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phone editor  who needs to be "good at editing" when you can be awful and complain about it 24/7

happy birthday emma here’s my temporary gift since my dumbass decided last minute “hey fuck it lets do a minute long edit instead of that 7 sec edit i was planning”
dt @mitsunoa hope this makes your day ^__^

i tagged as spoilers but it’s not really spoiler-y so if you haven’t read past limited u can still watch
hi i tried to do the edit in an hour challenge bc i was bored at like midnight yesterday and RAISING A BAT REFUSED TO LOAD so take this because i don’t want to be inactive

hi so on my story i made a poll and y’all voted for me to start an audio acc so here it is! ive always wanted to start one so hopefully it won’t flop -3-.

happy birthday hanamaru ♡
ib/ac: lundenburger & mochiakiii
i love this gal so much, if i ever am sad all i have to do is look at her and i cheer up knowing someone this good exists!!!! i could rant forever about how much development she has but ill spare you all lol. i just love hanamaru kunikida so much.

Mission 004 and 005
dt @neostigmine.s and @magicmonokuma
welcome to the dead memes squa- ahem, i mean, astro squad
i regret making this just Give Pisces Points Please We’re Dying
#astroassignment #astroassignmentpisces

Reblog if u cannot wait to start middle school and get away from all the drama lies and tears from elementary school <|3
(this is quite possibly the ugliest thing ive ever made but i wanted to edit sw*m sw*m even if i don’t like her)
dt @suzukerumisuzu @misonoalicein

#astrorec1 Pisces :3

(repost to fix thumbnail)
sometimes you just really need to edit an underrated innocent angel who deserved more than she got
swipe for no 15 fps cuz i know some people don’t like it :3

heading straight for the castle.
dt: @teamruler bc ur shirogane fucker #1

he’s home.
dt: @dazaimatsu now you have to fufill ur end of the deal ;3
ac: weibus
i tried to make this more emotional bc i feel like most dazai edits are like yum what a swexy man! rather than look at the tragic past this man has and everything he’s went through just to stand here today so i tried to make this more emotional? i guess lol


have something i finished a while ago since im probs not gonna be able to post at all this week.

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