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Aphmau💖  15 mins...15 years... Aaron come back!!😭❤️ ~Dm to rp~ <Single or Taken: Taken 😍Lanie😍 📱Shu📱🔪 Wish I was dead🔪 Can't post, IPad broken😔


Follow him and bump him up to 6000 or more! He my best friend 😍 {I'm going to sleep soon}

How is my peeps doing?!💕🔥

What would you do, if you found me asleep in your bed?🤔

{Rule: You have to be part of a Aphmau Fandom}

I drew this, her name is KC and she's a vampire

Don't judge

1) Yes (2) Skylar (3) 4/5ft (4) 8 (5) blue green (6) Yesterday (7) Being in a big room alone (8) I'm listing to music now (9) @epicface_phs234 (10) Taken @the_lover_aaron

"hey how are you doing, Well, im doing just fine, I lied I'm dying inside.." 🔪🔫☠

Today I ate more than I should have...I got sick like 3 times...ugh..

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