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  ❤️figure skating ❤️Tessa & Scott!! My dream is watching 🇨🇦ice show. Enjoying Tessa and Scott's adventures ✨✨✨

on Sunday, February 10 at 7 pm ET.

I met Tessa and Scott on TSN💕

My third book❤️🇨🇦➡︎🇯🇵
1️⃣Digital edition
2️⃣Normal edition
3️⃣Signed edition
Viva international shipping from publisher🙌🌎
Thank you @houseofanansi @tessavirtue17 @scottmoir14 for giving me a precious opportunity for getting this book! #veryproperlypacked


I could never forget about the excitement of this moment 🇨🇦🐻🐻❤️It’s afternoon in Canada. Fans in all over the world were waiting the announcement. And my time zone was late at night🕒but I screamed in joy😆 #TBT #theycatchawavetovictory #eighttimeNationalChampions

😍 I finally got it!

Happy 1000 posts!
Thank you so much for sharing a lot of valuable things💕💕💕

Next Generation of Ilderton☺️💕
Go Angela and Quinn

I’m enjoying now !
But I watch it over and over again🇨🇦⛸ I loved that they kept evolving their performance.
#january2018smemory #wewerewaitingover200score

Many Hats 🎩 🧢 & Many Fun 😆😌💕

One of the reasons why I love them is recovery capability😊
Error→ bonds
fall→TV commercial
So simple domain is the Scott Moir of Canada😂