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It turns out, that for happiness I need:
- Boriska;
- health;
- Sunday;
- Botanical Garden;
- +18 C.

Yes, I don’t need much. U?

🇺🇸I revised the film “Ghost” with Demi Moore once again the other day and as any other too emotional dummy I passed everything through myself.

First, I wanted to tell Boris how much I loved him and he must take care of himself in any situation. Instead I remembered that actually he never took care of himself and yelled at him.

What can I say – women 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

🇷🇺Я тут на днях пересмотрела опять «Призрака» с Демми Мур и, как любая эмоциональная дурёха, все это через себя пропустила.

Сначала я думала сказать Борису, как сильно его люблю и что он должен беречь себя в любой ситуации. А вместо этого вспомнила, что он никогда себя не бережёт и, конечно же, на него наорала.

Бабы! 🤷🏼‍♀️ #stockholm #swedengirls #couples


💔 Karaoke
There are a few karaoke in town but different: in Russia you book a table and sing all night long in front of strangers. In Stockholm you book a small room for you and your friends, seat there and sing in front of each other. It’s not interesting at all, especially if u have no friends and boyfriend, who actually can hear my singing everyday for free.

💔 Taxi-ride for 2€.
In Stockholm short trip with Uber will cost you at least 15€. With this kind of prices I would think twice if my plans worth it.

💔Normal restaurant food 24/7
Of course, it’s not Spain, where restaurants are almost always closed, but still after 11pm the only u can get is dubious burger and french-fries from some street-food stall. Food delivery is also very strange: u can order some food, but anyway you must pick it up from main entrance 🤷🏼‍♀️

Stockholm is the city of the most beautiful but old buildings and installation of air-conditioning is forbidden, so the winter chill and the summer heat are reasonable price you must pay every year.

Is there smth else from this list but I forgot to mention?
#stockholm #sweden #swedengirls

Boris gave me a piano as a present for my birthday one year ago and this month we sold it.

It was really nice to think that I still could play as I played before, but I couldn’t.

Last year I was so angry on myself that simple tunes were the best what I could do, so I stopped play at all or forced myself to play every time.

The most important that I didn’t want to play anymore.

When I was a kid, I spent like 8-10 hours a day to be able to perform Bach and Rachmaninov at different international competitions of pianists but now It’s over and I should have admit it before.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to finished one chapter but actually I have done it. And to be honest, I feel much much happier as a listener now.

Don’t be afraid to say good bye to your past – there are so many things that we have not even tried yet in the future.

I and my Indian beauties👩🏽👩🏼👩🏽

One of the best thing in Stockholm is to be surrounded by different cultures. Now I’m studying Swedish in Åsö Vuxgymnasium and there are so many nationalities in my group: from India, France, Syrian, Poland, China, Australia, Russia.

U know, I’ve never been in India and was sure that I had nothing in common with its citizens. But I was totally wrong!
Yes, they adore spicy food (and I hate), they are very religious (and I’m not), and we have different family traditions.

But! Damn, at the same time we have so much in common with Monali and Soumya!

Now we have final exams at school and I decided to make a party for my Indian girls but I’m not sure if Russian food would be spicy enough for them? 😂

Do u know that Russian always use phrases such as “Swedish family” and “Swedish table”, but in reality Swedish don’t know what Russians are talking about?😂 #Sweden #Stockholm #love


It’s one of the most popular question I get and I always answer: to learn some language u must, first of all, loooove this country.

Food, music, people, movies – everything.

I’m lucky – I love Sweden and Swedish is easy for me. And I want you to fell a little bit in love with this language too.
I made a small list of daily Swedish words for you and translate it in English. Check it out!

🇬🇧 🇸🇪 Speed – Fart
Good – Bra
Six – Sex
Pee – Kiss
Kiss – Puss
End – Slut
Poison – Gift
Married – Gift
Dot – Prick

Not bad, hah? #sweden #stockholm #swedish #language


Yes, I’m incredibly happy to have this haircut and I don’t know why I didn’t do it before.

But, actually, I know why. Because I lived in Russia. In Russia girls should be girls. I still remember my mother voice: “Anya, let your hair grow cause you are a girl”.

No, not just a girl – “a giiiiiirrrl”.

But in Sweden there are no rules. U r who u r and doesn’t matter how many high-heels you keep in your closet.

Also, there is no rule that blond girl is obviously stupid one. But that’s already a completely different story.

Guys, you sent me so many messages with compliments and greetings about my new style, so I’m really grateful for u.

Thank you all!

Don’t follow someone elses’ rules, do your one style.
#sweden#stockholm#swedengirls #haircut


what people say: Oh, you r from Russia! Is it cold there?
translation: Is it true that there are bears on the streets? Is there Siberia everywhere? Is it really cold? Vodka! Vodka!

what people say: Oh, don’t worry, you certainly will find a job!
translation: Pfff, even don’t think to find a job here soon – it’s not easy even for us.

what people say: I love Russian culture!
translation: Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky, Putin. Vodka! Vodka!

what people say: One more time, what city are u from? Ekaterinburg?
translation: Are there other cities except Moscow and St. Petersburg?!

what people say: I speak a bit Russian!
translation: Babushka, privet, Natashaa.

what people say: Oh, this is for free.
translation: I will charge u for it later.


#sweden #stockholm #travel #blog

The age becomes less important if circumstances change.

I’m 28 y.o. in Russia and:
/ I’m just an editor of a magazine;
/ I’ve never walked down the red carpet (I’m not talking about some cheap version before some local award);
/ I didn’t have time to travel to America;
/ I didn’t have time to divorce. Ah, what a hell, I even didn’t have time to get married.

I’m 28 y.o. in Sweden and:
/ I have already become an editor of a magazine;
/ I’ve traveled whole Europe;
/ I’m learning a new language and country;
/ and I’m still too young to get married and have kids.

If u think, that u didn’t have time to do smth, just start it over. It really works! ☝🏻

Как легко возраст перестаёт что-то значит, когда меняются обстоятельства.

В России мне уже 28, а я – всего лишь редактор журнала, и ни разу прошлась по красной ковровой дорожке (я сейчас не про ковролин перед началом какой-нибудь местной премии награждения), ещё не успела съездить в Америку и развестись. Да что там – даже замужем ни разу не была.

В Швеции мне ещё только 28, а я уже была редактором журнала, объездила всю Европу, только начинаю учить язык и страну и ещё не успела достаточно подрасти, чтобы завести семью и детей.

Если вам кажется, что вы чего-то не успели, просто начните с начала. Работает!🧡 ph @helena_boutko st @ulianatomshina

Пост, после которого от меня можно отписаться.

English below 🇺🇸

Я люблю Столькгольм за его космополитичность: в школе вожу дружбу с девочками из Индии и Польши, вне неё много общаюсь со шведами (естессно), а среди друзей есть француз, венгр, марокканец и сириец. Пока я скудно говорю по-шведски, то на полную катушку пользуюсь английским и хочу именно на нем разговаривать и здесь.

То есть, я бы переводила каждый пост на оба языка, но мне тупо лень🐒

Поэтому, если вам отныне будет со мной некомфортно, велком в отписки. Я пойму!

P.S.: русский никогда не брошу. Я до сих пор очень много пишу на нем для журналов, сайтов и блогеров💔

Guys, I have so many foreign friends in Stockholm, that finally I decided to speak English here more often, then Russian. So, welcome!
And yeah, let’s talk about everything! 🐒 #Stockholm travel #Sweden #style ph @petterelnerud 📸

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