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Bag X (code name), version 2, designed and built by @ksenia_oojh, with me volleying ideas, testing, making videos. This set of three videos shows the many manifestations of the bag and how we are designing it for global digital nomadry—one ultralight bag, many different social contexts.
A tote, a backpack, a satchel all in one, designed for those long haul trips and long days when one bag is not enough but two bags are too many to lug around. There are side clips that keep a backpack shape and then expand for a tote shape and for a smidge more room. The quick transformation from backpack to satchel proves particularly useful when I'm filming in crowded areas: the backpack saves my back as I lug my equipment (chest harness and waist straps prove handy here), and the switch helps me weave through crowds with my camera gear readily accessible at my wait.
We'll be ready soon-ish for a limited beta; if you want to try it out and haven't already expressed interest in previous posts or emails, please let me know, and I'll add you to the list! Comments, thoughts, questions welcome.

Defend DACA Action, Oscar Grant Plaza (aka Frank Ogawa Plaza), Oakland. (Also, a new 45mm prime lens for documenting the resistance.)

Defend DACA Action, Oscar Grant Plaza (aka Frank Ogawa Plaza), Oakland

Verging-on-autumn leaf study

Hadn't thought about this till recently, but Forever 21 seems to understand the internet-culture-to-China-to-product pipeline well. These flower crowns are straight out of Snapchat, which popularized flower crowns in social media profile pics and now... this.

Prohibited/restricted items on Asiana Airlines - except for the lighter, none of these products existed a few years ago. Ripple effects of hardware memes in aspects of regulated life.

There's nothing like a weeks-long journey through urban Philippines and China, rural Yunnan up and down the hills of Lashihai, through temples and offices and long train rides and taxis to test out a bag (and I made sure *not* to take a back up!). Bag X (code name) designed by @ksenia_oojh has really held up, through surprise rains and searing heat and humidity, a friend while haggling at the open air markets and whiteboarding ideas at the office, a bag as comfortable holding a laptop and notes for a business meeting as it has been for lugging fruits, vegetables, a video camera and a stabilizer. I converted it to a tote to snake through Shenzhen hallways and then to a satchel to meet the no backpack rule in a Kunming museum. It's meant to be sturdy, light and comfortable, helping distribute weight when you have a heavy load and shrink down when you don't. Some minor updates ahead and then maybe we'll be ready for a public beta. Give me a shout if you're interested. Video to come.

Bluetooth earbuds for under US$3. This felt significant to me — it's an implicit acknowledgement from the market that the iPhone 7's lack of earphone jack might just be presaging a larger trend. That the price point is so low enough to compete with wired headphones currently in the US market suggests that we will start seeing these in more places. That said, more work is needed: with the headset I bought, a single charge lasted about half a day — or maybe my use case isn't the target one.

This behemoth of an agricultural drone got me thinking: we are really just at the beginning of what will be a big big world of civilian drones. We are just warming up with the hobbyist and filmmaker stuff.

Left: Fidget spinners sold alongside mobile phone accessories in Shenzhen.
Right: Fidget spinners sold alongside phones and accessories in Berlin.
The fidget spinner went global when I was in Berlin, and I watched it first arrive in the hands of Arab and Turkish immigrants, in small grocery stores and phone kiosks that catered to the immigrant community. The path to the global virality of hardware memes is, I suspect, built on shanzhai phones and accessories, which already have established trade routes and distribution methods.

The ethos of Shenzhen Speed (深圳速度) reaches unexpected places, like this sit-down Shaanxi restaurant in Coco Mall that guarantees a free meal if all your food isn't out in under 25 minutes.

"People who hate, at least those I have known, harbour a permanent, irradicable feeling of injury, a feeling that is, of course, out of all proportion to reality. It is as though these people wanted to be endlessly honoured, loved and respected, as though they suffered from the chronic and painful awareness that others are ungrateful and unforgivably unjust towards them, not only because they don't honour and love them boundlessly, as they ought, but because they even or so it seems ignore them.
In the subconsciousness of haters there slumbers a perverse feeling that they alone possess the truth, that they are some kind of superhumans or even gods, and thus deserve the world's complete recognition, even its complete submissiveness and loyalty, if not its blind obedience. They want to be the centre of the world and are constantly frustrated and irritated because the world does not accept and recognize them as such; indeed, it may not even pay any attention to them, and perhaps it even ridicules them.
The person who hates is never able to see the cause of his metaphysical failure in himself and the way he so completely overestimates his own worth. In his eyes, it is the surrounding world that is to blame.... He does not harbour hatred toward a particular person, but to what that person represents: a complex of obstacles to the absolute, to absolute recognition, absolute power, total identification with God, truth and the order of the world. Hatred for one's neighbour, therefore, would seem to be only a physiological embodiment of hatred for the universe that is perceived to be the cause of one's own universal failure."
Vaclav Havel, Oslo Conference on "The Anatomy of Hate", Oslo, August 28, 1990

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