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AOI SOLA  Twitter → @aoi_sola I'm a Japanese actress. I've been studying English, Chinese and Korean.

They celebrated my wedding for me.
Moreover, it was a surprise!!
I am very happy!!
Thank you a lot!!

Pics is some JPNs TV program.
The TV crew went to Thailand and asked questions to Thai people.
"Who is the famous Japanese in Thailand?"
I was 3rd!!
Thank you for always supporting me!
I’ve not been to Thailand for 3years already.
I LOVE Thai.
Cos the Thai people are kind and friendly. and I like Thai cuisine and I like the climate of Thailand.
I wanna go Thai.
#Thailand #famous_Japanese

I came to visit the UNAGI pie factory at Hamamatsu in Shizuoka.
UNAGI pie is one of the famous sweets in Japan.

Pic :Japanese TV drama that I am shooting recently.
Called “逃亡花(nogare-bana)”


Drinking alcohol cos tomorrow is my day off.haha

My soul friends.

I feel great...

I got up at 5 o’clock AM today.

#sleepy #逃亡花 #ドラマ #撮影

I went here.
This is my goddess “Namie Amuro”’s autograph.

Tea Time at the balcony.
The weather is very comfortable today.


Japanese style KIMONO with SAKURA cherry blossoms.

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