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➵ AK ➵ (аня ханутина)  Boatie | Foodie | Sometimes Yogi | Almost Wifey “The old soul of a dog has much to teach us about being human.” @rico_the_rescue

Can’t bring this guy anywhere. Remind me not to let @billyboat and @rico_the_rescue hang out without me lol! #chickmagnet

Lucky girlies with so much to celebrate! So happy for you guys @balini77! #funwithfriends #luckygirls #happybdaybilly #foodcoma 🎉

Happiest of birthdays to my handsome, kind, sweet and thoughtful best friend whom I’ve grown so much with over the past 8 years! This time next year, I’ll be celebrating my HUSBAND! Thank you for everything you do and I am sooo excited for our lives ahead. 😭♥️ #loveyousomuch #hbd #hubbytobe

Found this in my phone from Greece last month! #nafplio #pictureperfect

When I tell him “Rico gets to come today” - he’ll wait by the cars for a half hour like this until we’re ready to go. 😍😂 #fall #goodboy #rico

Should this be our save the date?! Cause it just might be lol! #siagianya comin’ in hot!

How I feel about last night! 😂🎉 #evantakesalap

Here we are! What an incredible celebration!!! Congratulations to this beautiful family! #plazawedding #handsomefiance #evantakesalap

A real life princess!!! Congratulations Alex and Evan!!! Love this whole family so much! #absolutelystunning

Northforking with my two lovers today. I’m a lucky girl!!! #sisterwife #fianceface #sundayfunday

Morning torture! 🔥#barre #playhardworkhard #backinaction

Riding out a hurricane in Greece is a first! We are safe just no WiFi lol! Xo #zorbas

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