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phone editor  who needs to be "good at editing" when you can be awful and complain about it 24/7

yes i ran out of time to make an edit so i made this instead yes i am embarrassed to post this and yes this isn’t funny
happy birthday chiaki THE BESTEST BOY i wish i could make an edit for you but ap classes are kicking my ass :,)
dt @kiqhx You Said To Dt You All Chiaki Edits So You Only Have Yourself To Blame
p.s. kanata isn’t here because he’s gabriela

the real reason why ren and yu fight in pq2 is because ren said “no cops at pride”
mep part from a whiiiile ago that i never posted

counting to fifteen.
dt the cwique bc they reminded me of this anime a few days ago and now im super sad over maki and ruru.....

pastel*palettes open collab!
- pastel*palettes characters ONLY! and no repeats pls - color scheme is white and the color of your girl (for ex: hina would be blue since she’s blue themed)
- due date: october 8th
- please don’t just do plain raw! doesn’t have to be all super effect overload, just add some fx and you’ll be good
- pass is your fave p*p character
- the first part is the longest at 7 seconds, but other than that they’re all around the same
- oh and don’t feel like you have to pick the girl that corresponds with the vid. for example, if you got part 1, you don’t have to edit aya, you could choose chisato instead.
- form: top 2 parts / top 2 characters / pass / backup?
that’s all! i rlly want to make this as easygoing and stress free as possible so don’t be afraid to ask for an extension :)
part 1 - @xsatanael (maya)
part 2 - @crowselia (eve)
part 3 - me (hina)
part 4 - @aulesss (aya)
part 5 - @komaservant (chisato)
backup: luca, vs.meyneth, ikenaii
if you didn’t get in, please don’t be upset!!! it’s probably just because ive already collaborated with you, or because the part/character u wanted was taken. ill probably host another soon, and you’ll be prioritized!!


self control.

HAPPY BDAY TO ONE OF MY BEST GALS nobody likes her so this will flop but she’s a complete and utter queen and stop characterizing her as a “yandere” when she’s the complete opposite of one ok and goodnight

life will change.

the only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed.

ugh! her mind.
#anges7daysofpjo - underrated character y’all already know
dt @ikenaii thank u for dting ur pjo edits to me their so god tier
check comments for art credit bc im too lazy to repost

imma be real with you chief they deserve better than this edit
#anges7daysofpjo - otp
dt @mitsunoa & @rurukamv my fellow pjo intellectuals

happy birthday luca (@ludenberck)!! this was my part in ur bday mep and yes you may be tempted to drop me after u see how bad it is please don’t. jokes aside, you’ve always been such a good friend to me ever since i joined the cwique at its foundation and continued to be there for me even when i left. you’re such a sweetheart and i can really tell that you’ve changed into a kind, caring person. i hope this day rocks for you and you have a wonderful day!!!! <3

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