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Any BODYπŸ’₯  Aussie models & bestfriends that believe there's no size standard for today's woman ✨ @georgiagibbs_ & @katewas_ πŸ’« #LoveAnyBODY πŸ’Œ

'Excuses don't burn calories'
'Nothing taste as good as skinny feels'
'Unless you puke, faint or die keep going'
'Working out sucks, but having a muffin top sucks more' (Omggggg what!?) Just some of the top 'fitspo' quotes that come up on google. Along with about 3 million girls labeled as 'fitspiration'. I used to be a personal trainer at a boot camp a few years ago and the amount of times I saw these photos as girls backgrounds or posted in group chats as inspo for them to get up and train in the morning was insane. Now, just to be clear I obviously have no problem with striving for your fitness goals, nor do I have an issue with the toned, petite girls in the pictures. But that's just it, all the girls are petite. All of them are the exact same body shape. The problem I have with fitspo is that there are hundreds, thousands, millions of different body shapes out there and only 1 is represented as beautiful and healthy. The reason I am writing this is because of my experience when I was losing weight and the part these images had to play on my mental health. I was also the girl that had 100's of screenshots of a 5"6 girl, with 5% body fat and a very petite bone structure, striving to be like her every day. Writing this now it seems silly because realistically no matter how much I worked, I'll never be like that and that's ok. I am 6ft tall and curvy however I also carry a lot of muscle and (literally) because of my bone structure, I'll never have a prominent thigh gap. When I was at my smallest, doing everything I could to lose weight and aiming to be like the girls I saw in the pictures I was constantly disappointed that I didn't look like them. Why? Because I'm not like them. I am not discouraging anyone to stop training for their fitness goals, but It's important to set realistic goals for yourself if you chose to lose weight. Please don't strive to look like anyone else but yourself and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons (to be healthy). You are perfect the way you are. Kate x #LoveAnyBody #healthoversize

Send your reflection a little love today and a little reminder that you are so much more than your physical being. Beauty comes from within and anyone truely worth having in your life will love you for you, not what you look like 😘😘 xx #LoveAnyBody πŸ“·: @andrewdaystudio

Hey guys! ❀ So, we attended fashion week together to get some info.. why do most brands stock an 8 to a size 12? When you think about it, it makes no sense.... the average size in most countries is a 12-14 but regardless when we walk down the street we are surrounded by women of all different shapes and sizes, each as strong & beautiful as the next. It's like the high fashion world says if you don't fit into the mould you shouldn't be able to wear "high fashion clothes" which is possibly the most ridiculous concept ever.. Kate "I'm a size 16 and I want to show off my body, it's like the fashion industry says anything past a 12 she obviously doesn't want to show off her body so let's make something loose or nothing at all.. WELL ACTUALLY I DO!" It's time for change! ❀
Tag a brand YOU want to see stock a wider size range, larger or smaller and let's start the conversation πŸ’₯
#LoveAnyBODY #HealthOverSize #EndBodyShaming #YouAreBeautiful

Women should empower women, don't you agree?
We all feel the same pressure, regardless of the shape or size of your body, the colour of your skin or the background you grew up in. We are all one, as women in nature we are built to be strong and bring the best out in each other. Let an important woman in your life know you love them as they are, for who they are and share your support for #LoveAnyBODY πŸ’—
#womenempowerwomen #endbodydshaming

Know your worthπŸ’«

Nature always reminding us to love, respect & appreciate the world we live in ✈️ #Australia

Woke up this morning realising we're flying to NYC today βœˆοΈπŸ˜‚ We can't believe the response from brands to our #LoveAnyBODY movement, a more diverse industry that makes all fashion accessible to everyone is definitely coming one change at a time πŸ’—πŸ’«
#ChangingFashionStandards #HealthOverSize

When you get to work with your best friend & for a brand you love and respect β˜€οΈ
Watch this space @mura_boutique has joined the #LoveAnyBODY movement and we can't wait! ✨
#EndBodyShaming #AnyBODYarmy #ChangingFashionStandards

Sorry I had too..
You've got a DAMN GREAT BODY. πŸ’•
Click the link is our bio 🌟

Here's another snippet πŸ’— @georgiagibbs_ & @katewas_
For all our "I'm not summer ready babes" .. women let's empower other women!

What is summer ready? & where do we get this 'idea' from.. Social media, main stream media? Advertising?
It's a change in season, not a time to try and change yourself as a perfectly imperfect human being.
You are beautiful beyond your body shape & swimwear size and whether you're either of our sizes, above below or inbetween you're summer ready because sexy is an attitude so don't shy away from your yearly swim wear shop, you're beautiful and ready to rock your swimsuit. PS. There isn't any hiding anything in SLOW MO! β€πŸ’—
Our ask of you; show your support and take a video or photo of you and your girlfriend/s rocking your favourite bikini and support #LoveAnyBODY πŸ’₯
#EndBodyShaming #AnyBODYarmy #HealthOverSize #NoEditing #Nofilter #NoPS #ChangingBeautyStandards #whatimodel

So happy to be back together we're shooting in the rain on the beach because nothing can dull our sunshine β€β˜€οΈ
#LoveAnyBODY #endBodyShaming #HealthOverSize

Get your 'beach body' today! Got a beach? Got a body? You're set πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #loveanybody

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