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Spent the past few days wearing this shirt at the beach with Rachel. It felt good to get out of the normal day to day grind for a little bit. Now back to the regularly scheduled program of black shirts, building stages, and riding bikes.

Babe Beach.

First time this pig pen has been cleaned up in many months. Feels good. Side note: anyone local holding a decent home stereo subwoofer for a cheap price? I’m trying to come up on some boom boom on my shop stereo but am trying to avoid an awkward Craigslist meet up. On another side note: I’m also looking for a sub for my truck if you’re holding, haha.

This is the “I just got home from a run to the hardware store and my babe thought I was looking mighty fine when I rolled up” photo shoot. It’ll be in the June issue of your favorite chopper mag.

Photo shoot of @haczinkle and his new scoot. It’ll be in all the magazines next month. Got a couple cover shots as well. #chobular

Yo! Just picked up my new lid from @customdestruction. Wes re-lined an old Fury 400 for me and put my face inside of it so I’ll never forget how beautiful I really am. Wes does some really dope shit. Send your helmet to him for a new custom liner. Buy a new helmet from him with some badass liner in it. Whatever, just get him to make your dome look cool. If you are as obsessed with me as I am, give me five bucks and I’ll let him put my face inside YOUR helmet.

It feels good to wash away a couple weeks worth of work off of the boots and get them shining again. I’m not talking about wiping off the dried up coffee spots from the accidental soy latte spill on your desk last week. I’m talking about cleaning off the mud, sawdust, metal shavings, and drywall that has collected from being on your feet 10+ hrs a day. I’m on my 2nd set of soles and I love these things, though they aren’t near as comfortable as my Timberland Pro Anti-Fatigues but those aren’t Instagram cool and you wouldn’t hit the double tap if I posted a pic of those. #redwings

Headed up to the Queen City on Saturday to @zaccwild / @speedadder’s show & swap. Anyone that wants to cruise up together, get at me. Probably leave late morning sometime.

I’m ready to get back home and whip her ass in some checkers.

I’m down in Biloxi, MS for work. Spring Fest is a wild three day party dubbed #blackbeachweekend. There were crazy street and parking lot parties all last night. The mid 80’s model Cutlass with the trunk open jamming all night in the hotel parking lot didn’t make for good sleep. I was able to get a little peace and quiet on an early morning beach walk earlier. Tonight I’ll be working a show with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, 2Chainz, and more. It should be a wild time. I’m tired. Here’s a pic of random carvings and bird poop on a pier.

Happy birthday bud. I hope you’re laying on a bed of jerky after bathing in a tub of Coors. Party on, forever.

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