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AnzenbergerGallery bookshop  the bookshop for contemporary, selfpublished, handmade, signed and rare photobooks located at the former Anker bread factory in Vienna, Austria

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Fotobuch-Freunde aufgepasst!
Studierst Du Kunstgeschichte, hast Du zwischen Oktober 2018 und Mai 2019 jeweils ein freies Wochenende im Monat und bist an der schnell wachsenden Kunstgattung des FOTOBUCHS interessiert? Dann suchen wir gerade Dich!
Die AnzenbergerGallery schreibt in Kooperation mit dem Kunstgeschichte-Festival ein Stipendium für die Masterclass „Photobookstudies“ im Gesamtwert von 2.900 Euro aus. Bewirb Dich mit einem Motivationsschreiben und Lebenslauf auf der Adresse und sei bei dem spannenden siebenmonatigen Programm dabei!
Bewerbungsfrist: 20. September 2018
Programm: Oktober 2018 – Mai 2019 @kstg.fstvl #kunstgeschichte #arthistory #student #grant #stipendium #photobook #photobookjousting #photobooks #photography #artistbook #artbook #art #masterclass #fotobuch @anzenbergergallery @anzenbergergallery_bookshop

BOOK OF THE DAY > NIAGARA by Alec Soth > the classic! Have a look on our website for more CLASSICS of the photobook > The Americans, The Decisive Moment, etc. #classics #alecsoth #photobookjousting #photobook #photobooks #niagara @littlebrownmushroom @mack_books @magnumphotos #documentary #americanphotographer #classicsofthephotobook #usa #america #colorphotography #magnumphotos

BOOK OF THE DAY > AMERICAN WINTER by Gerry Johansson (signed)
So simple and beautiful! A true pleasure!
@gerryjohansson #gerryjohansson #anzenbergergallerybookshop #europeanphotography #blackandwhite #bw #bnw #photobookjousting #photography #photobook @mack_books

PHOTOBOOKS ON OUR DESK > today THE FABRIC OF TIME by Ellen Korth - this book just leaves you speechless. The amazing beautiful handmade work by Ellen and Sybren Kuiper (design) will be shown in our next exhibition HANDMADE IV at AnzenbergerGallery from September 8 (opening) until January 31, 2018. #handmade #photobookjousting #photobook #europeanphotography #contemporaryphotography #contemporaryart #anzenbergergallerybookshop @anzenbergergallery @ellenkorth

Today we found an exceptional artist book on our desk. Julia Borissova‘s LET ME FALL AGAIN will be shown during our next exhibition called HANDMADE IV at AnzenbergerGallery from September 8, 2018 until January 31, 2019! And of course it is available by #photobookjousting #artistbook #origami #photobook #handmade #bestphotobook #ilovephotobooks #russianphotographer #russianartist @borissovajulia

PHOTOBOOKS ON MY DESK > today the Volume III of THE HISTORY OF EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHY 1970-2000 - an excellent research tool when it comes to photography especially for Eastern European countries! Very much recommended to curators and critics as well as for everybody interested more deeply into the medium photography. All three volumes are now available by
#photobookjousting #photography #photobook #photobooks #history #phototheory #europeanphotography #easterneuropeanphotography cover photo by @martinparrstudio

PHOTOBOOKS ON MY DESK by Regina Anzenberger > HORAIVKA by Anatoliy Babiychuk .
If you like the colors of the East this wonderfully produced photobook is a must!
#photobookjousting #photobook #east #ukraine #easterneuropean #signed @anatoliybabiychuk

AnzenbergerMasterclass PHOTOBOOKSTUDIES

NEW! photobookstudies October 2018 – May 2019

APPLY NOW until September 7, 2018 by sending your biography and a letter of motivation to

About photobookstudies
Learning from the best – 7 months / 7 weekends full of workshops, lectures, discussions, tutorials and group activities. Join the world’s leading experts of the photobook industry speaking about the history of the photobook, the art of design, editing and sequencing, book-binding, building a network, funding and financing, marketing, self-publishing and publishing cooperation and an excursion to the Steidl Publishing House in Goettingen.

The Goal
The goal is to gain profound knowledge about photobook publishing and to create a network for the participants which enables them to self-publish a photobook or found their own publishing house.

