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I was fortunate to have survived 1999. Kids in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya and Somalia aren't so lucky. Even if they survive, these attacks leave a lasting impact in a person's life and create wounds that will never heal. To this day, I think it's a miracle that I'm alive and able to write this. I still need someone to pinch me every now and then. Yesterday, I was terrified about the possibility of repealing Obamacare, and today I'm reminded that nearly all of Syria's hospitals are gone. Domestic issues are essential, but don't let them distract us from everything our government is doing. Because, at the end of the day, those are the actions of people we not only elected but still don't hold accountable for their doings.
Pray and protest. Don't let them normalize civilian deaths and the use of illegal inhumane weapons.

Haykal Bafana from Yemen tweets: "Dear Obama, when a US drone missile kills a child in Yemen, the father will go to war with you, guaranteed. Nothing to do with Al Qaeda." This reminded me of growing up in post-war Serbia and even of our recent presidential campaign. Although many of us enjoyed American pop culture, the people in Serbia hated and still do, the American government with a passion. Unjustified aggression does that to people. The hatred is still so strong towards president Clinton for the bombing of 1999 that during the presidential election many in the diaspora in the U.S. saw Trump as the better choice. There are billboards in Serbia praising Trump for beating Hillary because she (although those were her husband's actions) symbolizes the aggression, pain, suffering and loss we felt 18 years ago. Now, how can we expect people in the 7 countries the U.S. is currently bombing to act any differently when my people feel this way for 78 days under bombs and many around the world have been suffering for almost a decade?
Today we have a president who is outspoken, to say the least, and has said that his counterterrorism policy is to "bomb the s**t out of ISIS." After the U.S. continued its drone strikes in 2009, the number of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula core members grew from 300 to 700 in 2012. Some terrorists, such as the "Underwear Bomber" who attempted to detonate explosives aboard an American commercial airliner, and the "Times Square Bomber" who attempted to set off a car bomb in New York City, cited the drone strikes in Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen as the motivators. Although the Obama administration praised the use of drones for more precise attacks that kill militants with high leadership roles, only a small percentage is actually eliminated in drone strikes. Reuters reports that the CIA believes it killed around 500 militants between 2008 and 2010, but only 14 of those were top tier military targets. Drones killed 12 times more low-level fighters in that time period than the supposed high ranking targets. Essentially, what actually happens is drone strikes creating far more terrorists than they can eliminate.

Today marks the 18th anniversary of NATO bombing of Serbia. Rather than make another "Never Forget" post, since the West has long forgotten it anyhow and we, Serbs, never will, I want to call attention to the world of 2017 by looking back to 1999 and its aftermath.
Using bombs in warfare is one of the cruelest and most ineffective tactics ever known to mankind. Civilians should never, ever, have to pay with their lives or lives of their loved ones, for the actions of their fascist/authoritarian leaders. However, it is a tactic that has only been on the rise during the Obama administration. Our former president did his best to improve the lives of Americans, yet made orders that killed children in Yemen and we all collectively turned a blind eye to the practice of drone strikes. They are illegal under international law and have never received direct approval from Congress. The U.S. government "has the right" to target anyone who looks like they could be a terrorist and drop a bomb on their head, under the policy of "signature strikes." That is not normal. We have normalized civilian deaths because our government told us it's in the name of national security and fight against terrorism. Cops kill more Americans than terrorists do.

But when will I turn
And cut the world? (Idk but my eyeliner will tho look how sharp that is)

My heart is a record
Of dangerous scenes (I took this exact pic a year ago and the light is still so beautiful I had to do it again)

My skin is a surface
To push to extremes

I find it kinda funny tbh like those who did what they were supposed to never made history. They're forgotten now but at least they made everyone around them happy with their life choices.

like if you weren't listening to other people telling you what's the right thing to do, the right way to be successful (Found this pic in my camera and liked how messed up it is and also dat Rothko poster really spoke to me)

do you ever wonder who you'd be if fear wasn't stopping you?

shoot I forgot to think of a caption for the third one

Beauty is temporary. Ugliness is forever.

2017 I'm coming to get you

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