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Geneva Vanderzeil APair&ASpare  Tutorials, DIYs + tips for a creative life 📍 Australia & Hong Kong Currently renovating #bestendhouse

When your outfit camouflages with the decor but you’re totally ok with it ✌🏼. Back in Byron for a soirée with @spell, cocktails with friends and raising a glass to their beautiful new collection! PS how gorgeous is this amazing dried palm frond installation?! Anyone else really feeling dried leaves right now?

18 trips to the hardware store, 8496 paint chips, 14 dried up paint brushes, 3 days of paint swatching, and one cabinet that we painted twice... and we finally decided on the paint palette for #bestendhouse! It’s funny how different paint can look in different lights, or how you change your mind once you see them in a space. Lucky I had @bentmccarthy and you guys to help me make the right decision, I love the fresh @haymespaint white, pink and khaki. In case you missed it, over on the blog,” we’re sharing the lounge room and kitchen reveals! #renovation

Gingham gals ✌🏼. Ten weeks with this little honey pot and we’re starting to get into a groove, it’s been amazing/crazy/overwhelming... but so much ❤️.

Swipe for the BEFORE & AFTER of the #bestendhouse lounge room! Over on the blog, I’m excited to be sharing another reveal our renovation, this time the lounge room. We really wanted a big open plan living space that was light and bright, and Ben made it happen by extending the house and adding a new roofline at the back. Let there be light! Head over to the blog to read the post and watch the vlog, all about how we worked to keep the character of the room whilst making it fresh, modern and functional, and how I styled this tricky open plan space (with the help of - gorgeous @loungeloversfurniture sofa).

So fresh and so clean (clean) 🙌🏼. Back in my happy place, and this time with our little Frankie Frank... Had VERY romantic ideas about our first trip to the beach, but instead she cried the whole time (sand, sun and sea aren’t her thing jusssst yet). That’s what it is to be a parent I guess 🤷🏽‍♀️.

[I’m a partner in Crème] Me time 💕. The sleepless nights and dehydration of the fourth trimester have definitely taken a toll, so when I get a second to myself it has to count. Luckily it takes only a few minutes to indulge in @lamer, I’ve been using it since Frankie was born and have noticed such a difference. Usually my skin would be in ruins suffering from redness, irritation and dryness. The Crème brings visible transformation to my skin. It helps to calm my skin and make it more plumped and dewy. A nice surprise when everything else is a complete shambles! Excuse me while a take a nap 😴. #LoveLaMer #Ad

Tickled pink 💕. One of my favourite things about #bestendhouse is the pink front door, it was a risk but one I’m so glad we took! We stripped the paint (Six coats 😂. Paint trends obviously changed a few times since 1871!) off the original door and added this arc in the perfect @haymespaint dusty pink. See the reveal and all the behind the scenes of the exterior of the house over on the blog now.

RENOVATION REVEAL! After the gorgeous feature in @insideoutmag that came out last week, I’m so excited to be sharing our renovation reveal with you! It’s been a long time coming, with gallons of blood sweat and tears, but it is sooooo worth it to see the transformation of our 1871 Queensland cottage. We worked so hard to balance our goals of a beautiful and functional home/studio with the character of this cottage, and I think we did pretty well. Head to the blog to see the before and after of the exterior of the house! #bestendhouse Shout out to @charlieandrose who did such an incredible job with the design!

Ladeez who lunch ✌🏼. Touch down in Aus and straight to lunch because priorities (and to celebrate Frankie’s two month birthday 😂) . And thanks to everyone for the amazing baby travel tips, Frankie was such a trooper on her first long haul flight... In fact she was totally into the white noise and captive audience situation on the plane! I think she’s dreading going back to normal life 😂🤪.

Vine o’clock 🌿. Anyone else addicted to the idea of a jungle in the bathroom? In case you missed it, a little while ago we shared a v detailed post all about how to pick the best plants for your bathroom. Feat. this amazing oasis @emilyjanelathan. Head to the blog to read more!

Between a rock and a cute place 🐴 . There’s no such thing as too much rattan, right guys? (Ben disagrees 😒). Oh and in case you’ve been hanging out for a pair of #thesimplesandal, at the moment you can get 20% off using the code ‘simplesandal20’. Enjoy! Grab the link in my profile. @shop_apairandaspare

🍒Steppin’ out 🍒. Aka that one day a week you have time to iron clothes and do your hair. Luckily there’s no dress code to hang out on the sofa! And in case you missed it, talking about new season colours and how to wear them with @granacom over on the blog (use the code ‘apasxgrana’ to get 25% off!). And swipe for some of my fave shades right now, are you into them?

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