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apis  ..a visual diary of my life.. ..let the pictures do the talking..

..night shift over, time to get some sleep.. don't bother me, shooo human


..sigh..., my little angel.. sometimes, she can be so willful & sometimes, she is so demure
sigh.. 0705.2017

..i'm the captain on duty.. boys & girls, pls don't play with fire. its very dangerous... 0505.2017

..the first night jamboree experience..
definitely a whole new atmosphere; downpour, trails of blinking headlights & taillights and at times dark with just reflectors as trail guides. as if it weren't challenging enuff, my vision was blurred by the rain & eyewear got fogged up. nice.. 3004.2017

..i just need to ride..
when stressed, just pedal it out into the trails. less people, less bullshit. just nature & myself.

..happy 1st birthday my baby boy.. you have brought us unimaginably huge amount of happiness in our lives and destroying things has never looked so amusing with you going "oh oooh..." 2204.2017

..i got one hand on the internet & the other just finished a chocolate snack.. 1404.2017

..when you come home with dirt on you & your bike, you had a great weekend.. 0904.2017

..new cat on the block.. 0604.2017

..another adventure awaits.. for my 11mths old explorer

..let's go 'overseas' to ride.. 1903.2017

..good morning & have a pleasant day.. exactly 2yrs ago, we were here & his sister, sufia, was wide awake in the middle of the night. adorable moments are made of these 😊

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