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Any BODY 💗  Aussie models & bestfriends that believe beauty has no boundaries ✨ @georgiagibbs_ & @katewas_ 💫 #LoveAnyBODY YouTube! Any BODY 💕


Good morning guys ❤️
A little reminder from us.. 1. Stop comparing yourself to the girl next to you
2. Embrace what you may feel insecure about because we all have insecurities
3. Start the day, the best version of you ❤️☀️
#QuitTheComparisons #LoveAnyBODY
Swimsuits coming soon.. xx

We have something coming.. and it's not sand angels 😂❤️
Start the week with a smile, wake up and start your day as your best day, you've got this 💫

What's your favourite thing about your best friend? Tag them and let them know ❤️☀️ #SpreadingSocialMediaLove #LoveAnyBODY #GirlPower

ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR where even more of societies crap, standards and money making get fit now programs slap you in the face harder than ever before. Eat the food, enjoy yourself, don’t let the fear of a couple of kilos stop you from having fun. You only get one life and it’s not worth it to stress about how you look or what other people think. 🎅🏼 artist: @meandmyed.art

Congratulations beauty @cartiamallan on your collaboration with @princesspollyboutique 💫✨
We love the whole range and we ❤️ that you stock from a 6 to a size 16, go girls 🕺🏼
#WomenEmpowerWomen #NoEdit #LoveAnyBODY

We love @marcelailustra & her illustrations, a beautiful way to bring a topic to life ❤️
I wanted to chat to you guys about makeup.. With the rise of the beauty blogger and social media appealing to a young audience.. younger and younger girls are feeling the need to wear makeup. To me, this isn't an issue but there's a fine line between 'enhancing' your features and trying to create a whole new face that matches the girls you are looking at, do you guys agree? As women, it's nice to make an effort with our appearance but are we being pushed into a world that says there's only 1 beautiful face and that's the one that's contoured with chizzled cheek bones, voluptuous lips and perfect brows? We aren't telling you not to wear makeup, makeups fun and a celebration of our features! We love nothing more than trying a new lipstick but I just think it's important to remind everyone that beauty isn't depicted by a stereotype, your face is beautiful the way it is and everyone is different & that's SO BEAUTIFUL.. why would we all want to look the same? Wouldn't life be boring ❤️ #Makeup #EmbraceYOU #LoveAnyBODY

Cheers to being back together & trying to stay awake.. at the same time ☕️❤️
You guys make us smile more than you would believe and in times of feeling drained and burnt out you keep us going ☀️
We're going to share why we went offline with you guys and what's been going on with us to, thanks for your love & patience.. in the mean time comment your #1 topic for us to talk about this week.
#LoveAnyBODY #noedit #nofilter #noPS #healthy #confident #natural #QuitTheComparisons

It's so easy to browse social media and look at what everyone else is doing, or what everyone else looks like and compare yourself, but usually we are comparing someone at their best to ourselves feeling pretty average! Quit comparing, and focus all your energy into being your best you! Starting today. ❤️#SelfLove #QuitTheComparisons #LoveAnyBODY

Hey beautiful people,
We are back together, and feeling so REFRESHED, even though we both just got off a 25 hour flight 😂
We hope you've had a beautiful weekend, surround yourself with good energy always 💕
New Inspo coming this week, thank you for all your support #LoveAnyBODYfamily #Nofilter #NoMakeup #QuitTheComparisons

Who can relate?
Recently, we've been a little 'offline' overwhelmed with a lot of different things and the first thing we noticed when we felt a little down or a little insecure was searching for 'approval from others'
Everyone has down days, and we are going to be telling you guys about what's been going on and why we dissapeared for a while very soon but meanwhile we wanted to remind you that, no matter ANYONE else's opinion or assumptions about you, YOU are amazing and worthy and incredible in your own way. Believe in you, be fiercely you and don't let anyone's negativity or 'dislike' hold you back from shining like the brightest star we have in the sky tonight 👑
💕 #quitthecomparisons #selfbelief #Confident

Hey guys,
You may have noticed AB has been offline for a little while, we took a bit of a 'social break' to get back to the root of @any.body_co & our mission, sometimes it takes a little break to remind us of what our soul purpose is ❤️
#LoveAnyBODY #QuitTheComparisons #TB

Yesterday I met one of our amazing followers from Ireland @survivingnowthriving she's followed AnyBODY from the beginning and yesterday I got to spend her birthday with her in NYC 🗽💕
A year ago she was in hospital and yesterday she was in NY with me, she's an incredible woman. 🌈
She suffered with an eating disorder, anxiety and depression.. yet yesterday she brought so much sunshine and love into my life.
She's positive, passionate & intelligent, shes a graduate of psychology and made the decision to not just survive but thrive and live her life to its full potential and she's now travelling the world telling her story and helping other women along the way.
Please check out @survivingnowthriving if you ever need someone to talk to or you struggle with ED or anything similar, i spent a couple of hours with her yesterday and it felt like we had known each other for years ✨
Happy Birthday Amy ☀️
#StrongNotSkinny #Healthy #BeInspired #ED #warrior #LoveAnyBODY #WomenSupportWomen 🌈❤️

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