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Aphmau  || YouTuber || Player of Video Games || Doer of Things || Corgi Mom || Woof || Jason Bravura is my waifu, and he totally knows it. 💜❤️


First I was serious, then... idk 😂😘

⭐️My ask.fm: https://ask.fm/JessBuns
There were a few questions I've been wanting to address, so I made a ask.fm for them. I felt bad if I spammed, plus my responses are hella long. I hope this answers a few questions.
I'm so sorry a few of these questions took a while to respond to.
I've been going through a lot lately and the stress of YouTube and online hate in general really got to me. I felt I needed to distance myself from social media and I did so when I could.
I'm doing much better now with the support I have.
It's just really scary when you become more known and it made me feel incredibly vulnerable. I'm still learning to deal with that.
#aphmau ⭐️Art by @jaltoid

Been a while since I've posted a pic of me. Feeling better slowly!

Quick update.
I have a few things going on and I need a small break today. Vids will resume as normal tomorrow.
If you can understand thank you, if not, I apologize...

Hide your doors! 💙(╯*´꒳`*)╯︵🚪

‪THANK YOU ALL for the birthday wishes and everything! 💜‬
‪I have no idea how to express to you guys how much it meant so I wrote this. @~@;‬

Vacation is over! Back to Seattle and HALLOWEEN TIME, WITCHES! 😂🎃💀👻
I prefer a dark look for the month. 🕷Took a pic in the hotel room before we left. Took lots of other pics tho, might post them later if I have a moment! Over all vacation was nice, Jason and I had to work during but at least we got to take the kids out each day! They had a blast!
Happy to be heading home! 💜

"Alright kids, mommy just wants one nice picture, please?"
Joseph: Covers face.
Julia: Doesn't look at camera.
Jason/Me: OH WELL AT LEAST WE TRIED! Hahahah! 😂😂💜❤️

Jason took pic of me...💜❤️ (⸝⸝•́દ•̀⸝⸝)

WOLF BAG AHHH! (´⊙ω⊙`)
This just came in today! It's NOT available yet, but will be very soon! Keep an eye out!
PS: Ignore the crinkles in it! It just came through the mail and was stuffed in a bag @~@; hehe

Words cannot express... 😭
Thank you all so much for your support, your love, everything... thank you for 5 beautiful years, the laughs and tears, thank you 💜❤️
Jason and I have been through so much. Thank you 💜❤️

Our SUPER FLUFFY CORGIS CAME IN! They are from @thousandskies! They are so cute and fluffy! 😱💜❤️
They are available on their website!
Yes I am obsessed with corgis!

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