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AphmauThePotato  Mistakes aren’t what define us. But at this moment, after everything has gone wrong, this is what defines us. How we pick ourselves back up. - Aphmau

Caption this...
“When you realize you didn’t eat breakfast this morning.”

Some of you might have seen it already, but there is a challenge for editors going around! You have to mix up your music playlist and chose a song randomly. Then you have to use it for your edit. I ended up getting On & On by Cartoon. And I haven’t really posted anything about Mystreet Season 6 yet, but I love it so much!
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I’m dying inside... This was too much for me to handle...
If you don’t want Mystreet Season 6 - When Angels Fall spoilers, don’t read any further.

Why is Garroth so freakin cute as a werewolf?!
Agent R (Rowan) is 100% best Dad!
Melcinda anyone?! Jess better make it canon
I need to know why Melissa, Lucinda, and Aaron are hurt
I need the Lycan hoodie, but it’s too expensive 😂
I love how detailed the skins are now
I can’t wait to learn more about Travis’ demon and Ghost/Kim
Ein is back too... Oof
Derek... Don’t you dare turn yourself in... Okay... I’m done...

I’m totally okay guys... Just ignore me... I’m fine... Totally fine... I’M NOT OKAY!
When Angels Fall... I can’t wait to hear the theories... 😂
Also... WHY IS EVERYTHING IN MAY?! May 5th, Season 6 AND a huge party for my family, May 9th, special someone’s birthday, May 10th, something I don’t want to say but it’s a thing, and May 13th, Mother’s Day! What the heck?!
But I can’t freakin’ get over this! IRENE MY SWEET BABY!
I don’t think I’m ready for a Mystreet and Diaries cross-over yet...

Let’s sing Faster Car by Loving Caliber from Aphmau’s Love~Love Paradise and Starlight in the comments! Any comment that messes it up will be deleted! I’ll start! 💜
I’ve been feeling so small...

(Sorry for the late post) Aww! This episode was so funny! Alejandro just makes everything 100% better! 😂

Aww! They both turned out so cute! Idk why, but I love seeing little girls doing their mother’s makeup! And Julia is so adorable! She’s a sweet precious potato! 💜💜💜

I love how we got to see more of Jason and his weird side! He made so many funny expressions and I had to screen shot them!
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I was watching today’s Human Fall Flat video, and as I was taking screen shots I got these... I’m dying! 😂😂😂


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