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loving my workouts and these tanks thx to @apperformance.fitness 🌟

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Getting back to where I need to be in my Health and Fitness 💪🏾 Representing the APPerformance Tank top, you know when you have a best friend that is out there working hard and putting his blood sweat and tears into building an empire for himself and chasing after his dreams everyday, you have to represent and show your support for the movement. Proud of you buddy and I love the Tank Top 💯 @austin_paulsen @apperformance.fitness #Health | #Fitness | #TIME | #Transform 🙌🏾

It has been amazing working with @sportsnut789 for a little while now. Her story is a funny one to tell.
I was linked up with @sportsnut789 by a referral from a good friend @matthurd21 (thank you 🙏) and when she first came to me she said she was only trying to eat 40-60g carbs a day because she wanted to get leaner. I will never forget the day I believe I jacked her carbs a least 200+. She messaged me asking “is this really a good idea, that’s a lot of carbs.” I said hell ya! Also I said our goal is to put some legs on her and as you can see she is packing some trunks around now. I am thankful she trusted the process because she has not only increase her carbs up to Current 275g (we hit 350 at peak) but she has gotten leaner, and she literally has been setting PRs in strength every single week. Yes you read the picture correct she GAINED weight. She has put in some hard ass work and I am super proud of her.

AP challenger you have won 400 dollars! (The contestant wanted to remain unanimous) Congratulation you have worked so hard and have shown true dedication. This guy has the busiest schedule I have ever seen. Most the time talking to him he is pulling all nighters for work but guess what... HE STILL GETS IT DONE. Thank you for being apart of the AP Program.

Forget about all the numbers. Forget about which diet is the perfect one for you. Forget about what type of exercise you are doing. Forget about all the things that you are stressing about that is keeping you from starting. The biggest thing I see that separates the people who are successful and the people who have endless regret is how hard they tried during the process. How much time they put in. You might have a major disadvantage due to your genetics, your financial situation, or your busy schedule. I'm sorry but you are going to have to work harder than the person to achieve your goals and that's just that. Be thankful you have the opportunity and don't worry about the if ands and buts. Just apply yourself! Don't worry about the details. Just start trying consistently. I'm telling you that's the key. Who needs some motivation? Hit me up with what is stressing you out about starting and let's fix it. I want you to start. RIGHT NOW.

What an amazing time it has been working with my good friend and client @matthurd21 . Matt came to me hungry for knowledge and to see what his body could really change into. We started at about 174lbs and he was eating about 2600-2700 calories I believe. He wanted to bulk up and see what strength gains he could make so we really pushed the food and training. We were hitting some crazy strength numbers when we got to his biggest weight ever accomplished at 200 pounds. From there we started to dial down while maintaining as much strength/muscle as we could. I think Matt might be the most dialed in I have ever gotten a client. We used some carb cycling and some cardio and all the sudden I switch up the plan and go all high carb and 0 CARDIO. His body had become a blazing furnace where he is shredded and now eating 3200 calories at 400+ grams of carbs😳 . One of the funniest guys I got to work with. This is the definition of receiving what you deserve because of how hard you worked and how patient you stayed.

@matthurd21 rocking some boulder shoulders in his new AP Perform Series Tank 💯#APPerformance

@jbeachamifbbpro lookin good in his AP Perform Series Tank. Thanks for the support brotha!🙏

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Rockin the AP PERFORMANCE apparel today 🔥 my good friend @austin_paulsen started up his own clothing line! Go check it out! Message him they are selling out quick 💯

2017 Summer Shredding Challenge
The holiday is over and time to get back on track. I am excited to announce that I am running another challenge with a cash prize! The last challenge went so well and this time I think it will be even better.
Here's the details:
This will be a 60 day challenge.
You will be provided:
- Full training program based on your experience level.
- Video content explaining how to track your macros and hit the recommendations I set.
- Recommended supplementation.
- Weekly check in assessments.
- access to a private group on my platform that will hold accountability and answer questions.
The winner will be selected by myself. The person I believe who has the best before and after transformation will win $400 cash. Oh not to mention you will have totally changed how you look and feel.
This could change your life!
The deadline to register is Friday, July 21st where then we will begin the week following. Please contact me for any questions!

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Nothing better than a late night gym/therapy session. "If I ain't have the keys to success
I would have picked the lock"- Wayne 🔐 HUGE thanks to @apperformance.fitness For the awesome tank! 3.5 weeks to get tight as possible. •

#fitspo #fitfam #npc #gains #nutrition #gymlife #fitness #weightlossjourney #bodytransformation #training #chestday #gym #backday #fitspiration #healthy #fitnessjourney #apparel #weightlossfood #weightlosstransformstion #exercise #diet #ifbb #preworkout #athlete #shredded #instafit #preworkout #preworkoutmeal #fitnessjourney

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