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Went through my tool box to clean some stuff out a bit....and didn't realize I have so many knives stashed away throughout...a collective gathering that will be going home now haha.

I've got your politics right here....

Saw this time machine today

Doin some tad guns for some guys at @713tattoo

I posted this on the wrong page, but say hello to my slightly smaller than average sized friend!!

Fixed rebuilt the carb, fixed the exhaust leak, new plug and coil and some new shoes on it

Full photo just because it's so purdy

Rebluing all done on this Winchester 94

Sprucing up this little guy. So far repainted the wheels and bars, then gonna rebuild the carb, clean up the motor and reseal common trouble areas. Then add the number plates to it, with some new grips for the bars. Re grease the steer tube and fork legs and it should be almost as good as new

Not nearly how I use to ride...did just a few minutes and my wrist already hurt