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Motor has gone through an extensive tune up....new oil pump, timing set, valves, springs, guides, pushrods, lifters, rockers, distributor, and gaskets...as well as most sensors. Still more to go

Well....it was all running fine like this just yesterday, after I spent all day yesterday replacing, motor mounts, plugs, wires, distributor and rotor, fuel filter, fuel pump, and an oil change as well as punching out the catalytic, I took it for a drive and lit the tires up , and did fine. As I got around the block it started to run rough with a backfire from the exhaust and intake. Don't want to pour more money into the motor I don't plan on keeping so i@ thinking I should just go ahead and swap it with the V8 , I forgot how frustrating it is to work on your own stuff 😤

Fixed a few more things here and there...almost road worthy

4"drop in the front 5" drop in the rear... gone get ready to pull the motor and trans soon and drop in that sweet SBC 383. The process won't be fast but when it's done, it will be.

Got the rear lowered 5" waiting for spindles and coils to get the front down 4". Then will rebuild the trans and go through the motor...runs good at the moment but want to check things out before I get any further...the stock 4.3 will stick around for a bit until I get the 383 gone through and rebuilt...then it will get swapped out once that motor is all set up.

Reminiscing old days... $500 turd s10 project... in time turd rocket... #s10 #383 #sbc #smallblock #sleeper

If you haven't already please follow my tattoo page @tattoos_by_rickboline for more updates on my tattoos. I'm on this account less and less @tattoos_by_rickboline @tattoos_by_rickboline @tattoos_by_rickboline

My buddy @hale_77 mom passed away over the weekend and the family need a bit of help to pay for burial cost. Anything helps so hop over to @hale_77 profile to find the link to support what you can. Hard times fall on all of us and sometimes they help given along the way is appreciated greater than we could ever understand.

Thanks for the hospitality @deathorglorytattoodallas , super awesome shop and stellar dudes working it there.

Wasn't as nice as the 15yr but still really good

And just knocked out this 19 for another friend, lost finger groves and double undercuts on the trigger guard, along with a beveled mag release.

Did this 17 for my buddy @tyson_wilkinson_tattoo

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