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Any BODY  Beauty with no boundaries 💕 🖤 #LoveAnyBODY @georgiagibbs_ & @katewas_ ✉️


There’s actually not much we love more than watching this industry diversify 🔥❤️
Love you @moana_bikini x @trent_mitchell_ #LoveAnyBODY
#QuitTheComparisons #NoPhotoshop

Bestfriend goals in our T’s exclusive to @mura_boutique ❤️
@tildanicol98 “we get so worried about being ‘pretty’ let’s be ‘pretty’ kind, ‘pretty’ funny & ‘pretty’ smart 👏🏽 #LoveAnyBODY

You do you boo. 👏🏽

Just four different women in love with their skin ❤️
Bold, brave, beautfiul #LoveAnyBODY

We are so overwhelmed with the sell through of our slogan T’s 🙏🏼❤️
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@katewas_ & @georgiagibbs_ Ok time for a post that even scares me a little! I’m so open about my body and issues I face with it but here’s one I don’t see talked about very often. So I remember the first time I ever became self conscious about my ‘jiggle’’. I was in high school looking through photos of the sports carnival and there was a photo of me running and the first thing I saw was the cellulite on my thigh and not only that but you could tell that my thigh was kinda jiggling when I ran. I was so embarrassed and honestly felt so much shame and I still carry that with me today. A lot of times on shoots I don’t want to be photographed running because of the ‘jiggle’ nor will I wear shorts to the gym, It’s something I’m still working on within myself but i need to remind myself and you guys that It’s completely NORMAL and just because it’s not something you see plastered all over social media doesn’t mean you’re alone and it certainly is not something to feel ashamed of! And look, if you have a problem with it then you obviously ain’t ready for this jelly ;) #LoveAnyBody #bodyimage #bodypositive

This is a repost from @lapetitevengeance and such an important one at that! These women are all BEAUTIFUL (I bloody love Rihanna) and their make up is stunning and event appropriate, but see those pores and smile lines and little bumps on their skin that we are all fooled into thinking they don’t have and we need to aspire to in order to be perfect? Yeah, they have them too! We are all human people!!! Majority of what you see in the media and on socials isn’t real life, don’t be so hard on yourself! Thanks again for posting this @lapetitevengeance 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💥 #LoveAnyBODY

3 different girls, with 3 different bodies, who all love themselves the way they are. It’s ok to be different to the woman standing next to you. It’s ok to be bigger, it’s ok to be smaller, life, happiness and success aren’t based on what you look like, it’s how you feel. Nourish and move your body and be the healthiest version of YOU. #LoveAnyBODY

Oh @serenawilliams 👏🏽💗

Repost from our girl gibbsy @georgiagibbs_
Why as women do we compete with each other? Compare our asses and waistlines to one and another? Why do we put so much emphasis on our exteriors and pressure on ourselves to be something naturally we aren’t?
There’s so much beauty in variety, taller, shorter, curvier, more petite, there’s so much to learn from the women around us if we took the time to get to know each other instead of judging eachother purely based on physical appearance imagine all we would learn and friends we would have. Every single woman has insecurities and even if they don’t right now they have before and that’s what makes us human. Imagine a world where we put all of this aside and just decided to be completely “comparison free” content in ourselves and our bodies with nothing but love to give. Support your sisters, there’s power in numbers ✨⚡️
@any.body_co swim available exclusively to @ishine365 #GIRLPOWER

I saw @sonnyturner___ repost this and I just had to too. Because OH👏🏽 MY 👏🏽 GOD👏🏽 it’s time for designers and stores to extend their size ranges I’m a size 16 and I struggle SO HARD to go to the shops and buy something off the rack. I have to shop online and plan outfits weeks in advance so going out on a whim or last minute plans are stressful and often result in me feeling crap about my body because I just don’t understand why (as a healthy, tall, curvy woman) I cannot go to the shops and find something that fits me. Kudos @csiriano

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