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A little of me & a lot of Dogs  Sarah, M.Ed.✌️ •Teacher •Director @ReversedRescue •Pit Bull Advocate •Behavior Mod/Obedience @BossK9Training •@Wag!🐾Training Consultant 🤓💀🌹🖤

Not all who wander are lost.
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We use tools not to inflict pain or create fear but to bridge the gap of communication. Using tools like the prong collar, e-collar, pet convincer amongst others to help create a clear line of communication with our dogs. They give us the ability to guide and navigate them in our crazy world. Our world is a scary place to most dogs. Dogs don’t understand it. It's our responsibility as a pet owner to teach them what is wanted and unwanted. Yes and No. Keeping our conversation black and white. Teaching them to look to us for guidance instead of making decisions based on reaction. Reactions stemming from uncertainty and fear. Our dogs only know what we teach them.
Penny is being walked by Dani, who’s only 4yrs old. In the beginning of Penny’s training this would’ve been impossible. Penny used to pull, zig zag and greet whomever she pleased. Instead Penny understands whats expected of her and what we are communication with the prong collar. Giving Dani the ability spend time walking Penny with just a little guidance from us. We showed Dani how to communicate with Penny using the leash pressure and off they went on a adventure walking and hanging out with each other. Some might comment “Well will Penny ever be able to walk without the use of a Prong/ E-Collar.” My response to that is “Would you ever get in a car without putting on your seat belt?" You might be the best driver in the world with a flawless record but it doesn’t mean you won’t ever need your seat belt. Why?? Its because we can’t control that 1% variable. We can’t control other people. their dogs, animals outside of our home. Always having your communication tools on when we are outside of the home doesn’t mean your dog needs them to coexist. You may not even have to use them at all, but if and when you do, trust me you’ll happy that you were prepared and ready for the 1%. Don’t ever let people, other dog trainers, and society limit your ability to have an amazing life with you dogs. There’s a reason why these tools and balanced training exist. It’s simply because more often than not the right tools, approach and training can be the difference in helping you and your dog become your best selves. 🧡

I miss Chance everyday. My boy 🖤 thank you for this @bri.annaaa. Can’t even begin to tell you how much this artwork means to me and our team 🧡🧡 #rrChance #reversedrescue #missyoubuddy #spayandneuter #adoptdontshop
Chance passed away from Cancer. Cancer that could have been prevented. Please spay and neuter your pets. 🖤

✌️🖤 be kind. be present. be intentional.

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you hear it all the time, a trainer will tell you they use science based methods, that’s proven effective but here is the thing, it’s experimental methods. Now there is nothing wrong with that. Dog training is experimental.
Sometimes you encounter a dog that your usual methods and techniques just don’t work and then you have to get creative. You have to think outside the box, maybe do something you’ve never attempted before to help that dog and that’s the beauty of dog training. That’s science. Problem is, the trainers who bang on about science are not doing it properly, they are sticking to one manual or one txt book, one style, one method because they believe that’s what science is and that’s when dogs end up being failed.
If you look at it from a medical stand point with a human patient in a ER. Sometimes they come into the ER with some rare illness, very rarely is something like that diagnosed on the spot, sometimes they have to run test after test to get to the bottom of it, sometimes the medication used to treat certain illnesses don’t work and they have to think outside the box, sometimes you can’t stick to the txt book. The best doctors in the world are the best because they can think outside the box, they will experiment with alternative treatments and it’s not to dissimilar to dog training in that sense.
You can not rely on what you’ve been taught constantly, you can’t rely on what the latest science says or stick to one method constantly for every single dog, you sometimes have to step up and do something complete against the grain to help a dog even if that goes against everything you’ve been taught or read.
The best trainers in the world will do whatever it takes to help a dog and will not limit their tool box or style or methods to a one size fits all programme.
Science based dog training, we all do it, just some do it properly and just don’t throw the label out there to sound good when they’re not practicing it properly.
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Happy Fathers Day to JP. Thank you for teaching us, supporting us and always making us laugh. You are loyal, trustworthy and always working to better the lives of the people around you. Thankful for you always. #JP #JohnPeel #themanthemyththelegend 🖤🖤

Whenever I go out of town I always leave Nemo with the family who fostered him before I adopted him. And every time he gets so much love and has such a good time. My heart is so happy that he’s so happy 😍☺️ thank you @glendorabathandbody for being so awesome and taking such good care of my little guy. #tripawd #theadventuresofnemo #nemo #adoptdontshop

“....With Guts and Grace 🖤...” my little sister, Dr. Melanie Peel. 🤘 So happy for you MelMel ☺️ #DRofVeterinaryMedicine #OSU #pawsitive #bossb #smelanie #DVM

Welp. I got to meet Skye today. She is blind and deaf. She is owned by one of my sisters best friends. And to put it simply, I adore her and her mom. Love this dog and her happy go lucky personality. #rescueadvocate #specialneedsdog #sweetestthingEVER 🙈😍 #lifeofSkye #hermomisaDR #australianshepherd #didwejustbecomebestfriends

My wildcard chillin with King Arthur #ohLily. Drew brings out the best in the dogs that we meet and work with. Im thankful for his ability to bond with dogs who normally don’t want to be social. He shows them respect, proper communication and guidance and in turn they trust him and follow his lead. My little Lily can be a total bitch and her bite record would shock most people who don’t know her. But here, she is calm and confident and happy (AND cuddling!) . Butterflies and rainbows if you will. 😉🙈😍Thank you @pittieswithattitude 🖤 My heart is so happy knowing I can be at peace about how my dogs are doing while I’m away. Want to feel that way while you’re out of town?
Board (and Train) with us 🖤Training@BossK9Training.com
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@pittieswithattitude .
Arthur came in as a Board and Train for some behavior support and modification and he is doing amazing 🖤 clearly 😉😍 adoptable through @shadowhuskyrescue 🖤

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Happy Friday!!! Hope y’all are ready for the weekend. We’re out here having a great structured play and socialization time with the pack. @reversedrescue alums Drewski and Jäger and adoptable #rrPenny helping me socialize Arthur. Arthur (husky) is available for adoption through @shadowhuskyrescue and little Penny (mini pit) is available for adoption through @reversedrescue. #fosterfriday
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