Martin Parr, Gerry Badger, Nicolo Degiorgis, Kristin Dittrich, Rainer Iglar, Klaus Kehrer, Michael Mack, Beatrix Mapalagama, Ania Nalecka, Klaus Pichler

There is no charge for applying. The fee for successful applicants is 2.900 €. Payment instructions will be given to you upon acceptance. Participants must make themselves available for all workshops – there are no refunds for days missed!

October 20-21, 2018 – Martin Parr, Kristin Dittrich, Regina Anzenberger about the History of the PhotoBook
November 17-18, 2018 – Ania Nalecka about Design
January 26-27, 2019 – Gerry Badger about Editing and Sequencing
February 23-24, 2019 – Photobook Binding practical Workshop
March 30-31, 2019 – Michael Mack, Klaus Kehrer, Rainer Iglar, Klaus Pichler about Marketing, Financing, Publishing
April 27-28, 2019 - Nicolo Degiorgis / Rorhof about Making a Publishing House
May 18-19, 2019 – Trip to Steidl Verlag with Kristin Dittrich
Travel & Accommodation
Participants are expected to make their own arrangements regarding travel and accommodation. Please ensure that you have the relevant visas and travel documents that are necessary to attend the events.

All workshops will take place at AnzenbergerGallery, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna.
Tel. 43-1-587 82 51 Fax 43-1-587 90 07 www.anzenbe


Cakes & Balls. Martin Parr in Vienna (signed - last few copies)
by Martin Parr

With his well-known sarcastic but at the same time subtle humour brings us Martin Parr in this photobook Vienna, the capital of Austria in front of our eyes. While visiting tourist highlights, eating the characteristic local food and attending some famous Viennese balls like the Juristen-Ball, Parr presents insightful photos of the most tipical tourist attractions of the city through his omnipercipient glasses.

AnzenbergerEdition Published 2016

Comments: 22 x 22 cm, first edition. Signed.

Order at #photobookjousting #photobooks #bookoftheday #martinparr #magnumphotos #photobook #vienna #britishartist #austria #balls #cakes #fotobuch


7 Rooms
by Rafał Milach
Rafał Milach, recently Nominee Member of Magnum Photos, has spent six years with seven people in three cities of Russia, to get a closer look on their lives and to immerse himself in the Russian way of life. In his photobook, called the 7 Rooms, the essence of his journey is presented with lively coloured photographs about people and places with a sense of humour and sensitivtiy.
Kehrer Verlag Published 2011

Comments: size: 16,5 x 20 cm, second edition, design by Ania Nalecka/TBD

#anzenbergergallerybookshop #photobookjousting #photobook #onlyphotobooks #bookshop #ilovephotobooks @rafal.milach @gost_books @magnumphotos #polishfotographer #russia #russianlife #russianlifestyle #russiaphoto


The Arsenic Eaters (signed)
by Simon Brugner

Have you ever heard of the arsenic eaters? No surprise if not, since the people, who practiced this habit - for example in parts of Styria, Austria - kept it a well hidden secret for centuries. Simon Brugner decided to go after the myth and took the road to see the places where these people lived to uncover the truth. The first part of his photobook is an artistic documentary of this journey with lively coloured photographs and with additional material of historical pictures about the people and places he visited. The second part of the book is a collection of historical accounts on the topic, carried out in scholarly quality, making the book a highly exciting reading as well as a pleasurable guide to mountains of Styria and beyond.

The Eriskay Connection Published 2018

Comments: 205 × 300 mm, Otabind paperback in transparent, yellow vinyl sleeve | full-colour offset | English, edition of 1250 copies.

#anzenbergergallerybookshop #photobookjousting #photobook #onlyphotobooks #bookshop #ilovephotobooks #arseniceaters #simonbrugner #theeriskayconnection @simonbrugner @eriskayconnection


by Antoine Bruy

Bright coloured landscapes, cosy interiors, great contrasts and gentle shades, all can be found in Antoine Bruy´s latest photobook, the Scrublands. Bruy ventured in the forests of five countries on two continents photographing the people - and their surroundings - who chose to live in desolate places, swapping what we call basic amenities for living in harmony with nature. Bruy brings these lives and their surroundings closer to us through capturing everlasting moments, knowing looks in the eyes, far-flung landscapes and the feeling of eternal change and permanence at the same time, merged into a single photograph.

Editions Xavier Barral Published 2018

Comments: Collection HSBC Prize for Photography. Directed by Christian Caujolle. Harcover, 19 x 24 cm

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