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Magpie III, acrylic on canvas, 35x35 cm, 2017

Magpie II, acrylic on canvas, 35x35 cm, 2017
Part of the exhibition at Woy Woy Bay Community Hall

Magnolia's time πŸ’œ
#magnolia #flowers

Magpie II, 35x35 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2017

Proteas and the yellow bird, 61x61cm, acrylic on canvas, 2017
Available for purchase
Please send me a message for more details πŸ’œ

By nature , I am very active, emotional and even a little expressive. These qualities of mine are always reflected on my canvases. Wide strokes, a quick manner of writing, expression, bright and pure colours in my works are all a part of me. After all, an artist doesn’t draw what they see, but what they feel. I want for people to look at my artworks and feel the same thing that I do- freedom, happiness, joy and always believing in something good.
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Proteas II, detail

Red Tulips, acrylic on canvas, 91x61cm, 2017
Available for purchase
Please send me a message for more details
Free shipping within Australia 🌏 πŸ’œ

"No food?! Empty hands? Seriously?" 😊
Wild, wild Black swans

So bright and colourful!
It's a new painting. I'll upload some more photos later today
Red Tulips 🌷 🌷 🌷

Short video of my latest painting
Sweet Cockatoo, best singers ever πŸ˜‚ so loud and always curious

My name is Katerina, I was born and raised in the capital of Latvia, in the spectacular city of Riga, in a family of artists and engineers.
I started drawing, maybe earlier than I started walking.

My childhood- was art clubs, studios, school of interior design. In general, constant creativity. All the time and everywhere.
Drawing always was and always will be a big and very important part of my life.

This is why, when I finished school, I became a student in the Latvian Academy of Arts.

During my education, I studied in Berlin and Norway, which is what gave me a colossal international experience in the world of art.
After successfully finishing my studies at the Academy of Arts, I continued to learn art.

And afterwards, I began to teach in the Academy, where one day I was a student there myself.

Parallel to teaching, I studied in a university, achieving the second highest degree in pedagogy, which helped me become a professional teacher in university.

In 2014, my family (husband and two children) and I came to the sunny Australia.

Painting became my everyday practice, my source of energy, my dialogue with the world, my research of my own inner world and my meeting with the fairy-tale that is Australia, a unique and magical country that became a second home for my family and I.

An artist cannot create just for themselves. Communication with people for me is very important. It is also a source of inspiration. In the beginning, I found friends and like-minded people only through social media, where I showed my works and received many positive comments. Thank you to everyone for the support, it is very important.

I’m am very happy that people like my bright, positive artworks, filled with light and energy!

I was told many times, that the artworks I paint radiate joy and help, at least for a small time, to drop the load of their everyday routine. It’s incredibly nice to hear. Currently, I successfully sell my works. Every artwork has a happy energy, which I want to show and gift to all people.

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