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Anya Anti  Photoartist, retoucher, traveler and fashion lover from Ukraine based in NYC ✉ anyaantiart@gmail.com 📷 Behind the camera of @anya_anti_art


Swamped. New photos we did couple months ago in Prospect Park in Brooklyn.
An interview I did for @lomographyusa. I share some thoughts about creating fine art photography, first impressions and experince working with vintage manual lenses and Petzval 85 and Petzval 58 in particular. Go check it out (link in bio) https://www.lomography.com/magazine/332388-anya-anti-petzval-comparison
Shot with Petzval 58 bokeh control and Siros L by @broncolorusa
♡ Model - @melanierosebud
♡ MUA - @beautyfull2bme
♡ Dress is handmade with big pieces of fabric:)
♡ Upcoming workshops in Europe
♡ Portfolio @anya_anti_art

Workshops and travel schedule in October in Europe this year! Details on my website, active link in bio☝
♡ Iceland, September 29 - Oct 1, photo project with @freespiritcrew
♡ Paris, France, October 3-4, organization @freespiritcrew
♡ The Netherlands, October 7-8, contact manager @artphotoproject
♡ Denmark (Midtjylland), October 14-15 , contact manager @artist_with_the_camera

Workshops schedule in October in Europe this year! For more information go to my website, link in bio

Paris, France, October 3-4, organization @freespiritcrew

The Netherlands, October 7-8, contact manager @artphotoproject

Denmark (Midtjylland), October 14-15 , contact manager @artist_with_the_camera
Fine art and conceptual photography
from inspiration to realization.
Get inspired with fine art photo artist Anya Anti and learn all about the proccess of creating images from consept to a finished artwork. Anya will share her insight on how to get inspired and come up with ideas, how to efficiently do the research, find references and create mood boards. She will show how she does location scouting, searches and builds the props, prepared the shooting set, works with models and light. Anya will talk about composition, color theory and different shooting techniques. You will have an opportunity to make some beautiful shots. Learn about the impact of post production and retouching in fine art photography. Anya will show you her editing process and how to take your photos to the next level with postproduction. You will learn about raw-files processing in Lightroom and working in Photoshop.
From this workshop, you'll walk away learning Anya's approach to creating conceptual and fine art photography and how Anya plans and executes a photo shoot, how installations and Photoshop manipulation help her to embody her fantasies into a finished piece of art and to make her vision a reality.

Happy Independence day, Ukraine! Yesterday outfit. I'm wearing national ukrainian shirt Vyshyvanka. Never forget your roots 🇺🇦
З Днем Незалежностi, Україно! Хотя бы раз в году мы надеваем вышиванки и идем погулять в украинский квартал на Манхеттене. И хотя с каждым годом меня все меньше вещей связывает с родиной, но я никогда не забываю свои корни 💙

I've got tons of questions about my photo equipment so here's a short video showing it! Go to my Youtube channel to watch it
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbP7jPPZwS8 (active link in bio☝)
Sorry it's a bit awkward, I'm shy and not experienced in talking on camera:)
But always remember that it's not camera and lenses who do the photos, it's the photographer! It really doesn't matter what equipment you use. One of my best images was made with old Nikon D80 and cheap Nikkor 50 1.8D. I just love the character and bokeh of vintage lenses that's why I use them. The secret of good photography is your experienced eye and good taste in art, some knowledge about composition, color and light. Don't be afraid to experiment and never blame your camera or lens

♡ Magic is just science we don't understand yet
♡ Celebrating solar eclipse today with my beautiful moon jewelry from @shopdixi from new Cassiopeia collection. Unfortunately in NYC it's going to be only 75% covered, I wish I could see a total one!
♡ Hair Moonstone + Silver lining from @lunartideshair. Use code 'anyaanti' for 10% off
♡ Магия это наука, которую мы еще пока не понимаем
♡ Отмечаю сегодня больше солнечное затмение с моей новой лунной бижутерией от @shopdixi. К сожалению в Нью Йорке будет всего 75% перекрытия, очень хотелось бы увидеть полное затмение.

New York state of mind

Brooklyn Baby ♥
#anya_outfit #anya_newyork
Мы живем в Бруклине. Многие думают, что это небольшой район, но это огромный боро Нью-Йорка, население которого 2,5 млн человек. Бруклин большой и очень разный. В некоторых районах цена на аренду уже выше, чем на Манхеттене и он активно застраивается. Здесь есть Дайнтаун с 50-этажными жилыми зданиями, исторические Бруклин Хайтс и Парк Слоуп с живописными каменными викторианскими домами, огромный парк, музеи, библиотеки, пляж и парк Кони Айленд, хипстерский район Вильямсбург, где живет творческий бомонд:) Лет через 5 из Бруклина наверное можно будет не выезжать по делам:))

City jungle 🏙
A street canyon (urban canyon) is a place where the street is surrounded by tall buildings on both sides creating a canyon-like environment. It often causes heat and air pollution due to traffic emissions and the lack of air ventilation.
~ #anya_newyork
Городской каньон - это место, где улица со всех сторон окружена высокими зданиями, создавая форму каньона. Часто является причиной жары и загрязнения воздуха из-за трафика и отсутствия естественной вентиляции.

📷 by @gaisina_photo 💙
Yesterday we met our fellow immigrants and spent a nice evening with drinks. We met like a 100 years ago in my city and then they moved to Canada and we to US. It's funny how after my moving here all the borders became more and more transparent. And even though I still go through exhausting process of visas and documents I feel like a citizen of the world.
~ #anya_selfies ~
Вчера встретились с друзьями-эмигрантами и провели приятный вечер за парой бокалов. Мы познакомились лет 100 назад в Днепре и потом они уехали в Канаду, а мы в США. Забавно, как после переезда границы начали все больше и больше стираться. И хотя я все еще прохожу утомительные процессы виз и документов, я чувствую себя гражданином мира.

Summer in the city🚕
Unfortunately summer can be pretty nasty in NYC. Sometimes humidity goes up to 85% and even if it's just +25C it feels like you're all sweaty and swimming through the streets and there's no air to breathe. The worst are the subway stations. They are like steam rooms on hot days.
~ #anya_newyork ~
Лето в городе. К сожалению лето в Нью-Йорке может быть довольно мерзким. Иногда влажность доходит до 85% и даже если температура всего +25, у тебя ощущение, что ты весь потный плывешь по улице и нечем дышать. Хуже всего на станциях метро. Там просто сауна в жаркие дни.

Summertime sadness
One more from @gaisina_photo 💙
Been very busy with retouching for the last month. Hope I'm going to share some of my art work soon instead of my face:) Can't believe it's almost the middle of August and the summer is almost over. Although I hate heat and sun I'm going to miss long days and warm evenings.
~ #anya_selfies
В последний месяц столько работы по ретуши. Надеюсь, скоро смогу выложить больше арт работ вместо своего лица:) Не могу поверить, что уже почти середина августа и лето почти закончилось. И хотя я ненавижу жару и солнце, я буду скучать за длинными дням и теплыми вечерами.

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