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👏🏽🔑 I know what'll matter to me in 40 or 50 years time and I know it wont be social media or how many followers I had.. Which is why I make sure thats not a priority in my life now. I think social media can be great in many ways but it can also bring out the worst in people and create situations that wouldn't exist in real life. I'm so grateful for the opportunities my following has given me but also terrified by the side of social media I've come across recently. I think its so important to remember how much more to life there is and how the memories you'll cherish down the line won't be the ones you made on an app on your phone. 😉 #LiveLife #RealLife #PositiveVibes

She smiles👀 teapot vibes💁🏽

Bright enough🤔🤔🤔

Post workout👀thanks to @theshackstore 🙌🏽 😍🍩

'Bout to make up for the fact that I was asleep before 10 last night🙈 #SundayFunday




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Soooo yesterday afternoon I got to float for the first time with @floatireland 🙌🏽 Having heard they were opening a couple of months back I was immediately drawn to the concept and knew I wanted to try it. I suffer from anxiety and depression (which I've spoken about before on my blog) and was interested to see if floating could be used as a therapy or treatment as such, on weeks when I'm really struggling or even weeks when I'm not and want to stay balanced. Training a few times a week and long hours at work also meant I could do with trying it out! I was so looking forward to going in yesterday and it didn't disappoint, I came out feeling super relaxed and refreshed. It was such an unusual feeling at the start, you float for 60 minutes in heavily salted water, lights out and no sound at all for most of it. After the initial "oohh whats this, what am I meant to think about" etc I definitely relaxed. I didn't switch off completely, which can happen for some people as everyone is different etc but I'm going to go back next week and see if I'll switch off more this time... I permanently have my phone in my hand so its easy to see why my brain might need to be "trained" to switch off completely💭 Will update again after next weeks float but just wanted to touch on it as I've gotten so many questions! More info can be found over on the @floatireland Instagram page or on their website! Also a huge thank you to Eoin for inviting me in to try it out, can definitely see myself being a regular floater🙌🏽🌊 #FloatIreland #FloatTherapy #SensoryDeprivation #Floatation

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