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Hebatullah (hebah)  Half Egyptian and English born living in Melbourne 09 Nov 🖤🥀🖤

Ill do a proper look with this dress but I’m livin for my rare occurrence of an impulsive buy

I’m probably overtired but I’m not too spaced out not bad nice surrounded by cosplayers at the train station n happy to see ppl so excited #goth #gothgirl


Ngl I feel like something inside sort of broke today idfk what the last few hours even were

She’s still swollen and I need to give her a proper wipe down before I dress my leg again (the plasma is a bit gross to look at ngl) but my camera really isn’t giving my #Bastet #tattoo by @lukedoliver even close to the justice this piece deserves I’m absolutely fuckin floored #egyptian #egyptiangoddess #bastettattoo

Scene gf and pastel gf heading into the city 4 tattoos ft. Halloween filters #girlfriends #scene #pastel #alternativefashion #sceneemo #sceneemogirl

How does it feel when you can’t feel nothing #goth #gothgoth #gothgirl

I am the plague
I am the plague
I need you pure I need you clean
I need you pure I need you clean #goth #gothgirl #creepy

Another overnight shift tonight n another eye look that I’m genuinely proud of ft. My fucked up doll children n my lack of ability to look at the camera 🌌 #alternativegirl #goth #gothgirl

Today was so wholesome a little girl got excited when she saw me over the counter because she thought I was pretty. I wrote a little note on the inside of her nugget packet and snuck her a few extras, n she came up and said thank you and was so happy bc I started talking to her for a bit n I have this big silly smile on my face since she is so pure (also told her that if she came in and I was working, that she could say hi n i would give her some sneaky extras if I can) 🖤

Closeup of the Makeup tho

It’s 7:30 and I don’t start work till 11:30 but mel started way early so here I am

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