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AOKO SU  'ā- ō- kō- sü // handmade magic to wear everyday ✨ seen in Vogue Elle, W + more // showrooms in NY + LA // made in NY

🙌 witnessed the eclipse today at @massmoca before serendipitously wandering into The Library of the Sun ☀️🌙within Michael Oatman's 'all utopias fell' >> a 70's airstream entitled The Shining which seemed to have crash landed in the wrong lifetime // #SetTheControlsForTheHeartOfTheSun #aokosuinspo #massmoca #☀️

our Zodiac Earrings holding it down in this world 🌎 >> all twelve zodiacs available in singles or pairs starting at $30 at ~ link in bio ✌🏾// #aokosuminerals #aokosu #zodiac #zodiacsigns #goldearrings

ain't nothing wrong with taking a mind bath in some hollywood regency cotton candy color vibes #aokosuinspo via @wallpapermag // artist unknown

one of our classic VIPs >> the Pyrite Two Moons Ring 🌕🌗 shining among *other* personal gratification stars in @glamourmag 's breakdown of 100 Years of Sex Toys 💫✨

We need to get this sickening image burned into our brains so we don't conveniently forget the disgraceful truth that is the United States of America : Racism is in the blood that courses through this country's veins; that powers the heart that keeps its doctrines alive.
Deandre Harris was beaten mercilessly by neo-nazis for no other reason than his brown skin. Deandre said that he was certain he wouldn't have made it out of alive were it not for friends nearby that helped him.
His attackers MUST BE PROSECUTED. A man who spit on the spineless organizer of the rally - Jason Kessler - was arrested by a witnessing officer and faces charges of assault + battery. Where were officers when Deandre was being beaten? Very close by, it appears, standing passive on the sidelines.
If you aren't already doing so, please go over to @yesyoureracist to witness the amazing investigative work happening to out the cowards who attacked Deandre. @shaunking is offering a $10,000 reward for information that identifies his attackers.
Thank you @shaunking + @yesyoureracist and everyone who has been sharing this information so that these cowards' identities are found and justice can be served. 🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼

Gold Nugget Disc Earrings in the flesh // my girl @jamiehollins is wearing the mini Memory Choker and Disc Earrings in 24k ⚡️#aokosu #aokosuqueen #goldcollar #goldearrings #goldeverything #madeinusa #everydayjewelry

our little baby Gold Nugget Disc Earrings // imperfect raw edges and organic shape feel like something real 💣 24k + 18k singles + pairs ~ starting at $66 (link in bio) #aokosu #realnessplease // still thinking about Charlottesville. still have Heather Heyer + Deandre Harris in my heart as well everyone else who showed up to fight against hate 🖤

Man's word is Spirit in man. Spoken words are sounds occasioned by the vibrations of thoughts; thoughts are vibrations sent forth by the ego or by the soul. EVERY WORD YOU UTTER SHOULD BE POTENT WITH SOUL VIBRATION. A man's words are lifeless if he fails to impregnate them with spiritual force. Talkativeness, exaggeration, or falsehood makes your words as ineffective as paper bullets shot from a toy gun. The speech and prayers of garrulous or inaccurate persons are unlikely to produce beneficial changes in the order of things. Man's words should represent not only truth but also his definite understanding and realization -- Paramahansa Yogananda
Our impotent excuse for a president is living in a spiritual desert devoid of soul vibration. I am reminded of this affirmation on a daily basis now; whether it's reading quotes from white boys at a supremacy rally claiming not to be racist, or listening to the myriad of lies from this administration being thrown like the same drunk white boys playing darts (see: impotency correlation). ___________________
I am imagining this tiny, tiny man growing back his scales and claws and rapidly submerging into the golf course pond from whence he came, but time for imagination alone has clearly expired and Actualization needs to take its place. Thank you to the counter protesters in Charlottesville for standing up for what American ideals should be - your suffering will not be in vain.
digital photograph composite by Ulei Alder

my girl @gretchen_jones is a girl boss and she kno how to werk it in her gold Skylarking Earrings :: from our new collection, each pair of these sculptural earrings is #asymmetric & #ooak and come in silver, rose, gold in 6" + 4" options 💋#aokosu #celestialbitch #madeinusa #sculpturaljewelry

Y'all - I was real nervous about going into the dr today; trying to think of ✨all the things ✨ that could help my anxiety. I remembered my Kunzite Medicine handpiece; it gives me the feeling of peace washing over me. And I often wear this faded cherry blossom jacket when I'm wearing kunzite (same colors🤔) :::::::: There is much to say about the energetic properties of minerals and crystals, but what I find even more compelling is experimenting with an acute awareness to how variables affect your lives. SO MUCH POWER lies in what can't be bought. As a designer + maker who earns a living by selling my work to my awe-inspiring customers *every one of you!*, my goal is yes, to sell my work, but more importantly to facilitate a platform where my hands create something for you that I hope has a place in your life that can help you get a little closer to the you of your dreams. Even as a talisman that might teach you which minerals / jewelry make you feel powerful, sensual, content, safe. Life is an experiment, and I feel VERY damn honored to be a part of yours. 💗⚪️🎏🔮📿🍄🍃⚫️🎐🎋🏳️‍🌈

one of my favorite pieces from our new collection ⚡️the Atomic Hoops⚡️modeled by the boss bish @jamiehollins ⚔️ #aokosu #aokosuqueen #goldjewelry #sculpturaljewelry #madeinusa #madeinny

don't be afraid to make a splash 💦our Hi Dive Earrings now available at @hellovelouria in Seattle + online at in gold, rose gold, silver + bronze //#aokosu #goldjewelry #onlineshopping #madeinusa #everydayjewelry

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