either run from the rain or embrace it.” #ShotoniPhone by Saúl Z. @saulz1229

“Just a boy taking off with the birds.” #ShotoniPhone by Dimpy B. @dimpy.bhalotia

“Good evening, Bangkok.”
#ShotoniPhone by Athipan W. @awnoom

“An old classic.” #ShotoniPhone by Bader N. @bader_ne

Commissioned by Apple. “Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. May this year’s celebration bring us all more peace and prosperity, and may we spread knowledge rather than ignorance.” #ShotoniPhone by Varun A. @varun.aditya

Commissioned by Apple. “Time moves forward whether we like it to or not. It’s up to us to decide what we do with that inevitability. I think about the broken systems we can dismantle and the underrepresented communities we can work to uplift. There’s immense power in our choices.” #ElectionDay #ShotoniPhone by Sasha A. @sashafoto

“It’s a bit twisted for these fumigation tents to look so cheery and humorous, but it’s part of the allure for me.” #ShotoniPhone by Randi M. @no_circus
Music: "Quicksand Race” by @ymusicnyc

“Sicily is simply the island of my dreams.” With Support from Apple. #ShotoniPhone by Carlos L. @care_much

Showcase 20: #TheTimelapseSeries
Our favorites from last week’s Community Brief. #ShotoniPhone by...
1. Se M. @awesomeplanb
2. Alexander S. @greeneyeeagle -
3. Jackson P. @jackson_partin
4. Jeff G. @jeffgoodman1
5. Karthik M.S. @karthi_m_s

“It was like the cloud had a sense of place, but it felt spontaneous to me.” #ShotoniPhone by Joseph C. @allophile_

“Some people feel alienated from science or conservation work. I’m trying to make them feel more connected through my photography, through my colorful and informative posts, and take an interest in these threatened species. Appreciation is the first step in conservation. I’m trying to garner awareness through that appreciation.” #ShotoniPhone by Sean G. @gourmetbiologist
Music: "Adios Morena (Kaleema y Chancha Via Circuito Remix)” by @riomiramarimba.
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