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A little of me & a lot of Dogs  Sarah, M.Ed.✌️ •Teacher •Director @ReversedRescue •Pit Bull Advocate •Behavior Mod/Obedience @BossK9Training •@Wag!🐾Training Consultant 🤓💀🌹🖤

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Neuro would like to remind everyone to stay Hungry, never Thirsty on this fine Thursday 😜 #forthepeopleintheback
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Knowledge is Power. Let us know if we can help. @bossk9training.
Ask us about our special for Foster dogs and their families. #adoptdontshop #support #rescue #rehabilitate #behavior #balancedtraining Repost @thezendogla

😎 it me.
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It’s officially an invasion of Frenchie mommas at @ReversedRescue! Yesterday we partnered up on routine rescue with @marleysmutts to Lancaster shelter when we were blindsided by an influx of owner surrenders. A breeder was turning In 6 old yorkies they couldn’t breed anymore and two big mastiffs were going in. @zachskow took the mastiffs and yorkies into his rescue and we left with the breeder to go get their Frenchies they were surrendering. We got 3 of the 6 year old mommas and will be back to get on of the boys and a lab of theirs. Unfortunately they are licensed and allowed to breed out here so we can only work to educate them and try to change their ideals about breeding like this. We will stay in contact and not allow their old dogs to be sent into the shelter system and track any deformity dogs they can’t sell because we don’t want to see these dogs disappear just because they don’t fit the mold of a “good looking dog” to be sold. Hence why the moms we got are missing an ear, infected feet and a mouth deformity on another. It’s a sad side of rescue to have to see things like this but at least we can help the dogs so they don’t get thrown away. Had to thicken up the skin to be on that property and not be able to do much because somehow this way of doing things is still legal. We will take care of all these babies above and beyond but it’s going to take more extensive spays since they’ve had so many births through their little bodies. We also have to get them cleaned up and more confident since they aren’t used to human interaction or being able to just live as a dog. We will need some help to get them cared for since we did not expect to all the sudden have 4 frenchies, but when dogs are in need like this you make it happen!
If you’d like to donate to their care please click the link in our bio or:

If you are interested in fostering for RR or adopting please reach out to our foster/adoption coordinator Sarah at:

Thanks so much to everyone for the ongoing support and helping us save more beautiful pups!
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Welcome friends! Join the party. @reversedrescue #teefers
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Gator, Tulip, Petunia and Hope. Coming in hot this Thursday to remind you, “Be Happy, Don’t Worry” 🖤💪🧡 #LifeIsWhatWeMakeOfIt #OneGoodDeedADay
To donate to the puppies care or to our other dogs @reversedrescue
PayPal: donate@ReversedRescue.com

Be you, bravely. 🖤✌️

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Help us, help Freddy. 🧡#Repost @reversedrescue
Little mid-day emotional recharge for everyone💛⚡️ We’re going to start raising funds for a full body suspension wheelchair so Freddy can know what it’s like to play with a friend even if his legs don’t work very well 🙏🏻🧡 If anyone has connections for companies that do these kinds or wheelchairs or if you’d like to sponsor one for him please DM and reach out 🧡
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Animals healing animals. Sometimes a broken spirit can be as debilitating as our physical ailments and despite his many challenges, Freddy has his moments where he is showing us he has fight. ❤️ Watch how Freddy peeks up during this interaction with Vedder! #firsttailwags
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The face you make when you realize people have been donating to you, and your life matters 🖤 Freddy says, “Keep it comin!” 🧡 no amount is too small.
PayPal: donate@ReversedRescue.com
For now, this is Foster life, pool side chillin. Freddy still has a long road ahead of him and @julespitties is making sure he’s as comfy as can be in the meantime, appreciating each moment and letting him just chill.
#FightingForFreddy @reversedrescue #rrFreddy #wegotyoubud

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