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My Number 10 influential movie: the apartment. Masterful story telling. Simple. Honest. Respects the audiences intelligence.

Influential movie number 9: the graduate. I remember finishing this film and saying “that a perfect movie”. I met with Mike Nichols years before he passed and he told me that social media encourages fragmented ideation. He encouraged me to compound those ideas and turn them from thoughts into knowledge through experience and only then, express them. This changed my life. Mike, your advise is alive. Thank you.

Influential movie number 8: national lampoons Christmas Vacation. That there’s an RV Clark. Pure comedy is born of relatable experience.

Influential movie number 7: Boyz n the Hood.
Love and hate are relatives that live under the same roof.

Influential movie 6 Last Tango in Paris. Taught me about being present.

influential Movie number 5 Stand by Me. The tales we tell each other are the fabric of our tribes. This movie helped this kid understand life, death, and friendship. “I brought the comb”

Influential movie number 4 Sleepless in Seattle made me fall in love with falling in love. Goes to show how much romance can be created with out ever seeing a kiss.

Influential movie number 3. Dumb and Dumber. This movie taught me that being serious is over rated. Made a giant impression on the comedic characters I chose to play. There’s a smart way to be dumb!

I missed my post yesterday so today is a 2 for. Goonies changed my world. “It’s our time, our time down here!”

My friend @thehurricane challenged me to post the 10 movies that inspired me the most over the next 10 days. Let’s start here. Shawshank. This taught me that the path to freedom is made possible by leaning into a vision until you pierce a hole in the universe.

When your competition is still sleeping! #work

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