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Justin Chong  ▪️📸 Published Photographer ▪️🎨 Graphics Designer ▪️🇸🇬 Based in Singapore ▪️🇿🇦 Johannesburg, South Africa 14/8 - 21/8 ▪️✉️ apasionese@gmail.com


My buddy @benoconnor_ptc 🇮🇪 from our studio shoot back in May. Ben is currently prepping for the Arnold Classic in Barcelona and I wish him all the best. 9 weeks out mate? Hang in there!! #PhotosByApasionese #ApasioneseUK2017

[🇲🇾 6/6] And wrapping up this series is one of Malaysia's most famous fitness personalities - #jaychou 😂😂 just kidding. It's my good friend from Kuala Lumpur @jordanyeohfitness who has been busy being a dad these few days. Jiayou Jordan!! Dad bod or not, still my idol! 😝 #PhotosByApasionese

[🇲🇾 5/6] This 22yo from Alor Setar blew my mind when he stepped on stage earlier this year in Singapore at the #NABBAWFFMortalBattle where he won the overall junior BB cat and earned his Asia Pro Card. Hopefully I will get a chance to work with @zhanzhek again. He wanted a shot with his legs, so here it is! #PhotosByApasionese

[🇲🇾 4/6] Another one prepping for the Asia Pacific Championships in November is KL-based @josephlaiyh whom I had the pleasure of shooting in Kuala Lumpur last year. Another round of shoots has been planned. Can't wait for it. #PhotosByApasionese #ApasioneseKL2016

[🇲🇾 3/6] Kuala Lumpur based @jeff5777 shot with me last year when he was in Singapore competing with Musclemania®. Jeff is now prepping for the October show and I can't wait to see what this guy is bringing to stage. ▪️Jeff is wearing trunks by @aesthetixeraunderwear #PhotosByApasionese

[🇲🇾 2/6] - Who knew Coke Zero can give you an insane pump! ▪️Malaysia's first WFF International Pro @justin_ng_wffpro who is based in Johor Bahru. Justin (such a cool name 😜) is now prepping for the Asia Pacific Championships in November and another shoot is in the works! Can't wait. #PhotosByApasionese

[🇲🇾 1/6] - The next 6 posts features models from our neighbors up north. Coincidentally, all their names starts with "J" 😱 ▪️First up, 20yo #wffpro @jophysiquee who is based in Kuala Lumpur. This was from our shoot last year in Singapore. #PhotosByApasionese

Happy Birthday to one of the nicest people in the fitness industry, my good friend @jamesellisfit ▪️Have an ABSolutely great one brother! 🎂 🎁 🎈 🎉 #PhotosByApasionese #HappyBirthday

"You are confined only by the walls you build yourself." ▪️The stunning @marino_katsouris from our very brief shoot earlier this year. We will be working again the next time I'm in the United Kingdom. This time I won't interrupt him midway through his workout 😂😂😂#PhotosByApasionese #ApasioneseUK2017

"Sometimes, you have to get knocked down lower than you've ever been, to stand up taller than you ever were." ▪️The beastly @levipangan (Philippines) from our shoot last year. Happy weekend guys! #PhotosByApasionese

"Same script, different cast." ▪️From my recent shoot with @haris.hl ▪️Haris is wearing briefs from @aesthetixeraunderwear ▪️Have a great weekend ahead guys! #PhotosByApasionese #FlexFriday

Just chilling on a bench in the middle of the street. From our shoot last year in Singapore, it's Musclemania® champ @mohsinkhanfitness (India) #PhotosByApasionese

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