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Andrew Pollard  Gët ûp, tø gęt dòwñ! Thanks to: @factionskis @girosnow @altaskiarea 🌄 Artist @wzdtree Skier 🌏🌍EARTH FIRST🌏🌍. Alta, UT


One 🚀 from the day before the wind came and blew it all away. Stoked to see all the classic airs back in! Great to send one for buddy ⛷📽 @leoahrens who crushes it on the other side of the lens. 🙌🏽🙌🏽. #windsucks #andblows #classics

🌊🌊🌊 That was the best week of powder skiing I have seen @altaskiarea a long time.... if not ever. #deepweek was one for the books 🙌🏽. Photo by local legend @leoahrens. #forthefew #goodvibesonlyatalta

I haven't seen the sun much this year at @altaskiarea... And that is 👌🏼K with me. Another one from the man @natecahoon 📷🍳🍳🍳 #lookbothways #forthefew #nuketown #populationUbro #girosnowlocalsonly

Good times on the ranch 🌵🌵🌵. So much fun bouncing around all day with the family. 📷@Natecahoon . #lessoilpipelines #moreoilpan #fdt #forthefew #GETCORKED

Revelstoked. And it feels so damn good. 🍵🌲🙏🏽🌴

Hopefully it looks like this again at @altaskiarea this week. We all off to Canada with @thesoupmediahouse so all you powder piggies get back home for me. 📷: @sam_c_watson #adventuretime #yourwelcomeforleaving #goodvibesonlyatalta #trenchtownrock #howsickwastuesday?

The whole family ripping one down high boy for our brother @bryce_astle. Love you boss... we miss you every day we click into our skis @altaskiarea. But your good nature is always felt still. Thanks for the good vibes and pow today. #goodvibesonlyatalta 📷: @skimayhem

Here's to more good times in the mountains with the best people!🍻🙏🏽🙌🏽✌🏽️ Let's make the next lap on this rock count. 📷: @sam_c_watson #forthefew #highboyfiles #theyearofthepumpkinpresident @altaskiarea @factionskis @girosnow @thesoupmediahouse

The man, @thaynerich blasting one off the kickman yesterday🚀 🙌🏽✌🏽️🍻 Such a fun crew to hit a jump with, makes you want to challenge yourself. @altaskiarea. #gvo #dontspillthevibes

Sitting on my favorite ridge for a sec. Great first jump day with the homies. Thanks for the 📷📷: @sam_c_watson #cornhole? @girosnow @factionskis @altaskiarea